, Music, uh, Music, hi. Everyone welcome to cmd in another video. You join me with the bmw ix. This brand new flagship is essentially the platform that future bmws will be based on and has been built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. So, as the future looks progressively towards electric cars, this car should give us an indication as to what we can expect from bmw as a manufacturer, a company that are looking to obtain a 50 market share from this platform. So as a bmw fan and owner myself, is this car a worthy replacement for something like the wifes x5, and can it give us an indication as to whats going to come from bmw with regards to their their future production line? Now, what im not going to do in this video is talk to you about ev and the future of motoring thats, something that isnt for me to cover im in no way an industry expert. However, what i would say is cars like this are now on my radar personally, thanks to a company car scheme, so essentially businesses out, there are looking to lease these cars out under salary sacrifice and throw in free charges, free mileage, insurance servicing tires and so on And so forth, which makes cars like this all of a sudden, financially a fantastic proposition. This car has been lent to me by rybrook, bmw in shrewsbury, so a huge shout out to matt, smart and dan smart for organizing allowing me to have this car for four days to try and find out what living with electric is is really all about.

And if its something thats viable for for us personally, what im going to talk about is my experience, our experience as a family for the last four days with this car, the drive, the functionality and some of the good and bad points that ive found thus far. So without further ado lets get into the car and take it from there. Music been living with the car now for the last four five five days, ive done absolutely everything in it. From a b road motorway driving school run days out with the family lad to football daughter, horse riding and everything in between first, i think its probably important to give you my experience of the range. This is the 40 model. I picked this up from shrewsbury with 180 mile range in the tank it wasnt fully charged, but it wasnt a million miles off. Admittedly, i didnt check that when i first got into the car it was more about driving at home and getting used to to lots of different things. However, at the end of the first day, id driven 100 miles, i used 80 miles of range, so i drove a good half of that, i would say inefficient on amb roads all the way home, much like what im driving now. Obviously, on the way back, i thought ive got a full weekend ahead, so ill plug it in at home. Now i havent got a proper charger at home. I literally plugged the charger into a three pin in my garage and left it overnight when i originally plugged it in the car said itd be fully charged by 11 oclock in the morning.

It was roughly about 8 pm the evening before a little sleepy next morning found that the car had actually charged all the way back up to full, and it had done that in roughly 12 hours. Obviously, that would be massively sped up if i had a proper charging point, but ive actually found that the range that the car shows you so long as you drive it sensibly is very accurate, if not slightly on the safe side. Ive actually preferred driving this in the efficient setting, rather than personal, just lends itself more to the cars characteristics. For me, this is a you know. Suv, big car should be nice and wafty and, to be honest with you, efficient driving is more than ample and because it is so quiet in here – and it really is compared to anything else – ive ever driven really considering im in a two and a half ton Vehicle, the soundproofing is clearly very, very good. Its really relaxing place to sit its a very comfortable place to sit Applause, discuss practicality. The boot shows 500 liters with the seats folded up. I dont know the figure with the seats folded down, but its very easy to do, but the other thing that you do get is you do get a huge space under the the floor now the batteries in this are rear mounted, but irrelevant of that all the Charging cables and then two bags of shopping yesterday went in a cubby sort of under the boot, so theres still a cavernous boot space other interesting things that ive found you cant open the bonnet.

You actually fill the washer fluid up now. Actually, through the bmw badge on the front of the car, you cant get around. Obviously a beautiful, huge dash, very high resolution screen very minimalistic. So again, if youre used to driving bmw, youve lost a lot of buttons. Youve still got your idrive console. This has the optional upgrade here so theres a wood trim dash and my fingertips with crystal uh buttons, knobs twizzly bits both for seats on the door and, at the left hand to access all of your climate control, which is traditionally what sort of would be the Buttons here theres a quick button at the bottom of the screen, and then you get everything from where you want the air distributed, fan, speed, heated seat, heated, steering wheel on the drivers side seats are a little bit different. A little bit. Quirky theyve gone very mercedes with that so now you can use the right hand side to adjust your back support and seat, but then, if you want to get into the nitty gritty of the seat, so the lumbar, bolster, etc. Theres a button by your sort of set one two functions that you press. Then all your options come up on the screen. Again. That includes on this car, a massage function which is okay. I guess i think if you were sat in the car for a long time, its quite a nice thing to to have, but actually all of your lumbar support etc.

Is all there available, but you cant mess with that, while the car is moving so its a safety feature which makes perfect sense. So if you are using one of these on a regular basis, it is definitely worth taking the extra five minutes to make sure youre. 100, happy with your seating position before you get going this new car, this new platform, obviously brand new technology inside weve, got the latest idrive, which bmw i drive has been top of the pubs for a very long time anyway. Its not ever mr beat as far as im concerned and has always stood head and shoulders above everyone else subjective opinion, but i do think the operating systems in these cars have always been very, very good. This one is no exception. The idrive itself works very well. The screens are such high resolution. I use apple carplay and ive got a heads up display, which is very clear, and if you use the bmw, sat nav, you end up with a augmented reality sat nav. So, essentially, the cameras on the front of the car, which are all placed in the front of that grille under this sort of self healing polyurethane plastic, produce a visual image of the road in front of you, as you are driving on it with arrows on the Road as and when you need to turn so its very easy to follow so from a family perspective and from a use day to day its been very relaxing, the range has been more than ample um, its always been as quoted.

I havent found myself sort of worrying that its not achieving what its supposed to, especially when its driven sensibly like like now, and it is a very easy car to drive sensibly, because the characteristics the place that youre sitting in lends itself to a very chilled out. Drive ive arrived at lots of destinations, far more relaxed than i normally would because its just a very easy place to sit stereo system. You understand it greatly. Yeah they were harman kardon. You can upgrade that. But, to be honest with you, i have no idea why you would so, in short, very comfortable, very easy place to sit easy thing to drive. You have to get used to the regeneration braking and you can set different levels of that as well. You can have that sort of very light to very aggressive and everything in between ive got that in the standard medium setting. If you, if you like, essentially you learn to drive the car through moderation of throttle rather than through throttle and brake. So actually, your throttle foot is just moderating all the time, rather than off the throttle onto the brake, cruising etc. So immediately for the first five minutes it takes a bit of getting used to. But after that you just become very used to how the car drives and its not overly aggressive, and it genuinely produces you. A bit of extra range ive got an extra six miles worth of range through regen on the way on the way back.

So i cant rumble at that too much. I think, thats pretty pretty good feature Applause. The only thing really worth mentioning in the cabin beyond that is the steering wheel, a lot more minimalistic than previous generations. This hexagonal steering wheel is actually a little bit three dimensional. Initially, i didnt like it that much, but now im used to driving with it. It actually lends itself quite nicely to different ways of driving. So when youre at year, three and nine as it were or ten to two, the steering wheel is a little bit closer to you and it sort of lends itself to holding onto the wheel properly, as you rightly so, should oh the police. Thank you, mr poo. Poo yeah so actually, quite like the hexagonal steering wheel, thought it was a bit of a gimmick. Works really well right. Lets get into the drive because bmw, the ultimate driving machine and whilst you wouldnt necessarily expect that from an suv, this thing is actually rather good and fun to drive. The nose, i have to say, is very direct. You never really find yourself wondering where the front end is its not vague in the slightest, its very direct, if you want it to be so im still in efficient mode driving, very tight, narrow, b roads, but i know exactly what the front wheels are doing. I know where to place them, which is quite nice in a two and a half ton rather large car.

You dont find yourself wondering what the car is going to do. Next, it feels very short, footed very planted. So i quite like that you do want to get it around a few b roads, it will engage, you casing, point windy road and because the acceleration is so instant and it really is instant – it holds your attention. Applause, i need to do is go through my modes pop us into personal, find a national speed limit road and just show you how great this thing is at naught 260, because ive heard a lot of people talk about acceleration in electric cars and ive experienced it Myself, when i test drove the i3, so here we go national speed, limit road, nice and quiet break, break break to normal, okay ill. Let you know when my foot goes flat when your marks get set, go head back, 15, 22, 28. 34. ‘. 44. 48. 52. 55, 60.. Music, its ample enough to say the very least, and if i do that from lets say 40 mile an hour so cruising at 40 per foot down: 450 60.. So, despite it being the lower powered version, i dont feel like you would ever want more power from a car like this, its easy to overtake powers available all the time yeah. If you start thumping, it affects range. Youve already got that effect now, but its very, very good yeah, really really nice just goes its lovely. So this one this one obviously comes in black.

I quite like it. I think id yeah, maybe spec it in black myself. If i was going to with the cream leather its very nice in here – and if i lived on my own bachelor, you know something along those sort of lines: no dog didnt live in or very close to the countryside, id consider it so as a city driver. Absolutely for me personally, it would have to be black well, i do do like a a dark brown as well, but i think id be heading for the black given the given the choice. This ones got the optional panel sunroof very, very nice, along with all the crystal dials wood effect dash, which is really really lovely 21 inch wheels. Not that you would notice, quite frankly because they are predominantly black laden with huge black pirelli tyres, which means that essentially theyre just big wheels that you dont really see. So if i was going to order one, what would i change? I like this cream leather? I think it really suits the cabin, especially with all the high end feels youve got these sort of silver bronzed metals crystal. You know, everythings sort of very chic in here. You know if i wasnt a family man who you know took the ladder football, the daughter to horse ride in and lived not a million miles away from rural british countryside. I think id consider the cream, however, for me personally, it just doesnt lend itself to family living weve borrowed this car.

Now this is day five, and you know there are tell tail signs all over this car that its just not designed for someone like myself to live with, so i think i would be heading for the black or dark brown interior, so i wouldnt go with the Cream leather, the other option i would specify would be air suspension. This car is not on the air suspension and i wouldnt call the ride bad thats, not fair, but for me it is far too busy for an suv on a nice playing road which you dont get a huge amount of in the uk, but where its smooth, Its fine, you know, and the odd bum doesnt really unsettle it, handles the road, well, its very, very capable on this setup anyway, so youre not going to lose ability, but i think this car very naturally lends itself to a very wafty driving style with this suspension. It just doesnt feel like it matches the character of the car. I feel like air suspension would be far better suited and make the ride. You know ten times more comfortable im on a nasty british b road at the moment, and i can feel the car just unsettling all the time and when youre in a very premium product, i just cant believe the air suspension isnt standard. First and foremost. That being said, on the basis that its not, i would definitely tick that box before i started worrying about snazzy knobs.

Otherwise, apart from a darker interior and air suspension, i wouldnt change a thing for me: the technology needed to make a big leap to contend with the likes of teslas, which it really really does, and you can see that bmw have really put some thought into a Large majority of how this car operates and how it will be used, visibility, functionality, drivability, theyve, injected it with a level of bmw dna which, which must be quite hard to achieve. Although you know the way these cars are built now you can pretty much design them to drive. However, you want so they have managed to help the car feel nice and direct and very well very well made and planted. If, if you are after that sort of drive from the car, it feels progressive, it feels like the future. No sooner you sit in our present x5, my m2 competition. You know youre aware that they are now older cars. They feel far more analog, which is fine. If its your preference, but again, this car needs to feel like the future and behave like the future and to me it really does that very, very well, but theyve done enough to make it feel better than anything else. Ive driven in this sort of market. So far, considering im not a fan of milk floats electric cars. I actually genuinely dont want to get into this debate on here, but dont think electric is the future future for the automobile.

I really dont at the moment. The numbers make that much sense that i dont really think we can ignore them, and if we were looking to go down the ev company car salary sacrifice route, would i consider an ix over its competitors? Yes, i would ill be honest. We were entertaining the conversation because it was interesting and something to look at, whereas now having driven it. I think well seriously, look at it and if you are looking to test drive a car like this, this car at the moment is available at robert bmw in shrewsbury matt, smart and dan smart have been more than accommodating ive visited that garage a few times now And they have an absolute plethora of phenomenal machinery in there. When i went to pick up the car, there was a bright yellow, m4 competition and m5cs waiting to be collected. You know some of the cars that these guys punch out. There really are next level, bmw and the customer service, as far as i can tell has been top grade. So, if youre interested in finding out more about this car in particular or test driving it ill make sure i put a link in the description below to contact the team, guys thats it for me, ive got to sort of think about closing up now. Thank you for tuning into this video. If you are new to cmd – and this is the first video of ours that youve seen carmadad has been set up as a youtube channel, with a difference.

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