Its had a glow on mg have taken their fully electric suv in just two years and, given it quite a spectacular transformation, its not just an external globe that its had its also had an internal glove up, which to me, is the best bit im. Not talking about a spiritual awakening, i mean, i doubt any car is going to be able to have that any time soon, unless of course, youre working on that elon. Well, i wont put it past him. What i am referring to is the 110 miles of extra range. The new model has over the old one. You also get a new app. That means that you can preheat the car and schedule battery charging at your convenience. Basically, its got more tech, better range and its had some exterior tweaks too. Let me show you externally its got a new bumper, new grille and led headlights. It looks more premium and the 17 inch alloys are a nice touch. This is the old mg zb, and this is the new one. What do you think? Which one do you prefer theres a lot more going on, though? Let me show you inside so now: im inside the car well whats it like well its been upgraded in here too, and i really quite like it with trophy and trophy connect: spec youre going to get this kind of leather look interior and to say that its Not real leather, it actually feels quite good and talking about value you get so much kit.

With this car. You get this fully digital dash as standard apple car player, android, auto parking sensors. You also get sat nav and bluetooth. Even entry level s spec gets the 360 degree camera so im just gon na pop it into reverse and look you can see and what you can do is actually press all the different angles notice. The quality is not the best. It does look like an old cctv camera, however, it does the job and you can also see a birds eye view too, which is really helpful. Something else that i really love is all the different ways that you can charge your phone, which im a fan of so youve got usc port. There youve got a 12 volt socket and youve also got usb as well, and you know what else is called wireless charging pad, and i really love this feature. Watch this hey mg im here, open sunroof. Look at that. How amazing is that i mean its zero degrees here, so i definitely dont want to open the sunroof right now. But if i did, i dont even have to press a button theres a lot to love about the new mg zv. But what was it like in terms of space lets have a look its got a lot to offer in terms of size as well, its really roomy in here and comfortable and its actually bigger than the electric hyundai kona and the kia niro two of its rivals.

I really like it, i think its got a lot to offer in terms of practicality and the size is a big plus its one of the best in its class in terms of size. It gives you 470 litres of boot space and with the seats down 1100 liters, its super practical, but whats it like to drive lets go for a drive. I want to show you what this car can do, because it is actually impressive and while its not the thriller in manila, its definitely a car that you feel comfortable in safe in and also if you just want to go from a to b in a comfortable Way with some convenience thrown in this is ideal. Now this car has got a few personalities. Let me show you what i mean so were currently in eco mode, and i can definitely tell the difference in this car when its an eco mode, but sport mode is a very different animal. Is anyone going to let me out, i feel like so many more people. Let me out in this car, whereas in my own everyone wants me to uh wait. The 30 zone has ended so lets get this foot down. Yeah, lovely really really enjoyable drive in sport mode. Dont get me wrong its definitely a car thats more about practicality and oh yeah. Just forget that sec. It can really move if it needs to in sport mode. Eco mode is very tame normal mode, its slightly tame, but its definitely a lot a lot of fun in sport mode like completely different car.

The turning circles, not the best but thats, been quite pedantic whats. This thing, like uphill, so im just gon na, let it slow down a little bit, so we can really feel the instant talk. Lets do this. There we go there we go then bpd van is about to ruin all my phone and yes, he has successfully ruined the phone. Thank you. Dpd man, right anyway, back to the fun, get my foot down. Whats it doing up this hill, oh yeah, its going. It sounds a bit like a spaceship, not as much as the ionic five but yes, but its really trying sport mode does absolutely eat up your battery, much quicker than obviously the other mode. I can see the range dropping as we speak now switch back to normal mode and cruise through the lovely country, its a joy to drive. My driving position is great. Now i did hear somebody say that the driving position is not great, but it absolutely is just make sure that you get the trophy spec to be able to benefit from the electric seats and the heated two which i love. I would have liked a heated steering wheel, but at this price point i really cant grumble charge is so fast as well so to charge on a 50 kilowatt charger up to 80 youre. Looking at an hour and three minutes, which is really good. Im really impressed with this car practical pleasant and pretty are all words that id use to describe the new mg zs ev.

In my opinion, this is one of the best entry level electric cars that you can get on the market and its suvit. So youve got entry level, the se specs, starting just under 30 000 pounds. Then youve got their top spec, which is this one. The trophy connect youre looking at 34 000 pounds. You could probably even get it for less than that with some things like dealer contributions, because theres some great offers on the car – and i think one really important thing to remember – is definitely you get a seven year, warranty, seven years or eight thousand miles. Whichever comes first, which is not to be sniffed at, you also get eight year or 100 000 miles. Whichever comes first battery warranty as well so thats great for peace of mind, i definitely think that the mg zsav, the updated version, makes it a much more value proposition when it comes to actually buying a car.