We did a head to head against the mustang mark e and today, after living with this car for a few weeks, we thought wed, bring you a full and honest review of this by itself, underneath its basically a vw, id4 or an audi each on. But skoda have done their own thing with the design and thats where i want to start with the design. Come with me. Just look at this interior. Its absolutely stunning skoda wanted this to look a bit like a high end living room, so they offer a bunch of different themes: theres loft, lounge lodge suite and this one eco suite its a 1 600 pound option, but i think its worth every penny because look At this lever, its cognac cognac leather seats, cognac leather center console cognac on the dashboard youve got glossy black down here, a little bit of chrome, and then this lovely detail on the vents plus the steering wheel. Has these delicious little chrome accents around the inside and this lovely little volume, knob knob gang approves plus the whole thing is set off really nicely by this enormous display on the dashboard to me, this is sensational. Look what ive done. Ive started a review of a skoda not by talking about practicality or price, but by talking about design. This thing is good, not for skoda its good full, stop Music im gon na do something else. You might not expect me to do this early in a skoda.

Review – and that is to talk about the way it drives so many electric suvs, have horrible horrible suspension, tesla model y ford, mustang machi, great cars, but with suspension that feels like they were designed for a lamborghini personally, even though theyre brilliant, i just couldnt, bring myself To buy one of those because i dont hate my family, but the enyak lovely, the suspension is so smooth it just glides over the road in exactly the way youd expect a family car to glide. I love driving this car. Its even got 21 inch alloy wheels. Big wheels normally ruin the ride, but in this thing it just glides magnificently i mean i cant. Imagine what the 19 or 20 inch wheels would feel like. It bobby feels like a bloody rolls royce. Ironically, skoda will sell you sports suspension for your eniac, but trust me dont. Do it because youll end up ruining the ride? This is a family car, its supposed to be comfortable, and it is the steering, is nice and light its quiet in here. The stereo is lovely i had to play with it earlier. It just sounds tremendous its everything you want from a family car, its rear wheel, drive by the way, but that doesnt mean its sporty, but equally it doesnt embarrass itself. When you go through a corner. For example, ive got a bit of a right, hander coming up and watch this. What you find is that its neat and tidy through the bends – this proves you dont, need rock hard suspension to have a car corner in an impressive way.

You nearly killed a pigeon, so its agile without being uncomfortable, and you know what the brakes are actually quite decent as well, even though it uses drum brakes old, school drum, brake technology on the rear axle. But it doesnt really matter because its got an electric motor which also harvests energy and helps to slow you down. There are three levels of brake regen in this car. You pull the paddles behind the steering wheel and that contributes a little bit of braking force to the car, so you dont really need disc brakes. All around skoda really has shied away from extreme performance with the enyak iv. There are two versions in the uk, the iv60 and iv80, and neither of them have the frightening acceleration you get in a tesla. Both versions do not to 62 in around eight and a half seconds and have a top speed of around. Who cares not very much chances are, though, if you buy this car youre going to have your family on board, so keeping them comfortable is going to be the priority. Another thing thats really important, is exterior design and i think skoda have done a pretty good job of that proportionally its the size and shape of a large suv. Although, if you look at it from the side, it kind of resembles a minivan, but dont worry, because if you spend 1100 pounds you can get the optional 21 inch wheels, and that gives it a really lovely stance.

Im, not a massive fan of the back of this car is quite plain. However, skoda have just announced theyre going to do a coupe version of the yenyak and that should sort out the back end the front i absolutely adore. I love the crease lines on the bonnet, these air curtains down below the aggressive front end plus you get two options for headlights led or these matrix beam leds. Now these are a 600 pound option, but they really do help out, especially in really dark environments where there arent any street lamps plus they give you two extra features, number one you get these pop out, washers, which keep the glass clean and number two they give. You an animation on the back end when you indicate to make the car look that little bit more stylish plus, if you want to make it even more stylish, get the crystal face its a 600 pound option. But it basically replaces this grill and gives you almost like a chandelier on the front of the car, which might be a little bit too bling for a lot of people, but believe me, it really really sets this car off. As for practicality, the eniac lets itself down slightly by not having a front trunk. Lift the bonnet and all youll find is a bunch of scary looking electrical cables, but it does have a bigger boot than most cars in its class 585 liters around the back theres good leg, room and good head room, so the whole family can ride in comfort.

Theres also isofix separate climate control usbs and a flip up tray with its own cup holder. Plus, the option of head rests with bits that fold down on either side to keep your head in place when you fall asleep. The front weve, already discussed for looks and its worth saying that the practicality up here is good too good sized door bins, good sized center console. I would have preferred a larger instrument cluster for the speedo. This ones confusingly small, but there is an optional head up display on the subject of practical motoring. Let me talk about range for a minute. In the uk we have two options for the enyak a 60 and an 80.. The 60 has a 58 kilowatt hour battery pack, which will let you go 255 miles. While the 80 has a 78 kilowatt hour battery pack, which will let you go 333 miles in theory, but heres something thats interesting. The enyak has the option of a heat pump, which is a device that warms the battery pack to allow it to perform to its best possible potential, and i think those range figures were achieved with a car that was fitted with a heat pump. Unless the tests were done somewhere warm, so what you got to remember is that the heat pump is an optional extra. It costs a grand which means, if you want the best possible range, two tips for you get the iv80 and get yourself the heat pump.

If you do get the heat pump, then apparently it can add around 30 percent to your range, so it is well worth it. What am i getting today? Well, right now, its about eight and a half degrees in winter and im averaging around 2.1 miles per kilowatt hour, which works out to be somewhere in the region of 155 miles with the 77 kilowatt hour battery pack. However, i have managed well over three miles per kilowatt hour even on the motorway, so in the real world expect the enyak to achieve somewhere between 150 worst case to around 250 best case theres, a couple of recharging options in the eniac. If youre charging at home on three pin itll take around 40 hours to refill, please dont. Do this get yourself a wall box, a seven kilowatt box will recharge you in around 12 hours, which is fine for overnight. Charging itll also work with an 11 kilowatt charger, which should let you top up the battery in eight hours. If you need a quicker splash on the move, the enyak can support up to 135 kilowatts dc rapid charging. Again, this is not the quickest. By any stretch, some other cars do charge faster, but given the lack of rapid charges available today that can deliver more than 100 kilowatts of juice, its just about enough expect to go from 26 miles of range remaining to just over 200 miles in around half an Hour honestly, i really like the enyak iv: yes, theres a million one other electric suvs on the market.

Some of them even have way more trendier badges on the front, but you know what this manages to stand out as being one of the best, if not the best in its category, so its good. I like this car, but in the interest of balance, let me give you a list of things i dont like that infotainment system. It looks great with a nice big screen, but in my experience it can be quite buggy and annoying. Some of the build quality is a little questionable. The wobbly volume knob on the steering wheel and the rear seat trays being prime examples. The panoramic glass roof is not very panoramic at all its tiny in comparison to what youll find on many of its rivals. Its expensive, the fast charging capability i mentioned earlier – that costs extra, the heat pump, the wheels anything desirable costs more and finally theres no front trunk. Ive said it before but wheres my front trunk. Is it even a proper electric car if it doesnt have a front trunk, i dont know its not cheap and yes, i do appreciate the fact that 43 000 pounds for this particular example is gon na be a tough pill to swallow, especially for a skoda.