You can lose this before they get any interceptors, bye, name again: im not oh, and this car spins out, like the bison. You also got the heli two boys, oh no hot. How does speedy end up with more cops than him and were the ones robbing the store he he went to the base city and hit the bank yeah were trying to like hit it, so we can go grab the dudes later on. Jesus christ. Wait you hit the bed yeah, you guys, didnt catch that wait. So doesnt have a radio dont forget were going down for an armed robbery. Oh my god, yeah well, thats thats. Why i got ta get a hostage. I got three tournaments. You can finish the job. You got ta explain that you already started the job im sad as much no youre doing it. You did not know that. I just said you guys said very good. I said im hitting the bank, you know you could. We could have just could have, went and grabbed the line – oh my god, but i didnt finish it because they were watching me while i was hitting it. So i got panicked, so i failed thats right lane can lose these unless they uh platinum. This car cant really take turns that way. I dont know if i can lose them, you have to hit the prank charlie Music Applause yeah. The hell is also there. You know if we need it good distance, the interceptor behind us nope thats, a normal car yeah.

Just a charger: okay, all right! Next time, we need to be more clear what the is going on. I thought you were just in the car traces you got pulled over okay, well, lets lets look at about this properly right, lying youve got 400 more for them. Right somebody needs to get you out of here. Um wait. What can we call tony and get tony to get lang out of him, tonys racing for a million dollars? Theres? No shout out somebody else. You got the foot on the mouth yeah.