So, with that massive watch, yes tata motors is going to launch an array of evs. Now the chairman, mr n chandrasekharan, has said that the company is going to have a 10 ev portfolio in the next five years were going to be looking at that portfolio. But before that lets take a look at tata motors strategy for evs. Now the strategy fundamentally is a three platform strategy. The first platform is the one with which the nexon ev was launched is basically an ic engine platform, which they have just done. A quick conversion to eevee really not modified everything and got that out into the market and weve seen the success of that the nexon and even the tigor ev, both of them having around 70 market share in just a launch, which was done in 2020. Going further tata motors are going to start developing their own ev platforms, theyre going to be taking the alpha architecture, which underpins a whole range of small cars like the altrus, the punch and theyre going to make that electrified or make an electrified platform. Thats called the sigma platform now what happens there? Is that theyre going to make the floor pan completely flat theyre going to remove the transmission tunnel theyre going to remove other areas which would otherwise be used by internal combustion mechanicals and make it as flat and efficient flaw as possible now off this platform? What we know is that the sierra ev is going to be making a comeback.

Yes, we had seen the sierra ev and, at that time tata motor said this was going to be for electrification, but now its back on the table, and there will be no internal combustion version of that. That is going to be coming back. Uh in from tata motors, we dont know what the other platforms are. Models really are on the sigma, but what we can hazard a guess or what we have estimated that it will be models like the punch and the altrus. Now a lot of you have been asking what is happening to the altrus ev. There is a plan well on the existing alpha architecture, which was for the ic engine. The ground clearance was believed to be a little low, so they might just wait and develop the outros on the sigma platform, where all these clearances are optimized and its more suitable for an electric car with the right ground clearance and that sort of thing. But before that they are going to launch something which is quite a surprise, and that is the nexon coupe which again weve covered in this issue. Now that really is a very, very clever product. Now tata motors has been trying to fill that mid size, suv gap, that gap between the nexon and the harrier and really theyve been looking for a platform thats. One of the reasons why they want to collaborate with volkswagen, then they want to look at collaborating with cherry with gili just to fill that gap, because that is a sweet spot to develop a creta fighter.

A 4.2 4.3 meter suv. But now what theyre doing is that theyre elongating the nexon into a longer or a more of a midsize vehicle with a coupe body style, so its going to be about 4.3 meters long, the wheelbase, largely unchanged, but what we hear it might uh increase a bit With some wheel, geometry changes, but really the big news will be on behind the b pillar, where youll get a longer door, a more flowing roof line, a bigger boot and that boot also will be taken up by the batteries. Because the nexon coupe is going to be launched fundamentally as an eevee, it probably will get a bigger battery. Now we know that the nexon is getting a bigger battery for more range of 40 kilowatt hour batteries likely that will also get into the nexon coupe, but also the nexon coupe will have ic engines as well the 1.5 diesel. By the time it comes out, it will be upgraded to bs6 norms, so with that you might even get a bump up in power and the petrol. What we hear is at the 1.2 thats not going to be suitable. The 1.2 of the nexon for a bigger and heavier vehicle. Besides, with a 1.2, you no longer get the tax benefits, because the nexon coupe is more than four meters long, so its very likely theyre going to again bring back the 1.5 turbo petrol which again tata, had confirmed that they were developing at the auto expo.

We spoke to them at the auto expo in march in feb 2020, and they had confirmed that that was on the table and we believe that is back, so the nexon coupe will be coming in both ev and ic versions. Still will take some time now. The final plan of uh tata motors, like most oems or most manufacturers looking at the ev space, is to develop a skateboard. Now a skateboard is an absolutely grounds up platform for electrification. Only and the advantage of a skateboard again is that it is optimized for space. It has a long wheelbase optimized to take as big a battery pack as possible optimized for space efficiency and when you dont have constraints of packaging a lump of an engine. You can really have a lot of flexibility. Now cars weve seen on this and the cars which are recently driven are the ioniq 5, which is a great example of how good a skateboard architecture can be. That was a great car to drive, but before that lets, look at tesla teslas have all been born of skateboards and really set the trend for what a skateboard can do and thats going to be the final step for tata motors other oems. Other manufacturers are also looking at that, but what we hear is that they are still assessing what to do: theyre, benchmarking, other skateboards, and that still is a long time away, but clearly its a strategy, its a three platform strategy.

Work has started on all three of them simultaneously. Its just when products will come out will be in different phases, depending when the market is ready for that.