This is an all electric car pro performance. First edition. Without further ado, i say: lets hop in find out what this car is all about and find out just how far we can go. You make me a whole lot better. So the id4 is comfy to drive, but its not as fluffy as you might think. The other week i have had the tiguan plug in hybrid, and this was well more comfortable but theres a reason. This car feels the way it feels it weighs 2.1 tons and if they didnt firm up the suspension, it would put a massive stain on the handling. It would be like a big old boat around the corner, swinging left and right here. Volkswagen is going to above and beyond, because weve got ideal weight, distribution, 50, 50. and around the corners. It feels solid. It feels planted theres very little body. Overall, it is relaxing to drive, of course, being very quiet because its electric, but as you hop on the motor eye, i pick up a bit of speed. There is a bit of tire noise and windows, its not bad, but you can hear it now heres. My recommendation for you dont pick up a bit of speed because then your electric range goes right out of the window, but about Music. So my battery pack is 77 kilowatt hours. The motor pumps 204 horsepower. This is the most powerful id4 you can get now. You can charge the battery at home using a regular wall sockets and it will take you listen to this 30 hours, thats right, but im going to paste a picture of real life example from yesterday so charging at 45 kilowatts hours.

I was able to take the battery from 20 to 100 in one hour and 20 minutes now. If youve got access to those fast chargers, you can take this car from five percent to eighty percent, which is something that you should actually be doing. Eighty percent versus hundred percent for the health of your battery – and it will take you just 38 minutes so thats pretty good, because i cant stand another moment so lets talk. Visibility. The rear window is on the smallest side, but you of course, have got the high tech reverse camera, so that just saves the world, but the front here using high up youve got really good visibility. In fact, it feels a bit like a fish tank. Well done. Volkswagen, the steering is nice and light, but its got a very good response, gentle turn, and it does exactly what you tell it to do now. The id4 is easy to drive its very easy to maneuver thats, because weve got a very good tanning circle. I wouldnt expect anything less of volkswagen. In fact, this car feels like a little hatchback when you maneuver it in and out of car park around town and a little car. It is not all right lets check the boot space, so weve got 543 liters of space. Just to give you an idea that tiguan plug in hybrid is a car of a similar size, but its boot space is smaller, 476 liters now the floor here is completely flat, so its super easy to get your things in and out, and that is enough about The boots Music, so the reason i have mentioned the teak one in terms of comfort is because these two cars are actually very similar in size.

The tickle is a bit more traditional, more elegant. This is a bit more swollen a bit bulkier its futuristic, but without overdoing it but its not everybodys cup of tea. Personally, i prefer the looks of the idea iii, but then again the id3 is less spacious, less practical, so theres, always the trade off. You just have to figure out what is important to you, Music and what about being a passenger in id4. So i have adjusted this seat for my height, which is just over 1.7 meter. 5 foot 7.. Ive got plenty plenty of legroom. Really good. Headroom have a look at this beautiful sunroof, pretty neat isnt it. What about the third person actually now? This is a proper third seat, because the floor here is completely flat: weve got the batteries underneath and reasonable amounts of spice you can fit in three adults. I mean they have to be quite slim, but still you can fit in three people easily and comfortably, which is something thats actually quite unusual in electric cars, even as tv so well download a little, but im too scared ive got the motor mounted at the rear. So technically this is a rear, wheel, drive car, but dont get carried away. This aint some sort of a sports car nevertheless lets pop into sport mode and lets floor. It got punch a bit instant power, no sweat at all, an acceleration, its nice and smooth thats, because weve got a single speed.

Automatic gearbox now lets talk about the brakes, because these tend to be quite greedy and grubby in electric cars and no matter how hard you try, you just cant, get it right, its not the case here, theyre actually just right, but when you drive into whats so Called the b mode you can get away with driving just with a throttle, because, as soon as you lift your foot off the throttle, the car will slow down for you. You dont have to press the brake and you regain some of the lost energy in a lot of electric cars. This is all jerky and quite the opposite of smooth its not the case here, hes actually very much effortless. I like that. It was the same case with the id3. Well done: volkswagen lets get down to nitty gritty and talk about the electric range, so the decline range is 519 kilometers, which is 322 miles, and let me tell you about my experience. So ive picked this car up. Ive swapped it from julia quadrifoglio with 510 horse pirates so safe to say my mood was rather well frisky. I drove through a congested city about 40 kilometers. Then i hit the motorway with a speed of about 130 kilometers an hour. I drove about 230 kilometers. So all in all about 270 kilometers journey, i was live in the old dog, yet nope i was out of electric juice. It was over, but anyway and then i settled down ive charged the car and i drove just through the city and b wrote and you can get this declared range.

I just wish the car manufacturers were a little bit upfront and honest about how the car needs to be used in order to get this declared range. The fact seems to be a little bit swept into the carpet, but anyway. This is why im here sweet bedtime stories crusher anyway. This is the reality, its not bad. Actually, i think anyway, this particular card. I have with me today, first edition 77 kilowatt hours of battery that will cost you 41 000 pounds in the uk. Now the smaller battery 52 kilowatts hours will cost you 35 000 pounds in the uk, and you get a deduction of 3 000 pounds from the government cheap. It is not. I understand, Music, okay, so on to the cabin overall. The design is very clean and pure, and i really like it: the quality of the materials. The fit and finish is very good. Nothing squeaks, nothing wobbles everything is well put together. These seats are lovely theyre. Very soft and comfortable youve got alcantara running all the way down here with leather sides. I do like this color combination, gray and bright. I think it looks very elegant. You also have the armrest. If you like a boss, all right, see lovely, is also the steering wheel. Youve got the shortcut buttons in here and i have to say initially it does appear to be a bit of a mumbo jumbo because they are slide. They are press and you start to wonder, for goodness sake, volkswagen is it slight.

Is it press help me, but i promise you with a bit of time and patience you will get to like this youll get a small screen in here, but you have everything here that you need especially your range and your speed. This is your gear lever, petite and very cute. Actually, this brings you to the point that you dont have a start and stop button in this car, because all you need to do when you hop in is brush on the brake and the car will start automatically for you and the very same thing when you Leave you just pop it into park, open the door drop, the rubbing gear done so thats very, very helpful, and because its a volkswagen lets talk about practicality, a large bowl of water, you can easily fit in side pockets. You also have a bit of carpet at the bottom lovely. You can also fit it in here. In here perfect, you have big pockets in here. In fact, you can fit a bottle of water in here, while its mobile charging and height thats a way to put all your dark secrets away. Some nobody sees and then we have the large pocket which is lovely but weve got the shelving. I think mr volkswagen tried to be really practical here and no matter how hard i try and what i do. These are just flimsy and forget it look at it, thats, better, all right on to the infotainment system.

Weve got this big crystal clear touch screen. I do like this. The system is very simple, very intuitive, and what i learned today, actually just by chance, you can move these icons around just like on an iphone lovely. I thought it was quite neat. Is it just me? It is just me, but anyway thats that lets have a look at the map. I think its very, very good. The graphics are excellent. As you can see, you can, of course plug in your iphone or your android if you dont like it, but i personally really like it but were going to have a look at my consumption. So weve got since start long term since charge lets have a look at since charge, because this is when i start to behave myself and you see 14.5 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers 77 kilowatts. I was battery divided by 14.5 thats 5.3 times 100. That gives me a range of 530 kilometers, so you see, if you want to you, can when there is a will, there is a way and with my heavy right foot, if i can, you can as well long term, you see nearly 23 kilowatt hours. I mean somebody was really naughty. I mean those journalists, its just terrible whats the behavior, but that just shows you the range all right on to the buttons. Oh, should i say the liquid buttons so to control your climate or your volume. You have the sliders here.

Dont we just love these sliders. I think volkswagen has heard her loud and clear. Let me just set the record straight. I hate this. I really try to like these sliders, but theyre so distracting its so flimsy its such a mambo jumbo. They have just simply given up, and this is probably why i learned to like these buttons, because to control volume its either here or here. So i prefer to do it here. See and push comes the shelf you can but of course, climate control. This is the only way you can also press the button here and its also touch and its fiddly and its very distracting and well, if i can do something about it, please, but lets see what the future brings. Overall, i think the cabin is its very simple, but its actually very lovely Music. So it is clear that the model is the biggest thief of your energy. So you just have to keep that in mind if youre doing frequent long distance journeys on the motorway this car, actually no electric car is probably good for you go for the hybrids. I still think that theres a lot of work to be done with both the range and the pricing of electric cars, and this applies to pretty much all car manufacturers. As for the id4. Well, it is a very solid, all rounder great family car, very practical, especially with this back seat and peaceful. You should quite like it and thats it for today.

Thank you so much for watching, and i shall see you all very, very soon.