What we are looking at today are not the absolute best examples of electric cars, but the five cheapest models you can buy. Starting in 2022 also note the prices we list dont include any tax credits you may qualify for which could bring the price down even further, and if any of these vehicles pique your interest id suggest heading down to your local dealership for a test run now. Lets begin before we start if you enjoy this, video, give us a thumbs up and if you love it, subscribe and ring the bell for more videos. Just like this, and if you have any suggestions for future videos, be sure – and let us know in the comments below five hyundai – is a korean car manufacturer with a long history of creating cars with cutting edge technology for a lower price than its competition. They entered the u.s market with low end inexpensive, sedans and gradually grew through the quality of their products, as owners passed along their praises to friends and family today, hyundai has an exciting roster of vehicles available to purchase, including the one we are looking at today. The kona electric sel, the kona electric sel, suffers from the same problem as some of the other cars from chevy and nissan on this list, somewhat lackluster exterior styling, but i would give the kona the edge for its sleek front panel and proportion dimensions. The biggest improvement to the kona electric sel this model year is the reduction of its sticker price by more than three thousand dollars.

It comes in six colors with two interior trims and, though in size, its not much larger than other vehicles on this list. It does come with a respectable mile range on a full charge, so you dont have to worry about charging anxiety if thats a factor for you its definitely one. For me, pricing starts around 35 185 4. mazda is rather famous for pursuing and implementing new engine and drivetrain technology before or in lieu of the rest of the industry. So its no surprise to see them start to transition their lineup to electric vehicles as well. The mx 30 ev is a stylish crossover electric suv that has a low price compelling design and a serious flaw at first blush. This looks like one of the best deals you can get for an electric car, its from a well respected and beloved car manufacturer. Its one of the lowest priced entries in the market, it looks stunning with a futuristic design, aesthetic. However, the major catch you should consider before purchasing this car is the simply unacceptable, 100 mile range on a full charge. Mazda said they designed the car for people who never drive more than 20 30 miles in a day, but with this vehicle that will no longer be a choice but a requirement heres hoping mazda redesigns this beauty with a large battery bank or a more efficient one Of the same size and at least double the current range, it comes in seven colors with two interior trims pricing starts at thirty four thousand six hundred forty five dollars three, the chevy bolt was introduced at the end of 2016, early 2017 in california, with a nationwide And international release later that year, similar to the nissan leaf, the design of the bolt is well whats that word thats, the exact opposite of exciting thats the bolt, but you dont buy a car like this because of its looks, but its low price point entry into Electric vehicles and its design gets the job done.

The bull tv one lt is a four door hatchback with a tall look and angular design, as mentioned previously. Its looks are nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done and the main visual appeal is chevys, cutting off 5 500 from the base price, which makes it a whole lot more attractive. It comes in seven colors, im partial to the ice blue metallic myself with any interior trim. Color youd like as long as its black, the most notable options are heated driver and front passenger seats and a heated steering wheel. Pricing starts at 31, 995 2. mini cooper. Is a subsidiary of bmw and manufactures small cars for markets worldwide? The vehicle they are known for is the mini cooper and the sc signature is simply an electrified version of this popular hatchback, quite simply swapping out the internal combustion engine for an all electric system. Really, the main reason to look at this car are the deep discounts you can currently get, as there are a lot of negatives, if you could afford a bit more for your electric vehicle, the electric se, signature is basically the same as its normal version, both in Size and design, but arguably this isnt, a bad thing. The mini cooper has an iconic timeless look. That brings a smile to the faces of all who see it. The electric sc signature was announced as a concept car in 2017 and the production version was announced in july of 2019.

. The sc signature comes in six colors, with six interior trims from leather to cloth. The electric se signature has a rather anemic range of 110 miles, features a rougher ride and has excessive wind noise, but its a price to pay for that cuteness and tiny size. I mean they have a limited volume to stuff a battery inside this body. There are probably better electric cars on this list unless you are in love with the looks or as mentioned, the low price to get into an electric car pricing starts at seven hundred 30 dollars. One nissan is one of the pioneers of electric vehicle across the world. Releasing the leaf way back in 2010, globally until december of 2019, the leaf was the worlds all time top selling plug in electric car only surpassed by the tesla model 3.. The leaf is currently in its second generation, which was introduced in october of 2017. for 2022. Nissan gave the leaf an incredible 4204 price cut landing the leaf as the most inexpensive new electric car you can buy so far in 2022.. Honestly, is the cheapest new electric vehicle you can buy in 2022. You wouldnt think the leaf would have revolutionary styling. That would tempt the soul or move the spirit and youd be right. If i had to use a single word to describe the 2022 nissan leaf, i think id choose bland. This is a design that is relatively unchanged since 2017, but there are a few reasons why youd be okay with the styling of this car and the main one is price.

However, you also get a proven design that has lasted 10 years, so there is that as well. The leaf comes in nine colors with three interior trim levels. Options include a bose premium, audio system and heated front seats and steering wheel. The leafs range is a paltry 226 miles on a full charge. Pricing starts at 28 365. When you hear about electric cars, most peoples minds immediately, go to tesla or perhaps lucid, or one of the other titan car manufacturers transitioning like mercedes or ford, which we will be covering in the future. But there are so many more electric vehicles on the market in as weve shown they are likely even cheaper than you thought, and perhaps the perfect gateway to living the eevee life.