So, as you know, find the best were always interested in bringing you the best deals on cars and that evs electric vehicles are no exception, and the volkswagen id4 definitely represents one of the best at its price point, and certainly one of the best value evs, Especially if youre a road tripper which well get on to this video, is more going to be looking around the car, taking you inside some of its features and benefits and looking at why this is one of the most affordable and practical electric cars on the road Lets jump in so well start in the id4s, cockpit um. It is not luxury, but you do have a lot of space in here or a lot of technology. This is a first edition, so this is one of the early ones that was produced in 2021, but a lot of these features in this car will hold true for the volkswagen id4 pro and the pro s at different trims. So, on a full charge, you are looking at an epa. Estimated range of 250 miles were at a little over 50 percent here. So in the halfway point that looks about right – and the cabin here you can see is uh quite minimalist by volkswagen standards at least theres, not too many buttons in here you have a nice uh 12 inch display here thats one of the upgrades one of the Larger screens theres also a 10 inch, and then you have your drivers cluster here, which moves up and down with the steering wheel.

So youre, never gon na have to worry about where the steering wheel is in relation to the drivers cluster. It will just move along with it. You have your drive modes on this little kind of stick here, which is reminiscent of the bmw i3, but still very nice system. You know its quite intuitive once you get used to that being where the selector is and then youre in neutral. Naturally now and you can flip back, pull it back towards you to reverse your parking brake or your parking mode is right here and then you have your large infotainment in the center here roof which well get on to in a little bit. I dont know if this works at the moment. Actually yeah it does there you go so you can see that will that wasnt working when i tried it before but uh, that gives you a nice customizable roof. If you only want to open half or a little bit thats more like a quarter so lets say roughly half maybe weve got passengers in the back. Who would like a little bit of a darker cabin? You can do that half and half so its very nice customizable id light here, which uh you know. Some people think is a little bit of a gimmick, its a a bar across here, which gives you indications as to charging status, which way youre turning um itll. Put the direction in either direction its kind of across the front of the windscreen, so its a nice thing.

If you want something thats a little more unique to this car, but certainly not essential by any means so theres a decent amount of customization there. Maybe not quite to teslas level through the screen, but theres enough to keep most people happy. So a few different trip stats there just to nerd out on the efficiency and how far youve gone with how many kilowatt hours so a nice complete dash lots of options. You have your climate settings via these kind of everything. Here is a haptic button, which is not necessarily the best system. It leaves itself a little bit open to miss, slipping and not getting quite as much responsiveness as you might like. As you know, physical button and you dont really gain a whole lot back, maybe its cheaper, i dont know, but its not necessarily the most precise system uh. In my experience over a few hundred miles in this car, okay onto your steering wheel, this is a white trim uh in this car, which is for the first edition. Specifically, i believe, uh. There are other trims that you can get in uh kind of a brownie, uh, color and um different interior trims. You know you might or might not like the white steering wheel. I would imagine this will get dirty fairly quickly over a day or two with this car. It hasnt been a problem. You have your regular controls down here: defoggers rear window heater and a bunch of auto modes for the lights.

Nothing spectacular there slight downside here, maybe theyve, presumably a cross cutting measure. You only have the two controls for the windows and uh. You have to toggle this on. So when you hit that button, which is again haptic its uh toggle to the rear, so thats gon na wind down your rear windows, and that will only be used for that until you toggle this back and then it will wind down your front window. So you know minimalist, but in practice uh you need to think about it a little more than you would others you know. Are you in a regular scenario here? If you have two sets, you can feel your way around it and get to the right button. With these, especially with this being haptic um, you dont necessarily have that kind of feel and youll have to look down a bit of a halfway measure there, not sure other than the cost. Cutting that that was the best choice. Um same here would be a little gripe in driving. You know when theres a lot going on. It would be a bit of a pain to adjust these theres, not necessarily granularity theres a little bit of gesture swiping, so you can up the volume quite a lot if you start to swipe across, but its not responsive it doesnt feel quite as uh. You know. Good as a physical button – and it doesnt really give you that much minimalism, you know obviously again its probably saves and costs a little bit, but all of this is haptic and that just doesnt feel quite as satisfying or as exact precise control as a volume.

Knob would do you know just something to bear in mind if you like to retain a close control over everything in the cabin that may be something that isnt, quite as appealing to you, regular stalks, nothing much else going on there. The lights are very good, very bright good at night and a lot of adaptive settings and youre high enough up to see most of the road. You do have really nice blind spot monitors in the inside here and just below youll see a big orange light. Come up its much more intuitive than just seeing a tiny kind of light out of the corner, your eye, you definitely know something. Is there same on this side and uh yeah lets move on to the cabin as a whole? Okay, so im six foot two! I have a ton of space down here very easy to stretch out these seats are very plush. Um well well suited to a long distance road trip kind of cruising. This has the little features of the pause and play button on the accelerator and the brake, which is a nice little thing, but i think thats only on the first edition, you have your central vents here. Everything here is either a little softer plastic. This is kind of hard, so some of its soft – this is a little bit forgiving. You certainly could rest your arm on this kind of thing see again, i just kind of knock that button there that happens more than you would like it to not luxury by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly you know comfortable enough.

You do feel like in some areas, maybe theyve cut costs with some of the materials, but in general its a nice comfortable place to be. You have your uh dual zone, climate control, so you can set uh peoples different uh standards. Here you have your heated steering wheel, you know, full heated seats are really good. I have to say very, very warm, spreads the warmth really wide and much more effective than in in our bowl tv same for this seat over here you have your ac as well. Glove box pretty standard, nothing special there lots of leg room for your passenger, good size, storage, bins, no cubbies in this door, but its good for opening and closing very solid do a little test to the doors very solid moving down here you have your wireless charging Again, with wireless android, auto and apple carplay, thats, a really nice touch just store your phone away. Dont have to think about it again until you arrive two usb cs up front same in the back um. You have kind of an interesting little situation down here with your uh changeable cup holders. You can move this around these two both come out, so you can make it one single cup, holder or flip it around. So youve got some customizable storage, so thats pretty nice or you can store it all the way and not think about it again until you arrive at your destination, all pretty good, the arm rests yeah i mean it feels a little its, not bad, not much to Ride home about there, the seats you know are a grade above what the uh, the kind of arm rest and some of the other features in the cabin uh offer you.

So you know just kind of depends on your priorities and cabin there, but there you go and uh yeah. That is pretty much the front cabin of the id4, its nice spacious, you dont, necessarily as the driver or the passenger get a huge use out of the panoramic roof, but maybe the passenger could recline and get a bit of a better view out of this. It is nice to have it and then obviously up here, theres the very simple swipe nice little action. That is one of the things that is nice to have as haptic, and that will come all the way back or all the way forward. To give you the protection from the sun or a little more kind of enclosed at night or, if youre, on a bright sunny day, and you want it to be as airy and open as you can or want to see the stars, you can roll that back. Really like that, some people dont, like the glass roof in general, you can get versions without it, but if you want it, you do have this cover, which is nice moving into the back again, a nice funk on the door. Seat up front is adjusted for me with uh um space to to breathe and stretch out. Whilst i did that review, you can see uh pretty good. You know im six foot two. There is a decent amount of space between me and the front here.

Theres, a little cubby here for your books, maps, whatever phone, perhaps same setup as the front uh, nothing here for storage, but you do have a decent size bin, maybe its half the size of the front there here with the door. Its hard plastics here compared to slightly softer as you go further forward there, lots of headroom im uh again six foot two and ive got a full fist of extra room there and really nice. You know. I would appreciate that if i was in the back here. Certainly have that in other cars that weve, driven in as passengers in the rear and its very nice, the rear seats are the same kind of perforated fabric. Um nice very pad. Well, padded comfortable. You have rear cup holders in the front to back an armrest which is a decent size. You have the pass through here which will give you space for skis if thats your bag or a big piece of lumber, long packages from ikea that kind of stuff or access to the trunk in a in a pinch. So thats a nice useful feature that europeans always seem to include for the most part. This is a really spacious cabin, no problems. You have little holders here, which would i like this touch actually thats a nice little thought for the rear passengers screen in front of you. There little makeshift diy display same in this uh passenger rear seat and then your two usbcs rear vents and a little space for storage right there.

Nothing spectacular, but certainly a very comfortable place to be on a long trip and even for your passengers, thats good. You do have lights up here, hooks for hanging garments and yeah, big spacious, cabin lots of room, even with everybody kind of extended out and people in the back, probably a good spacious place for five uh people. Maybe adults will be a bit squeezed if theres three the size of me, but a lot of room back here very nice thing to road trip in so coming around to the rear. You know its quite a distinctive look. There youve got the light bar its uh. It doesnt scream ev, but it does have a nice futuristic touch. Youve got your tow hitch down there. If you want to add that as an option and then your kick so lots of space in the trunk here, you can see the pass through right there, which we looked at before, got your big divider right here, a little bit of extra space down below place For cables, all your charging cables down there, no frunk so thats something you might miss separate spaces here with these tie downs and latches, and this will come out to give you more of a true deep trunk, but all very good, very practical, very spacious, Music um. It is, you know its a big suv, its a people mover its a family vehicle, so in corners when youre on slightly more sprightly roads where you could have some spirited driving.

This is not necessarily the vehicle that is going to be the most fun its uh. You know theres a little bit of body roll in that feels planted its very solid and uh. You know um easy to maneuver, but its its a floaty suv. You know you feel that size, you feel the soft suspension which is great in uh. You know city driving, gives you a nice quality of ride, certainly really nice on nice on the interstate, but in terms of uh you know throwing it into corners and doing mountain roads. This is not necessarily going to be the car for that, but again thats. Not what its made for thats, not what volkswagen were going for here. They are trying to make this ev something you can cross shop to a honda crv, a toyota rav4. You know which arent designed for that theyre designed to move the kids and all their equipment across town go on a road trip and be very comfortable, and it achieves that in spades. Absolutely no qualms about recommending this for those kind of um use cases and people who really just dont care about the speed away from the line. Its a really nice daily driver. Really nice people mover and a very comfortable place to road trip. So do we recommend the volkswagen id4? The answer is certainly the only caveat is if youre an electric vehicle driver already, if youre coming from a model which has more oomph, gives you a little bit more of that immediate torque gives you the one pedal driving true one pedal driving or more regenerative brake Modes, this could be a little jarring for you.

It might be a step back but thats what volkswagen intended this car is not for the true ev enthusiast. It is for the regular buyer, who wants to move their family from a to b, go somewhere in comfort on a long road trip. Have a nice cabin with plush. You know good features that give you all the kind of uh comfort you need. This does have massaging seats, i didnt mention, and it accomplishes that you know on a road trip of 250 miles there and then the next day, back very comfortable did everything we needed. It does everything that it needs to do. Well, it isnt the fastest, its. Not the quickest off the line, it doesnt have the most technology features, but it has all of the things that you need to make a very enjoyable road tripper that happens to be an electric car and at the price point, and with the free charging on electrify America, for three years and with the different levels. So, if you want all wheel drive, you can have that pay a little bit more. If you want a little bit extra speed, that will give you that i think its a great value. You know, probably, as most people are saying one of the best value evs on the market. Today, not everything is perfect. The buttons could use some work, some of the materials arent uh. You know as nice, as you might expect, from something like a german manufacturer, but on the whole, really nice place to be great road tripper thumbs up to volkswagen for their first entrant into the us market as a ground rpv.

So i hope you enjoyed this review of the volkswagen id4 for find the best car price youtube channel, go to findthebestcarprice.