The three row suv is the next dedicated electric vehicle to come from kia after the successful ev6 crossover, which has become german car of the year, as well as what cars car of the year, among countless other accolades for being one of the worlds most sophisticated evs. With its ultra fast charging capability and innovative features like v2l, the kia ev7 will essentially be the stretched version of the ev6 expected to share most of its outstanding drivetrain and battery with the smaller brother. The ev7 will, however, overlap with another 7 seater model in kias lineup, which is the all new sorrento, which has become a full three row, suv for those seeking an economical and more compact alternative to the larger kia telluride that can cost up to fifty thousand dollars. Also, its garnering explosive popularity, especially in its native korea, because of the new hybrid power plant kias sister company hyundai, however, has been receiving the short end of the new model allotment as it does not currently have a smaller seven seater alternative to its large suv palisade. At least not in north america well thats about to change. In this issue of auto vision, we will explore what hyundai has in store for people seeking economically sound people, mover thats, also eco friendly. So before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell, if you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video to start off the topic of this Episode is another internal combustion engine based car, and you might be wondering why hyundai is bothering with the ice cars at all.

At this point, when the company is firmly destined to become a zero emission company in the near future, the hyundai motor group is now third largest manufacturer in the world, and the bulk of the more than seven million vehicles produced are still internal combustion engine cars. This means hyundai still has a commitment to the millions of consumers worldwide from not only the developed countries that are already well into the ev realm. That might be impatient with the hyundai supply issues with the latest evs, but also to the developing countries that account for a large share of the overall sales. However, the eager korean company did recently set the ev sales target of 1.7 million units by 2025 on route to its mission of attaining full carbon neutrality by the year 2024. This figure is in fact increased from the original 1 million units target, aided by its recent success in europe, with its latest surge in sales due to the introduction of dedicated ev models such as the ionic 5 and the ev6. However, these sales targets seem very aggressive, considering that the sales target for 2022 is only 220 000 units, but not as aggressive as the plan of selling 50 of all vehicle sales from evs by 2030.. So how is hyundai going to scale up the production of evs in such a short time, in addition to investing in the development and production of batteries to cover for the future production of the evs, ranging from the low cost lfp batteries to the state of the Art solid state batteries to be produced in all corners of the world, with the help of the compatriot, sk and lg, as well as through joint ventures with the likes of the battery giant catl hyundai is only developing ice cars that can easily be converted into evs.

At will to scale up the eevee production when the timing is right without the need to spend a lot of time and effort to develop entirely new electric vehicles. Hyundais latest third generation platform, also known as the m3 platform has been developed just to serve that purpose. Hyundais m3 platform is a highly modular platform that can easily be converted from internal combustion, hybrid and plug in hybrid to battery electric and even hydrogen fuel cell electric that allows free exchange of power plants within the platform. The latest platform now underpins most of the products from the hyundai motor group, including the latest, nero hybrid and eevee, with the plan to convert every existing product in the lineup to the new platform, when the renewal is up, one of such products is the next generation Hyundai santa fe santa fe has been one of the best selling mid size, suvs in the u.s consistently selling, while over 100 000 units every year since 2014.. Also, it used to be the best selling mid size, sports utility vehicle in the domestic korean market, but the sales plummeted last year with the introduction of the brand new kia sorrento, which is in direct competition with santa fe outselling, the hyundai counterpart, by nearly two to One it wasnt like hyundai wasnt, prepared for the arrival of the all new sorrento, which was to be a tough car to beat with the new hybrid power plants, as hyundai, has also put its santa fe through highly unusual early facelift and mid cycle.

Upgrade in time. To compete aside from the usual design, refresh hyundai has amazingly put santa fe through a platform change mid year, which is highly unusual and unorthodox. Only after two years since the introduction of the fourth generation model, hyundai decided to change the underpinning to the aforementioned third generation platform without changing the base vehicle itself, a feat thats possible only due to the highly modular nature of the m3 platform. The reason for it was to adopt the newest turbocharged, hybrid and plug in hybrid power plant. That was also to be going into the new sorrento, which was built on the third generation platform from the ground up. However, all the efforts of hyundai didnt mean much at the end of the day, because the refreshed design was deemed too polarizing and that the three row seating arrangement that was included to give the santa fe the fighting chance against the similarly equipped sorrento, was declared insufficient And feeble in its attempt with the limitation of the size constraint imposed by the original design of the santa fe, so hyundai as aggressive of a company as they are, they are having another go at it planet to be launched at the end of 2022 for sale. In the beginning of 2023, is the all new fifth generation santa fe, this time built from the scratch on the latest m3 platform to leap all the benefits that the platform has to offer. This includes not only the full range of ice power plants that consists of the gasoline engines in various displacements, as well as the turbocharged hybrid and plug in hybrid engines, which will be mostly unchanged from the outgoing model.

But there is now the pure electric version. Thats planned the details are sketchy at this moment as to what electric power system will go into the next generation santa fe. But we know that it will be the same system as the one thats currently being developed for the incredibly popular hyundai carnival. Minivan thats also expected to be electrified with the same target release date of the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. We expect the ev power plant to be similar to that of the outstanding, nero ev, which has made a conversion to the third generation platform. The nero ev features a 64 kilowatt hour battery with a 201 horsepower front wheel, driving motor thats legendary for achieving up to 300 miles in real life. Despite its published range of 2′ miles, the range can be further extended by the use of the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, which has made its introduction in genesiss electrified gv70, also based on the third generation platform. In addition to enable all wheel drive functionality, the all new santa fe could adopt the dual motor power electric system. That ranges from 232 horsepower all the way up to 321 horsepower borrowed from the ionic 5.. As for the exterior design, its expected to be an extension of tucsons parametric design theme based on the brands, sensuous sportiness identity, just like found in the recent elantra and now the ionic 5 angular body panels and chiseled surfaces create a contrast with the voluptuous fenders and Sleek silhouette, the new santa fe front, will also be similar to tucsons as well, which offers a parametric dual pattern.

Grill that enhances its futuristic look, as mentioned before. The expected release is in early 2023, with a bit of increase in the starting price. The latest kia niro has been released in korea with about a 10 increase in pricing with the drivetrain. That has also remained largely unchanged. We expect the price increase to be about the same for santa fe, with the starting price to be just under 30 000. The electric version starting price, is expected to be 47 000, which may be considered a bargain for a 7 seater ev. There is the dedicated seven seater electric suv coming as well from hyundai thats, equivalent to the kia ev7 that we have featured in our previous episode. But thats a topic for later so please stay tuned. As for the end of the video question, how do you feel about hyundais strategy in building evs based on ice cars, to meet its ultimate ev target? Do you think they should concentrate on building more dedicated evs? As soon as possible, please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell. As not to miss any of our new videos, it would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel even Further, please join our membership and enjoy the exclusive content and preview of the upcoming episodes.

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