It seems the conventional super luxury players are taking things a bit slower, not wanting to upset its customer base. Rolls royce still uses a whopping great v12 in the conan, while the aston martin dbx gets a snarling v8 and the same goes for the polarizing lamborghini urus. But while bentley isnt exactly racing ahead, it reckons its loyal fan. Base is ready for some batteries and electric motors enter the bentayga hybrid, yes, its a hybrid, but lets not write this thing off just yet, as weve said a hundred times before, hybrids like this one are often a really good stepping stone for people looking to switch From petrol to electric, only recently, a mate of mine traded in his plug in hybrid bmw, 3 series for a pure electric tesla, its often a big leap of faith. But these things work and lets be honest. If we need to convince anyone its those driving big gas guzzling suvs, the premise is simple: you get a 17.3 kilowatt hour battery for short journeys and running around town and a big v6 petrol engine for all the performance and luxury. You expect from a big bentley suv visually its almost indistinguishable from the petrol model. You get an extra flap at the back for charging and there are some hybrid badges on the side, but otherwise the only telltale sign that this is a bentayga with a difference comes when you push the starter button and youre greeted not by the familiar v8.

But well, nothing bentley says that 17 kilowatt hour battery is good for 25 miles of electric running. In reality, though, this 2.7 ton suv wont come close to that, especially if you plan to use its performance potential. However, if you mainly do short trips and can plug in a home, then it doesnt matter youre still going to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint versus the equivalent v8 and thats the thing it doesnt feel that much slower combine power output between the electric motor and the Petrol engine that stands at 443 brake horsepower, so itll do not 62 miles an hour in a little over five seconds and if youve got enough charge in the batteries, itll keep going to 84 miles an hour in complete silence and thats the thing there is nothing More luxurious than the sound of silence, its something that bentley does exceptionally well when youre poodling around town, you feel completely shut off from the world outside, and even when you raise your speed, the bentley refuses to raise its voice. The eagle eyed among you will notice. This is actually the face lifted. Bentley bentayga, which, in addition to some styling tweaks on the outside, also brings a new infotainment system. The graphics are super sharp, even if at times it can be ever so slightly laggy. The digital screen behind the wheel takes the place of the conventional analog dials too, its certainly not short. On tech, this new ben taker, there are all the usual driving modes, including a bentley setting which sets up the cars parameters exactly as the engineers see fit and if you didnt know any better youd think it was well absolutely perfect.

But if you flick things through to comfort, well, the bentayga hybrid wafts, along like little else and its only then, when youre driving around really gently that you can sit back and appreciate everything else about this car. Be that the incredible stereo or the exquisite materials dotted around the interior, its stuff like this, that really sums up what its like to own and drive a bentley. But you expect a bentley to stir the sole when you start to drive a little bit quicker and its here, where the hybrid starts to come. Undone, its incredibly agile for a car of this size and weight and theres very little in the way of body lean. The steering its not porsche, kn sharp, but its good enough, no, its the engine now were not advocating big v8s or w12. But if you want a bentayga that puts a smile on your face, then this isnt it the v6 engine is quite quiet. Its not got much personality its just a bit characterless genuinely a bmw. X5 hybrid does more to satisfy the driving enthusiast in me, but really just take it. Easy sit back, relax top up the batteries and revel in this cars. Quiet qriket, ball covered interior. Speaking of topping up the battery, given its relatively modest size compared to a modern electric car, or even that x5, that we mentioned charging from a home war box is possible in just two and a half hours. Even a three pin plug will do the job in seven hours or pretty comfortably overnight.

Of course, if you dont charge regularly, then youre lugging around an incredibly heavy battery for no reason fuel economy in the 20s is a conservative estimate. In that case, regardless co2 emissions of 82 grams per kilometer should make this infinitely more attractive than the v8 or speed models for company car drivers. The hybrid could quite literally halve your annual tax bill. Of course, everything we said about the driving experience that v6 engine feeling a bit soulless it doesnt matter. If you spend most of your time back here, that quiet powertrain, that refinement actually makes this car a really relaxing car to be ferried around in and thats before. We even begin to discuss these seats. Our car has the four seat layout, but you can get a conventional three seat bench if you so wish, but unless youre carrying three people across the back here, this is a specification to go for it feels so special. Its luxurious and then some theres, the woods, the metals the leathers. Everything in here is just crafted to such a high standard, and these chairs theyre more armchair, like than the armchairs in my living room, theyre heated, theyre, ventilated theyve got a massage function that operates completely electrically honestly, it is such a pleasant place to be so pleasant In fact, i think i might stay here whilst carlos goes and films some details, this being in bentley. The options list is huge. You can spec your bentega pretty much as you.

Please prices start from around 150 000 pounds as standard, but this one also has the 28 000 pound first edition pack, which includes mood lighting, illuminated, tread plates, deep pile carpets and that fantastic name, audio system. Among other things, you get 21 inch wheels as standard, but our car has 22s plus adaptive headlights a panoramic roof a fully digital dashboard and leather throughout quality, as youd expect is flawless, despite the fact that the battery and the electrical governs all fit. Underneath the boot floor and underneath the back seats, the boot itself is actually no smaller than the one youll find in a petrol bentley bentayga, although at 479 litres it is smaller than the one youll find in a jaguar eye pace and that car cost half the Price, the only thing i would say is that youre probably not going to use this car to go to the tip, and certainly swedish flat pack furniture – probably isnt, all that popular with bentley buyers anyway, regardless, though, if you buy a car with this footprint, you want It to carry everything that you can throw at it go for this four seat option at your peril, though, because they dont fold at all and the boot is 100 liters smaller than the standard car. I could almost hear some of you at the start of this video, bemoaning the fact that there is no pure electric bentley bentayga and i empathize think about how a luxurious a pure electric version of this stonking great suv would be, but, alas, bentley is taking baby Steps and for some people, this hybrid, will be just a ticket thing you have to ask yourself, though, is if you can afford one of these, then why not go for a jaguar eye pace and something for the west wing of the mansion or a small petrol Car for an electric wont suffice and if hybrid is the answer to your conundrum, then why not look at the bmw x5 x drive 45e, its half the price, but its definitely not half the car head to drivingelectric.

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