Well be talking more about the uh first hand, experience of the next clue system, but before we do that, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the love and support that youve given to me on the previous two videos of next Cruise unboxing and next cruise installation, which have been designed specifically for the tata nexon, ev and tata tigori, but before we do that, as we can see, the the uh fog is pretty dense. Today, the league is here its quite cold as well, so well wait for the fog to lift and then well proceed with the plan. Now before we do that, i just want to point out that i did the installation myself. However, you will be getting a professional from the art and also the tile is snug fit now after rubbing some of its edges now. The first problem that you might face is the buttons being a little sluggish on the dial they might not respond at first. In my case, uh, all the four buttons were not responding to fix that what you can do is. First, you need to check. If you look closely every time you press a button, an led glows right, where its on the on this side of it. Even if you press this the already glows, it should be solid and not blinking. We just need to replace the cmos cell available at the back of the pack.

The spare cell is available in the package itself, so you just need to remove it and it should work fine, if still it does not work. The second option is to update the software ill. Tell you how to do that as well step one for software. Updation configure your hotspot, username, nescruz and password being next was one two three and you press the eco button available on the dial and you press the power uh break. You see the dancing lights come up again and now the software update has started once the update is done. It will turn off itself like this, and this is the connector, the four pin connector for the led panel. All right, if you look at this, led connector this one, you see this ill show it to you. This pin has fallen down if you im not sure if you can make it out, but this one is up to halfway mark and this one is all the way up right. So if in case it has fallen down, what you can do is you can use a safety pin something like this, which is available with everyone from the rear of this pin just push it up a little. It should achieve its place so yeah much better. Now, if you look at it much better, it has come up now, apart from this, the third problem that you could face is that you might get a limp mode in your car, its an error wherein the next one will not move all right.

You will not be able to accelerate it. The pedal will not work in that case, what you can do is its a hack. Actually, you can go ahead and turn off your car completely remove the panel from here and unplug the opt connector and then plug it back in and then restart the card that should fix it all right friends. So now we have some sunshine and the fog has been lifted and we have come to the location of shooting ddlj part two and there you have the hero tata. Next, one evie with neck screws loaded now were gon na go for the uh actual movie. Our movie all right and test it: okay, Music, all right friends, now that we are here, were going to test all the buttons all the functionality of next cruise, starting with screws cruise on cruise off then resume feature. Then we will test the coast, but then well. Try, eco and dp co see how they behave. Okay, my next choose is up and running, so lets get started all right. Friends, so lets start it and see where it goes, were gon na accelerate up to 30 and then engage the cruise okay. Okay, so i have reached up to 30 im gon na engage it now. Okay, the car is moving on its own. The graph has gone flat. Okay, so that means next cruise is working. The cruise functionality is working now, Music. Before i disengage it, i will accelerate it once and see if it comes back to uh to its original speed or not.

Okay lets just press the accelerator. Okay, im at 40 im going to leave the accelerator now its gon na de accelerate. The cruise is still engaged: okay, its still engaged uh. We can see it on the led panel as well, because its still there ive not pressed anything now, im gon na press, the brake and disengage. So that means one target done now lets test. The resume feature resume were gon na press it for a couple of seconds and not okay, its going up again im, not pressing anything. It should go up to 30 31 kilometers, okay, its there. Now now we have the resume working. We are now gon na test. The uh coast mode im gon na accelerate up to 50 and then they play coast engagement, Music, okay, i am reaching 50, i know. But yes, i do not have any region right now: im going to disengage the coast mode and yes, the region has kicked in the next cruise is on for me to engage eco or deep eco im, pressing the eco and dp its not going to come up For it to come up, we need to first engage speed limit over here speed limit engaged. Now we can play with eco and dpco okay. First, we need to go into drive. Sorry. Now we are into drive. We are slowly moving. Eco engaged eco, disengaged, Music, dpco engaged deep eco disengaged. The eco mode gives us four bars of power.

It will not. Let us go beyond that. Okay, that was a lot of noise, and the b pico would give us only around one 1.1 bar of power. Okay, im gon na press the eco button yeah now the eco is engaged its not going above four right now, although im able to reach around 90 kilometers within a very short span of time, but yes, im gon na disengage, eco, now sorry and im gon na Try the deep eco one d pico. As you all know, uh only lets us use uh one one point: one uh, you know bars of power, so lets go d pico this time. All right so now were gon na. Try the deep eco all right. Deep! Bp has been engaged im, not able to get any power above one bar and, as you can see, the acceleration is very, very slow. I flowed the accelerated pedal completely, but its not accelerating at all. It is accelerating, but then again it is very slow. Okay lets see how far can i stretch it almost reaching 55 Music just 61. – that is the maximum we might achieve it. So friends in todays video we have tested the functionality of neck screws. All the buttons are working flawlessly. This is it for today and see you again in new, exciting video with the new sunshine. Thank you.