You can actually charge a toyota, its not self charging. You can actually charge it, although it also is self charging ill cover it all in this video review today, if you havent hit subscribe yet in the channel. What are you waiting for come on give me your sub, please gon na look around the car today. The starting price is over 50 000 euro real world range. What will this rav4 plug in hybrid do? If you just want to run a battery were going to get into it, all lets go okay, so first thing were going to do today is have a little look around at the car itself, so whats different about it. Well, over the front, there is a bit of a blue badge here, because it is a hybrid now around here is where all that changes, because theres many program, hybrid badges on the car and youll – not mistake that it is a hybrid. This is the sportier model of the car, so you get the upgraded alloy wheels which are diamond cut and actually look very nice again. No changes to the design of the car. Anything like that. It is all as a normal rav4 looks so its a 2.5 petrol engine, its got a cvt gearbox still, but the difference about this car, of course, is that it will run on somewhere between 70 and 90 kilometers on battery. If you have it fully charged. So all toyota hybrid models again have bits of blue on them.

So again you can you can spot that as you look on twin exhausts uh down here and a nice big black diffuser over the bottom half of the car sets it up nicely against the red. So we have a electric opening boost, tailgate and in here is your boot, which is a very respectable 500 liters, even though the batteries are located under the boot and just the general rear area of the car parcel shelf, it does look a bit cheap and theres. No handle down here for actually opening it. You know just it slides in the way it goes now down here. You have a spare wheel, its quite a large wheel actually, but it means theres nowhere to put your type 2 cable, so theres, nothing obvious there, where you can store it its going to have to go here. They have, however, given you a proper plug, although you need an adapter for that, because its a two pin theres a 12 volt, also a couple of lights, theres, even a tethering hook or two that they have thrown in for good measure. This side of the car is where your power goes so again, just a standard type, 2 cable and your granny plug will also plug in to the side of the car and charge it very very slowly, as you can see here, because i dont have a type 2, cable with the vehicle, so i have to rely on the granny charger, the granny charger, which incidentally, looks like that so blue plug on one end, and this bit and thats.

For if you want to connect the car and charge it with a three pin plug. But, as i said, it could take like 24 hours or something i do think if youre to go for the kind of two tone, a lighter color like red and against the black, looks very smart privacy glass going on here, its very dark. If you have kids, this is an idea of just a standard joey child seat. There is plenty of leg room for them im, not quite five 10 and my seat is that far back and you have that much leg room equally down here. Theres, a couple of charging points and two air vents and theres a hard bit of plastic here to give the just a better wear and tear vibe for when people are using that, because it is a relatively flat floor. Not quite that of an ev. But its. Not bad at all heated seats in the back, so that front passenger seat is actually quite far back, but i still have good room between my legs im, not knocking off anything theres. Also plenty of space down here for your feet, so the the seats are actually quite nicely raised off the floor. Visibility at the back window is very decent, although theres plenty of camera, aids and safety aids which ill get to in a second, its quite airy. I mean this again: higher spec model has lots of black headlining on purpose and yeah i mean a glass roof would brighten up the interior, but i think theres enough light coming in that its actually not bad, but it is typical classic toyota black.

We have uh good storage options at the back of the seats, also theyre kind of a leather s vibe. So if kids kick the back of them, youre going to be able to wipe it. One thing that i have noticed a lot of brands, like the skoda kodiak, for example – would give you window blinds here and the top spec models. Theyre missing door. Pockets are not bad out of your face, maybe not a large bottle of water in here, but certainly your 500 milliliters would be fine kids drink and bottle just on the exterior lights at daytime running light strip. Its quite few futuristic looking but youre going to get halogens here, so youve got all the 2022 going on halogen bird led gord. So these are the needles that will greet you inside the car down. Here is your charge for your battery, and up here is your actual fuel. Now, as you can see, it is doing 26.4 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is high by you, know. Ev standards, a plug in hybrid, is never going to do as well as as a battery electric vehicle same rubber grips that youll get in the standard non plug in hybrid rav4, theyre, very durable, like it feels like theyre going to last 30 years. Youve got a bit of storage down here for a phone or whatever you could also choke. Your phone in here. Youd also expect a wireless charging going on here, but its not there im still looking theres more usb points in here, theyve also added more usb under the armrest, which is actually pretty big.

Youve got eco mode and sport normal is the setting ive left it in this button. Here, if you hold it down, you will see the little charge mode light come up here and it will use the petrol engine to charge the battery, not the most economic way. To do it, but if you want to build up some extra electric range, you can do it on the go. You can also flick that there between ev mode and hybrid mode, you can have the best of both worlds or just pure electric. So the pure electric range is somewhere between 70 and 90 kilometers. They say combined like motorway and city driving, might get up to 90 kilometers and you can flick between those options. Just by holding the button down here. Also heated seats theyre, not that warm on low and then theyre quite hot, on high, so its two options: business as usual on the radio and the entertainments set up toyota have also created a heat pump of sorts which draws thermal energy from the air outside to Heat the cabin you can also schedule the car to charge at off peak rates and you can preheat or pre cool the vehicle either with the cable connected or using the hybrid battery. If youre, not a couple of nice bits here, just for throwing in a passengers, mobile phone or whatever and the glove box by todays standard is actually okay. Quality of everything feels very good as well.

Nice soft touches on the plastic, its a bit spongy and theres nice red threading through here. This is where you control your voice activation your volumes, all the shortcuts are on the steering wheel and the same with your radar cruise. This is how far the car will get to cars in front, and you can set it up and resume your speed limiter. Is there as well so, like all toyotas, will give you an idea now that was on 100 electric yesterday, when i was just using the electric motor 84, because ive been actually charging the car just to demonstrate that it can be done. I wouldnt normally do that and theres the different modes that you can flick between. So a combined range, if you were starting on a full battery and a full tank of juice youd, be well over 900 kilometers, its amazing, how quiet refined it is how calm its comfortable its not too harsh over bumps. Even with these upgraded, larger alloy wheels, theres been a good few times where i feel like the car has spoken to me and its like, as if they said look, we dont want to be first, we dont want to be at the top of the phe v Race, but we just want to get the car right and i feel like the range and the boot size for a hybrid. Where again, not not that rare that youre saying oh well. A petrol version has this much boot space, but youve got to knock off in some cases, 25 for battery space.

Now something that is a little bit i mean disappointing is the wrong word. So basically, the motors of this car dont all work at the same time. So youve got power going to the front youve got paragon at the back. Then youve got the petrol engine that is 187 brake horsepower. If you added up the two motors and the petrol engine, the car would be just over 400 brake horsepower from a rav4, but they dont work in unison. So the downside of that is you only get 300 brake horsepower in total, when youve got some ranger battery and youve got petrol on. So if you flick it into hybrid mode – and you can do that in an auto way, if you like, as soon as you floor, it like its bloody quick like really bloody, quick, the closest thing ive driven from toyota with a similar brake horsepower, is the yaris Gr youve got a lot of safety tech going on like lane departure, as ive mentioned its a bit odd that theres no blind spot. It also gives you a nice higher up seating position, not probably quite as high as something like a range rover, but not massively far off the lane. Departure is its intrusive, but not pulling it to the other side of the road intrusive, but yeah. Once you have all those different options going on, it really does shift and its also got a good bit of grip and im, not saying in every cornering situation.

You dont feel some of the weight of the battery, but i mean when you again go back to the boot size and the fact that theres still a comfortable back seat and theres leg room for passengers and theres almost a flat floor. Thats going to be more important than how it corners to a lot of rav4 drivers, the only time the cvt setup does sound a little bit noisy, is, if youre in pure petrol mode and thats, just how thats how they are me on my little youtube channel Is not going to give me toyota that they should change things. I just love the eevee mode, though it the real world range of it does seem to be close enough to what they claim. Youre, never going to get the full amount. Obviously, but it doesnt feel too far off it and you can drive and silence and comfort, and certainly you know from one end of the day to the next. Obviously, if you can charge it work great, but you probably be charging once maybe twice a day. It depends obviously on your commute, maybe youre doing more working from home, whatever that is, but its quite a decent range from an 18 kilowatt hour battery and for the weight of the car. Just in ev mode alone, theres plenty of torque itll still move itll keep up with anything. You need to obviously, if youre driving in a motorway environment, that battery range is not going to last as long and obviously that consumption of 26 and a half kilowatt hours 400 kilometers is steep enough.

Now the currently has 500 kilometers on it in total. So maybe that would ease off after a little while also hard to know. As i look at my fuel of 859 kilometers in the tank with a combined just over half a battery tank of 46 kilometers were over 900 kilometers, and this still can. This thing can be plugged in so people who arent quite ready. I think its going to give them something to think about and arent quite ready for full on electric is what i mean so battery in total is just over 18 kilowatt hour battery. You will take a while to charge it on three pin plugs. As i mentioned, the car likes to beep at you, just in case youve left the engine running because thats the thing its silent, so you wont hear it. I think, interestingly enough, the starting price from the rav4 or phev is just over 50 grand right and this one add a few more thousand onto it. But for the price of an id4 and ive kind of touched on the range full battery full tank of juice. 900 kilometers im not saying the battery. The the plug in hybrid part of the battery is going to be massively beneficial if youre cross country driving whatever, but you will have a 2.5 petrol that would still be reasonably economical. You can see there its doing 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers generally, the 2.5 toyota engine by itself will do about five and a half liters per 100 kilometers, so theyve positioned themselves up against some of the electric offerings, really good electric offerings in ireland from skoda and The anyak uh the ionic 5, the key ev6, but the main difference between this and those cars is that will keep going were gon na have to plug in for a charge now thats not for everybody, and i get that.

But where some people are they might want to spend the money, not necessarily the money. Part is a factor. The range and the head is a factor im not even saying theyre right about that by the way. But what this will do is give them. Options still feel like theyre doing something for the environment. Theyve got me plug in hybrid badges on it its around about the same price, toyota, reliability they put 15 year warranties on the batteries that they put into these plug in hybrid cars and their hybrid batteries. In general, so thats, something to think about salt and sport are the two different trims, theyve kind of condensed it down, which is probably good because, usually with toyota theres, like six different trims, essentially the entry level car is still going to come very well. Specd. Now ive noticed theres no blind spot in the car, but theres lots of frontal collision avoidance and other safety gadgets that will spot pedestrians and stuff like that. So again, for that price, a bit like the blinds inside, they are missing a few things compared to maybe the skoda kodiak, although even the sportline kodiak. I think that does have blind spot, but a few little things like that. I do think this rav4 is also a lot more desirable than previous models. Even the last model. It was going pretty well and think about how many rav4s you still see in the row today, first generation ones or or whatever id imagine.

This will will go for just as long. It has taken toyota an awful long time to get to this plug in hybrid point, even in a flagship model like the rav4 for them. I think that theyve got an awful lot right. Hasnt really affected boot space. Its still 500 liters, the range is actually quite believable once you charge it up. I dont know why theres no type 2, cable and maybe just toyota have held on to it, so it doesnt go missing. But i think, if you want to have the electric world i mean think about how far hybrid batteries even come in the last two or three years. The fact were now at 90 kilometers, whereas something like a bmw 538 might have done 40. If you were lucky its kind of giving you the best of both worlds, if youre not quite ready for the jump to electric and its in and around going to cost the price of a full on electric car with a decent enough spec, so its its another Option, if youre not quite ready for that jump to electric and the fact that it has a toyota badge on it, means itll, probably go for well until they found something else to fuel cars anyway. Thank you very much for watching this review. I hope ive earned your subscription by now, if i havent well, why? Why not leave a comment below give us some feedback if youve got one of these youre thinking about one or youve owned a rav4 in the past? Let us know how you got on with this, because people always watch the comments.

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