Firstly, column, congratulations on the car and so look first things. First, what made you choose? A electric vehicle and b the key ev6 um? I decided to go for an electric vehicle because, like first and foremost, i was in the market for a new car um. It seems that this is the way things are going when it comes to cars. Every advert i seem to see is talking about either a hybrid or a fully electric. I decided you know what in for a penny in for a pen and went fully electric, they are cost effective. Look, you feel like youre doing a bit more for the environment and um yeah. I suppose those different reasons made me think you know what ill go fully electric. What were your concerns initially about making the move? Because you would have driven a standard diesel car before this right? Yes, oh infrastructure, simple as that hassle, basically of being stuck somewhere and not being able to charge up, but i was advised that um, if youre good at planning youll be okay – and i am i like to plan – and so i have to plan out the journeys. I travel a little bit across the country back and forth, but i stay in hotels that have chargers. I map out my journey that will go by and a charger somewhere along the way. So that was the main i suppose may concern, but ive driven all around the country so far and i have not any trouble yet so what other cars were you considering when you were looking at the ev6 um? I was looking at the audi q4 initially, but we have an suv and the q4 is very similar to the suv that we have and then i shelved the idea.

And then i was at a local uh car show and the first car they came across was the ev6, and i liked the look of it. At the same time, then i thought, rather than just gon na go for the ev6. I started looking around a bit more, so i looked at the enyak. I looked at the volkswagen id4. I think it is, and then i looked at dv6. So, oh i did an awful lot of research watched an awful lot of youtube reviews. It has really good range. It has really really good reviews and i like to look at the car. So then that made me go for the ev6 in the end. Well, look obviously, while were outside the car, tell us about the styling. You know what do you feel? Are they the really strong points for you? I i i the bonus, i suppose, is one i i cant remember the name of it, but its like a its a tiger bunny anyway tiger face. Thank you very much. Yes, i i remember that from the youtube video, so um yeah from the review so first and foremost, theyre two main things. I like the look of it and it has really good range. They were the two key points that i suppose that i liked about it. But yeah, i think its a nice looking car they market it as an suv. I dont think it kind of overly looks like an suv when you put it side by side from the other front runner, which was the q4.

I think theyre very, very different, so um, but the two main selling points for me were yeah. It looks like a nice car theres. Actually lots of nice features. Entry level is leather seats, entry level, which is called the earth model. I think um entry level has got rear view, cameras, theres, front sensors, just really nice tech in the car, so theres lots of good selling points for the entry level. I didnt have to put any add ons to it like this is the car that you get and, as i said already the range, so those kind of made me think doesnt occur for me. Well, look. We have a typical irish day, so i think, were probably better after actually jumping into the car and taking a drive. Okay, so colin were in the car at the moment. Youve had the car now for what a couple of weeks, but your first drive in the car was quite a long one wasnt it yeah literally. The very first thing i did when i drove out of the garage when i picked it up was i drove from trotted all the way over to bunny hornis in county mail. So i went to full charge and it was a really really. Nice drive have to say it was a long drive, obviously, but uh. One thing that really struck me most on that particular drive were all the safety features that werent us. You know like theres, um theres, just enough a lot of different features that will show you if theres cars coming uh beside you after, if youre too close to a car, so that was a um.

You just feel very safe in the car. I suppose you look. You know we have to get it out of the way. People worry about range anxiety. Was this something that would have been in your head when you were buying an ev, because you came out of a one? It was a diesel audi a6, which would probably do what eight nine hundred kilometers on a full tank of diesel. Oh absolutely and you do use your car for for work. So where was range anxiety in your head, um range anxiety will happen if, when i get to the hotel, somebody else is using the charger ahead of me and that hasnt happened. But i have a back up plan for each of the places ive went so what i did was i i went to the very first journey went from drawdown to bali, honest and then i went from bali, honest to claire morris, and then i went from claire Morris home and on that journey i charge it overnight at the hotel and there was no hassle and then that wasnt a friday saturday and then the following sunday, i went from brought out to sligo and then the next day i went from sligo to atlanta and Then, the next day after that i went from athlone home and on that particular journey, i charged it overnight in sligo, so i went over on a full charge and i came back in a full charge.

So i havent, thankfully, had range anxiety just yet, because i knew that i had enough charge to get me back and forth across the country. Talk to me a bit about the practicalities of the cars was the nuts and bolts. You know range wise. It is winter. Its january, its called what are you seeing from a full charge, roughly im at the moment, im seeing around 400 kilometers from a full charge, something that surprised me um, its also actually almost a little bit amusing. Is that when you have a full charge and your the temperature is at 22 degrees or something is that you might be out on a full charge? ‘0., all of a sudden, you crank up the heat to 27 degrees, lets say and the uh range goes down to 330.. So heat is the main factor from what i can see. Yeah air conditioning is the killer for electric cars. It sure is, but look the converse of that is probably during the summer youre more likely to be hitting you know towards 500 kilometers. When you have, you know 21 22 degrees outside or more. You know thing you know as a family man practical things in terms of of the boot space, the rear space whats it like in terms of that its great ive got three kids um and the weekend that i got the car we all um jumped in the Car and brought it drove up to decathlon uh, and i had a lovely surprise when i got to decathlon to find out that they have a bunch of uh chargers here in front of the m in front of the store.

So that was great, but no three kids, we got um car seats in along the back. No problem at all. The uh boot has got ample boot space like im, not sure if id be going on a week, long holiday in it. But if i was awake for the weekend, i think theres enough space here to um get in all our bags and if i was going out and bringing the buggy with me id fit it into the car, no problem, so yeah look as a family vehicle. I would find that this is perfect, really if somebodys looking for an electric family car and look at someone, whos recently made the transition over from a diesel car to an electric vehicle. This suppose, one of the main points in your head that people, anyone watching this, should consider when theyre moving towards um first thing that you need to consider is just what is your average week or whats your average month? You know, are you just traveling around where you live? Do you travel and maybe just lets, say 100 kilometer journeys, or do you actually travel all over the country? These are the really things that you need to look at. This is what i looked at um, and then i just saw whereabouts. I think there are chargers. That was the biggest thing, because it is the one its the main reservation that people have at the moment from what i can see anyway is infrastructure in the country and and while infrastructure is getting better, maybe i know there could be more charges around the place, But if youre going, if your long journeys are few and far between, i really think anybody is going to have enough um enough charges around there and, of course, if you get one installed at home, youre fine, so um like honestly.

If people were thinking about either going for a hybrid or for a fully electric id, absolutely recommend going fully electrically, and if someone who runs business, how do you find the vehicle as a business vehicle, its great theres lots of techniques, as i said, first of all, Because im driving long journeys and i feel safe in the car, but also in terms of um, the kind of the i the kind of functionality here, i suppose in terms of the car bluetooth – is there: it has im an apple user, so it has apple. Carp is it called carplay carplay yeah, it has carplay um descent is crystal clear: it sucks in all your contacts it sucks in all your messages. I dont actually need to use siri and theres just a button here that does voice activation and it picks up um. Most things i did have to ring somebody called ashling and i couldnt get that so i had to say a sling but other than that, and i find that yeah like. I take a note for the calls when im on the road so uh, the bluetooth is crystal clear and the other safety features make me feel safe when im on those long journeys. But the infotainment system in this car is particularly impressive. You got those two 12.3 inch screens yeah. It goes across the dashboard which ill cut away to that now, but its its its um, its its really cutting edge in terms of the tech and quite a jump from where you would have been in your previous car right.

Oh absolutely like i kind of just feels it feels very modern. It feels it actually feels more than modern, also a lot of people who have seen the car. The couple of comments were like it looks like something from the future. Somebody said it looks like something from back to the future, and so it has that look on the outside, but it has that feel on the inside as well thats. The word i was looking for the infotainment, and that is here theres just theres an awful lot and i havent got to enjoy an awful lot just yet, because i just have another time but im looking forward to exploring the system see what is available today. I do need to show you the meditation sense age later, very good. With this car you can sit in your car and there are a variety of sounds. You know like birds, singing and rain if you want to just sit and have a moment of zen in your car, so so look to finish off. I suppose if someone was was thinking about moving into an eb and in a point you raised about all the technology, if someone is a bit of a technophobe, is there is the car quite intuitive to get used to is? Is there anything to be afraid of? No nothing to be afraid of at all um. It really is just a case of getting used to charging the car and thats the main thing.

Thats, the only thing thats really different um. Do you know what actually one thing which ive really really enjoyed it, and particularly now that obviously, that were in the winter is that there are some different features that come with the app that you download and sign up to upon buying the car. So, every morning now i can turn on the heating from the car yeah im getting in oh slowly, im getting into a lovely toasty car, the kids love it as well. My wife is very jealous of us, but um its just usual things that should be fairly standard to most people at this stage, signing up to a nap getting used to the different features that are there um. But the main difference is obviously charging, but i have found it to be fairly uh easy to get to um. I suppose, thanks to colin for the help in making this video, we will of course be back with more make sure to like this video and subscribe and also follow our blog on the aaa forward.