Im david, oc and today were joined by somewhat of an iconic car, and it is the hyundai ioniq 5.. So this is one of the bravest cars weve seen come to the market in recent years, and for that i absolutely adore it so its very futuristic, and naturally it is fully electric. It comes with a variety of different power trains. You can get an all wheel, drive, rear, wheel, drive different battery sizes and in that video were going to be covering all that as well as cost to buy it charge times and all of those things so make sure to stay tuned. And if you would like to search for new cars for sale, hit the link up there as of right now, dundee will have over 3 000 2022 brand new cars for sale from our trusted dealerships around the country. Now lets get into the review Music. A big part of the ioniq 5 is obviously the design, because it is staggeringly beautiful, were going to be talking more about that, as well as the interior. How practical it is what its like to drive, but first im going gon na have to bore you with the stats. So big question, always whats under the bonnet of electric car. Well, youve got a front boot now, depending on which version you get the size of that changes, but it is great for putting your charging cables and other than that youre never really going to go under here.

Maybe, to top up your washer fluid for your windscreen wipers and thats about it, but lets talk about the power trains and the battery sizes. So essentially you have three options. The entry level is a 58 kilowatt hour battery that has about 170 horsepower 350 newton meters of torque and it is rear. Wheel drive the next version up from that is also rear. Wheel drive, however, it has a 72.6 kilowatt hour battery. It has 217 horsepower 350 newton meters of torque, essentially its a little bit more longer range a little bit more power and then the class topping is actually all wheel, drive, so theres the motor at the front and the rear has over 300 horsepower over 600 meters. Of torque and the ranges these are obviously going to depend on which one you get, but the entry level range is mid. 300S. I think the claim number is 380 kilometers and the top level is 480 kilometers. I think so theres plenty of range. It also has some incredible charging capabilities, which is fantastic but thats enough for the numbers, thats, always a hard part to kind of digest and consume, but now lets talk about the design and also get into kind of the car itself so quickly. Before i talk about the boot space, look at the rear end of this, the lights here when it lights up at night. It is its just beautiful, and i think this has been one of the best looking cars now to open the boot.

You have to go under here, which, when you get dirty, it might mean your hands will get a little bit dirty and it opens up a 527 litre boot theres, a bit of storage under here for some of your charging cables or also, if you want to Hide things this charging cable is actually up here after we film im going to put that in the fruit, and then you have a nice little load cover here, which means that you can hide things. The seats fall down a 60 40 split, so it is very practical. The boot probably isnt as big as youd expect, but thats, because the batteries and the electric motor they all live back here. So theres not infinite amount of space. But if you fall down those rear seats, theres, absolutely plenty the side profile. This thing is huge, so even if you look at when i go up close to it, its a lot taller than it looks in real life, but whats more is its actually really long. All the wheels are in all four corners and the wheelbase is actually similar to something of a range of sports thats. To put it in perspective and when youre driving it does feel big and it feels really wide. But lets check out rear passenger space and then well hop into the front so in here because of that long, large, wheelbase youve loads of space, literally theres half a foot there for my knees, loads of headroom.

The floor is slightly elevated because a lot of electric cars, the batteries, sit along the floor, which helps keep to keep the center of gravity nice and low, but it does mean your feet sit a bit higher up. That said, the kids will be more than happy back here. Theres two usb points you can spec this with a three pin socket there, which could be very, very handy and it does work on household appliances, theres. Also an armrest here with two drink holders. Ice fix points really easy to get out here worth noting theres only two of them. So if youve, three kids, this might not be the car for you, theres, not one for the front bit of storage in here and overall back here is really really nice. But the party piece is the drivers seat. So lets go check that out. So here we are on the interior, and now this is kind of where the ioniq five really becomes a different car and actually, when youre buying a car. This is where youre going to sit, so it does have to be nice and in here its very futuristic, but then it still has all your kind of nice old fashioned things like a volume knob that often gets overlooked really really like that. So lets begin with the seats really comfortable, theyre fully adjustable electric as well, and you can actually put them in a nap mode. So when youre charging up, you can itll go the whole way back and you can kind of just chill out and regroup.

Then, in terms of storage, so youve got door bins here, massive storage down here, theres actually on all specs. So no matter what trim level you get. It comes with wireless charging, which is really handy, theres, also more storage in here, and i know if youre thinking this is a little bit too far back dont worry on every spec, except the basic one that is completely adjustable. I really really like that and also theres a drawer here, as opposed to a glove box, its a glove drawer, which is nice and handy now down here, theres, a 12 volt socket another usb charging point, but that also connects your phone up to apple carplay. So, actually, if you plug that in youll see how quickly it does connect now, unfortunately, its not wireless, potentially in some of the higher specs, it might be im not actually sure, but it connects up really really easily now im going to unplug that, because i want To show you this system itself, the navigation on it is brilliant, its really intuitive. I, like the setup, reminds me somewhat of a mercedes benz that you get in the more modern one, which is a good thing. The whole thing is intuitive. You can do all your different settings – ev modes, a good one, to check in so you can see your range. You can see how close you are to a charger which is really really good and down here you can see theres v2l now that is a way that you can charge, not only household appliances, but you can actually lend some of the battery from this car to Another car very sophisticated and very, very impressive, then the steering wheel itself well, its really really comfortable, no logo, which i know has been a huge talking point on the internet, but it is unusual, theres, no logo there.

Personally, i love that its just two spokes. So when youre on a long drive, although you probably should have your hands on ten or two, it is nice to kind of just relax in there and this information in front of you here it has everything you need to know so again, youve got your battery Percentage youve got all your different menus. You can actually change your modes here. If you select your driving roads, it tells you oh im in sport. Mode click. It again you go up into eco. Youve also can change it. So you can see how much miles youve done all the usual stuff, your compass and all the likes, and it is all very familiar. So, whilst its very futuristic, your wipers are still on the right. Your indicators are still on the left, which is just like any other hyundai, so theyve kind of done, a good job of grasping the new and the old and making it very intuitive to any new driver Music so to drive well. First of all, i have to commend hyundai because it has a heated steering wheel and on a day like today, its so so good. Really recently, we did a video which ill leave. The link up there of 10 must have features on a new car, and one that i left out was a heated steering wheel after spending a couple days in this. Oh, it is essential, but aside from that, i think the first thing i notice when im driving it is how vast it is.

It is a big big car, its got a lot of space in front of it. Visibility is great. With that said, you can see everything its got. Some big mirrors theres a reversing camera if you spec it into the premium plus you get 360 cameras. Also, when you turn the indicator on you actually get like a side side view mirror we had that in the kia sorrento that we reviewed ill leave the link up there. Just so, you can see what that is, that can be specked into this hyundai now other than that this particular one is the 170 horsepower version, and it actually has plenty of poke. You wouldnt really need much more power. I can understand what you might want. The 217 brake, but the 300, the kind of bigger battery all wheel, drive version probably is a little bit excessive and unnecessary. But if youve got the money by all means, do it in terms of driving aids well as standard they all come with smart cruise control, which is basically adjustable adjusting cruise control. So when the car in front of you slows down youll slow down, you can also, then get it with blind spot monitoring and things like that, if you spec it up into premium so quickly to actually touch on that, there is four trim lines. The first is executive, thats, quite standard, and id avoid it, for one key reason is that it doesnt have a heat pump, so its not as efficient, actually um, but then, after that, theres executive plus premium premium plus, and it all just changes things.

So things like this moving center armrest that doesnt come on the executive. Then once you spec it up after that, its on all of them so theyre the kind of variants that that will make a difference and in terms of spec its up to you, one thing ive always said, and even when i drove behind kona, the cruise control Was really really good, but the the lane assist is phenomenal in hyundais. That said, i find this a little bit twitchy, so it kind of has two modes. The first mode is lane departure and what that does is it will stop you veering out of a lane? The other mode, then, is full blown essentially autonomous, driving where it will keep you in the middle of lane, but ill put a clip up on the motorway that i filmed with the gopro and youll see how the steering wheel actually twitches a little bit. I actually drove another one of these cars and i thought maybe that was a mistake that one had, but it turns out this one has a two, so it must just be. Do you know what i think it is? I think its too clever and i think its constantly trying to adjust where it is, but you do start to feel it as youre driving and could make you feel a little bit car sick on a long drive, but i actually dont use it. I just use the lane departure warning and its brilliant and the adaptive cruise control its fantastic, and i think the stand out thing for me is just how quiet it is in here to drive along right now, im going 100 110 kilometers per hour and its blissfully Silent so overall to drive, i think, its brilliant.

Your kids are in the back, theyll be comfortable. Theres ice fix points for them, its very intuitive. It actually sorry. One last thing we do touch on is the regen braking, so youll see theres these paddles here now. Theres three different modes and theres actually an auto mode, so it almost uses a little bit of its sensors ahead of it to regen a little bit faster, a little bit slower. It also matters with how warm the car is, how long youve been driving it for its, not quite one pedal driving that you might get in lets say a volvo xc40 or even a nissan leaf, but it will slow down when you take your foot off the Accelerators im not sure if you can really see that right now, but it does happen so long winded houses to drive but its glorious Music. So weve come to the point in the review where we discuss some of our favorite and least favorite things, and it would be wrong for me to stand here in front of the ioniq five and say this sucks their socks and this sucks because it doesnt its Really really good and if you buy one youll, be very happy one tick against it. Its maybe a little bit too big if youre using it around the city, its a big old car. Another thing that maybe isnt ideal is that in ireland – and this is a specific to ireland problem, if you go for the 300 horsepower, all wheel drive version its going to cost you drastically more because it takes it up over 60 000 euros and when you buy An electric car over 60 000 euros – you dont, get the 5 000 euro sea i grant, which is a little bit of a shame, and it probably means its unlikely that were going to get very many all wheel, drive versions in ireland because you do have to Get it with the premium plus pack, which is the highest of specs but thats, all i can say thats kind of negative with the hyundai ionic five.

So lets talk about some of the really positive parts. Music. First, up on our favorite features of the ionic 5 is that they all come with a five year, warranty and whats. More is the batteries come with an eight year warranty and up to 160 thousand kilometers, which means these might actually get quite attractive to some taxi drivers or people who are doing a lot of mileage. Number two is actually right here. Next to me, i just really like the charging port, which brings me to number three and were gon na, go to a charger for that. So number three is to deal with how hyundai have somewhat future proofed this car, because it has incredible charging capabilities. Now this esp charger, it wont. Do it, however, with the right charger. This iona 5 can charge from 10 to 80. In just 18 minutes it can get 88 kilometers in five minutes. That is incredible. Now, with every electric car i always say make sure you have a home charger because otherwise its not really viable using the public infrastructure, its just not there yet, but that said down the line when that does improve. Maybe you can own these without having a harm charger now. One last thing to touch on is pricing, so prices start at just under 38 000 euros now for that youre getting the executive, which is a slightly lower trim base, its got a lot less spec and its also the smaller battery top all all out with the All wheel drive its 65 000 euros.

I suspect the right point with maybe executive plus and maybe go for a bigger battery is around mid 40s to 50 000 euros. Youre gon na have yourself a beautiful car, which is very usable and whats more is, and i think this is important when electric car its a talking point, because its very very unusual whats more is, i did see you can get them on a pcp deal and Youre, paying about 315 euro a month so really really affordable. If you buy it that way its a good way to kind of get into an electric car somewhat of an affordable way now thats, basically it i want to say thank you so much for watching its quite a windy day, im going to put a screen on The our photo on the screen here of why we are filling up in the mountains, with some amazing drone footage. I was up there in a four wheel drive earlier and lets just say: we wanted the all wheel drive to have been up there, but nonetheless i hope youve enjoyed the video if you have make sure to subscribe, give it a thumbs up and of course, if Youd like to search for new highlanders for sale or hit the link up there, weve got over 1000 trusted dealerships nationwide.