So terrible it spurred brilliant comedy but im not just having a go at mg, because i used to own one this one in fact that my dad and i restored so i do have a soft spot for them, even though these cars were utterly temperamental. But like my once youthful good looks thats a part of ancient history, because the now chinese owned mg is a very different animal. This is mgs, first, all electric offering and yes its made in china, but so is every electronic device in your house, including all the cameras and audio stuff im using right now lets get the important questions out of the way. First, how much does it cost and how far does it go per charge? Well, put simply with the clean car rebate, this machine will set you back forty 41 365, and for that you get 263 kilometers out of a charge that makes it new zealands, cheapest brand. New electric car on offer today and unsurprisingly, it is in very high demand the mg zs electric vehicle is now the second best selling new electric car in the country behind the tesla model 3 and when you look at the standard features its not hard to see. Why heated front seats are standard apple, carplay and android, auto standard massive panoramic, glass, sunroof standard push button, start rear view, camera 17 inch, alloys, climate control front and rear usb charging ports and a 5 star safety rating automatic braking.

All of that is standard, plus at 359 liters. The boot is big enough to fit a body in and with the seats folded down theres three times that capacity. Cabin storage is plentiful. With a psc rating of 13, including the two cup holders. In the front i mean the list of standard features is so long that im starting to run out of this fancy exterior footage so ill, stop talking and just drive the car instead. Okay, so something to point out is that yeah its noticeable that the cabin is sort of built to a budget, its got this cool stitching effect, which mg calls leather effect, which basically means fake leather, its plastic and some of the cabinetry is a little bit floppy. You get the center console flops around a bit the door if you pull and push it its got, that sort of floppiness to it, but i dont think those are deal breakers. One thing that is potentially a safety concern is that i cant for the life of me see you can see it, but i cant what the cruise control knob says. Its got in out button twist left counterclockwise and clockwise, but i cant really see what it says. Uh yeah so im just going to leave that for the time being. One question i want to address before we get into the road test is what happens to the batteries once this car has passed its use by date? Well, two types of people ask that question.

The first group are people who really really care about the environment and the effects of mining, and they want to make sure that the battery is completely stripped, brought back to its base, minerals and repurposed somewhere and somehow dmg. The second group of people dont actually give a toss about the environment. They dont really like electric cars, they drive gas cars, but they use this argument as a aha gotcha against electric cars. Well, the answer is going to make you either happy or sad, depending on what side of the fence youre on the fact is. Mg has entered in a partnership with a group of companies to make sure that when this battery does die its either going to be repurposed or completely stripped down and remanufactured back into new mineral minerals, new cars new whatever in the city, the car feels as comfortable As most new suvs, but you cant get a real feel for comfort by city roads alone, so i headed north after driving this thing around auckland for a little while, i think its safe to say that ive got a feel for it. It drives like a new car, because, basically it is a new car. The center of gravity is low, even though its a taller vehicle, which means that its got a sort of like a sedan feel rather than an suv field. It doesnt have what my dad calls. The land cruiser lurch, which is commonplace in land cruises and other tall suvs, that it has a lot of lateral wobble.

It gives your kidneys a workout after the after the end of a long journey where this one doesnt have it. It really feels like a a sedan thats because, as you probably know, most electric cars all have their batteries underneath the uh the floor pan, which gives it a real low center of gravity in a kind of sure, footedness uh, it doesnt feel as cheap as it Is im kind of struggling to find fault with it theres a few issues ill show you very soon, but right now, as a car for the general populace, its ticking a lot of boxes, but the only real way to know how good it is is to take It on a longer journey, so with 170 kilometers of range, showing im heading an hour and 15 minutes north out into the country uh, where i want to test its charging capability and also i want to go and get something to eat while were driving on the Motorway, i want to tell you about some of the features this car comes with as standard. For example, it has lane departure warning. So if you start to venture a little bit outside your lane, itll tell you also. It has adaptive cruise control again as standard. So you can set the cruise control once and itll keep pace with the car in front of you, so you dont have to keep accelerating and decelerating honestly. That is a an energy saver.

It also has, as i mentioned, a five star safety rating and its got some built in features as well like android, auto and apple carplay, again standard across the entire model range, not only that it has three modes of regenerative braking or as it calls it, k E r s kinetic energy recovery system, or something which is basically just putting energy back into the battery as youre, decelerating and youve got three different modes which are weak not really noticeable and mild to be honest, um, but it also has three power modes, eco mode. Obviously, to maximize range normal mode, which is standard when you turn the car on and sports mode, which it doesnt really seem to adjust the suspension at all. It just seems to change the oomph. The accelerator response. When you put your foot down, this car also has a lane keeping function so itll stay in the lane by itself, but its a little jittery, not as smooth as a tesla system and youve got to keep your hands for obvious reasons on the wheel. The whole time which defeats the purpose – one thing i cant quite get my head around, though, is the claimed economy. According to the mg literature, this thing consumes 18.6 kilowatt hours or units of electricity per 100 kilometers, now thats better than the carbon fiber bmw i3. Its also better than the chevrolet bolt or holden bolt as it was supposed to be called when they were rolling it out.

Here they were supposed to roll that car out here three years ago we still dont, have it holden or general motors as usual, has dropped. The ball, but what i dont understand is this thing gets better economy than the general motors chevy bolt, but it weighs 80 kilograms. Less. How i mean it doesnt feel too floppy. How have they got that much economy out of a car that looks like this? Its sort of block shaped, i dont, understand to be fair, theres, a lot of things i dont really understand, like tennis or why people wear skin colored leggings, but one thing i did understand was cabin noise on new zealands course shift roads at 100ks an hour. So i tried to find a space where i could get up to speed, but roadworks and traffic had other ideas, its been roadworks and traffic. Ever since i left auckland, but you already knew that if you live anywhere near auckland one day, i dream that i will live long enough to see the day where roadworks are finished. Obviously, thats never gon na happen, but i did finally find something to complain about with the mg. I do have one minor complaint that ive found after being in the car for an hour and a half now is that the arm rest on the side is, you know soft at first touch, but its actually, just this tiny little thin soft layer of of dollar Store foam and underneath its a hard plastic shell.

So after a while, it does actually hurt your elbow when youve got your elbow balanced on there and youre holding the steering wheel. Of course, that problem would be sold if i had a ten to two everywhere, but no one does eventually the road cleared and i could finally get up to 100ks an hour and there we go. It is about 85 decibels. Eventually, i arrived in kaiwaka, a town famous for being kaiwaka, in which i found the newly installed hyper rapid charges in a girl petrol station. So i pulled in for a charge Music. How does this work? Oh here we go, okay, push it in and it lifts up now ive seen robert llewellyn from fully charged attempt this, and he made it look really undignified. He got on his hands and knees to do this, because this is a really awkward position. Im determined to prove that you can recharge this car with dignity, or at least im gon na die. Try! Okay! Let me get this thing. Swiped using these charge, net charges is as easy as creating an account online. Getting a key fob like this fancy mg, one and plugging in your car. Now it uses ccs, which is this one. Can i do this without getting on my hands and knees? Oh god, okay, its got rubber grommets. This is all unscripted. I cant get in the hole its like being 17 again: okay, its in this model, with its awkward pop up grille, will be sold in new zealand for the foreseeable future, with later models having a horizontally opening flap instead and while were talking negatives.

Let me explain this cars other cons all right now, its charging its the middle of summer. So one thing i really need to find out is if the air conditioning works while its charging – oh yes, yes, yes, yes, thank god for that. Okay, this gives me comfort to dive into a couple of other negatives about this car, so, okay, first of all, theres the charging speed it charges at 55, kilowatts approximately now 10 years ago. That was amazing, but now its not these two charges in front of me. These are hyper rapid charges. These are the first two hyper rapid charges installed in northland and they can deliver 300 kilowatts of power each their staggering amount of power. This shows maybe a bit of cost, cutting the fact that it can only recharge at 55 – kilowatts, which means youre going to be looking at about 45 minutes from empty to 80 full and that might not be a deal breaker for you or for me. But all these people filling up behind me at the gas station, i think itll be a hard sell. Why can i only take 55 kilowatts of power when the battery is liquid cooled youd? Think, unlike a nissan leaf battery, where you cant you cant fast or rapid charge, those too often during the day, because they just get too hot if youre in a hot climate, with this one, its liquid cooled, i dont see any reason why the charging is limited To 55 kilowatts, perhaps newer models will have faster charging.

Maybe an update will fix that problem, maybe its just to cut costs on hardware. I dont know there are other negatives as well. This card doesnt have a preheat option, so you cant use your phone or timer or whatever, to set the car in the middle of winter to warm up the cabin for you. Another thing it doesnt have is a charging timer, so you cant say plug it in go inside, make dinner, and then, when youve stopped using the air conditioning and the heaters and all that stuff for the night, then you can set it to charge at 10 oclock At night, for example, if you have a reason to do that thing, is it has a bucket load of positives as well? Like a plethora, i cant get my head around how many stock standard features you get in this car stock standard, not optional extras. So many ive actually had to write them down so im just going to read them out with mg pilot. You get adaptive cruise control forward, collision warning automatic emergency, braking lane, departure warning traffic jam, assist intelligent cruise, assist, blind spot detection, rear cross traffic, alert, intelligent headlamp control, speed assistance system and pedestrian alert man thats all just in the mg pilot thing i mean you also Get a throbbing eight inches of touch screen. You get apple, carplay and android, auto again as standard a six speaker surround sound system which sounds okay. As my book, i just cant, get over the amount of positives.

This car has stock standard for that price. Forty one thousand dollars you cant get a bone stock standard volkswagen golf for that price, even the cheapest toyota prius, which still burns gas. It has spark plugs and pulleys and belts and coolant and all that stuff thats, almost eight grand more and toyotas warranty is five years. The pinnacle of reliability. Toyota warranty is five years. This car has a warranty of seven years, and that includes the battery man. They obviously have faith in their product. You know, of course, id rather have a tesla model through performance with its neck, snapping acceleration and twice the range and its amazing features and self driving capability, and all that, but lets be honest, thats more than twice the price of this car before i get too Carried away now is a good time to point out that there are dozens of electric vehicles on sale in new zealand right now and you can find all their prices and specs at in the ev buyers guide by using the price and range slider bars. Youre. Certain to find an electric vehicle in your price range or with your desired range, its also worth pointing out that this journey used ecotricitys completely renewable electricity being new zealands only certified carbon zero electricity provider. Ecotricitys pricing is very competitive and when driving for just a few cents per mile with their 100 renewable electricity like i am, you can afford to feel good, knowing youre doing your bit for future generations.

As for some final mg, zsev info, you can charge this car at your house with a full charge costing around 11. This car comes with a trickle charger designed to plug into a regular outlet, but charging that way from empty takes about 30 hours. So if you drive a lot id recommend having a seven kilowatt home charger installed, which would recharge your mg in about seven hours at a cost of around four thousand dollars installed. As for insurance, you can expect to pay in the ballpark of around 105 dollars per month, but now back to the car, a meal and a verdict. Now this is the part where im supposed to give some sort of summary, but its really hard to be impartial. When there are more pros – and there are cons – yes, the car does have some big downsides. It charges at a high power charger at only 55 kilowatts that makes long distance traveling, really difficult. Yeah, it doesnt have a battery or a cabin preheat function. You cant set a timer to charge your batteries, but again that functions kind of like the fly in boxer shorts. You know weve all got it, but no one ever uses it. So those wouldnt be deal breakers for me, but i can understand many consumers would would sue that and say no wait now. The thing is at this point. I should probably be completely honest. Lay all my cards out. You know okay, im gon na.

Do it im just gon na, say the truth? The fact is: okay, the fact is im part dutch. That makes me genetically predisposed to be an absolute tight wad and this car really does tick. All the boxes all is forgiven mg all is forgiven. All those nights. I spent scraping skin off knuckles working on my old mg, broken down on the side of auckland motorway in rush hour.