Although not everyone likes it, those people who do really really love it. This is the first soul that ive ever driven, but i have to say i am a fan Music. The vehicle that im driving today is the third generation sold launched almost two years ago in romania and in europe. Where i live, this latest soul is only available as an all electric vehicle called the esol. It shares its battery pack and its motor with the e nero and the kona from hyundai, but kia offers the sole as a smaller alternative to the more practical e nero. The e souls trunk is quite small at 315 liters, although it is some 30 liters larger than what you got in the previous generation car, and the opening itself is also quite small and theres, also a big lip. So this vehicle is not the best. If you want to carry big items in the back bulky voluminous items, but you can fold down the rear seat and you unlock a thousand more liters its over 1300 liters and because of this cars square shape, it actually starts to make a lot more sense. As a practical car for carrying stuff, but you do need to fold the back seat to get anything significant in there, i dont think there are any vehicles currently on sale that are not vans. That give you more headroom than the kia easol i mean you could wear a sizeable hat in here and because this is a crossover, you expect to sit higher and you do, but you dont sit especially high.

I mean i have my seat cranked all the way down and while its not sporty, i feel like im sitting on a little bench or a little seat. You know im driving makia. If i owned this car, i would bear the i could bear this. This driving position, especially since the interior, while definitely a bit less funky than older soul generations. This just has plastic black plastic theres a lot of it. In fact, there are no color flourishes, even though you cant get this panel here in front of the the door opening handle. You can get it body colored or in different colors. Here its um very dark gray, the uvo infotainment system, its still called uvo, even though kia has now given up on that name in its newer cars, and it is essentially the same system in the ev6, for instance, but this slightly slightly older incarnation of the sailing System is wonderful. I i dont think i have any points of criticism for it. The menu structure is great. I like the color scheme with the purples and the pinks. The satellite navigation has a traffic function. It shows you traffic. You can put a sim card in here and keep this car connected to the internet at all times. The car can also drive itself lets see smart cruise control conditions not met there. We go im, not sure if this changes lanes for you, i dont think it does, but it does stay in its lane and it does it very very well, i might add, theres none of this.

You know bouncing around between the lines. This is just dead straight in the middle of the lane and its wonderful as speeds build in the e soul. This cars boxy shape starts to cause some wind noise. My tester is an almost completely fully loaded example that has the more powerful motor and the bigger battery pack. The motor is located in the front under the hood just like in any combustion engine vehicle which this is based on. It makes 204 ps or 201 horsepower and ‘5 newton meters of torque. It can hurl the esol to 100 kilometers per hour in under eight seconds and from behind the wheel. It feels quicker than that. Let me tell you honestly: it feels about as quick, if not even a bit nippier than the long range rear wheel, drive ev6, that i drove that just took a bit to get moving when you stabbed it, but in the in the e soul. Even now, when im doing 115 kilometers per hour, if i floor it its instant, it is definitely a bit noisy. Let me tell you: let me just merge back into the slower lanes. You can also get the esol with a 100 kilowatt motor thats 136 horsepower and the smaller ‘ kilowatt hour battery pack quoted range for the smaller pack is 276 kilometers on the wltp test cycle compared to 452. In this car you can charge the esol at up to 77 kilowatts and the car needs 54 minutes to put back 80 into the battery pack at peak rate.

If you charge via a much more common 50 kilowatt charger, it will take you just under 80 minutes now. When i picked the car up from kia, it was charged all the way to 100 percent and it indicated a range of around 355 kilometers or a bit more. If you played around with the climate settings of course and its worth noting that if you press the climate buttons and adjust settings, this will immediately be reflected in your range. So lets say you stop the heat pump and that instantly adds another 20 kilometers of range. For instance, but over a longer journey, the difference might be even larger. I dont have that much experience with kia evs, although i do plan on driving more of them, because they are brilliant. To be honest from what ive heard, their range prediction is among the most accurate in the industry. You really can rely on the number shown on the screen and thats how many miles you will drive now, even though this vehicle looks like an suv, a mini suv and my tester even has a extra plastic cladding that you shouldnt get in my opinion. I think it looks better without it. The esol doesnt actually have that bigger ground clearance, its just 15 centimeters or a bit more than kias own hatchbacks and sedans. So you shouldnt really treat it as an suv because its only front wheel drive anyway, but it is definitely a great cruiser.

Its very comfortable. This generation also got independent, rear suspension, a multi link setup that really helps it around some road imperfections, especially bumps. It deals with them very, very well. I have to say im impressed, although the vehicle is not necessarily floaty and uh soft in its suspension setup, so lets see what it drives like lets. Show it a few bends ill put it in sport mode, its really really punchy, and this is also thanks to the fact that, even though its an ev with a fairly large battery, it only weighs 1680 kilos which yeah its a lot. Definitely its not a light car, but its not two tons which some of these evs that are nearing 500 kilometers of range are getting close to or the past the two ton mark. So this is a featherweight car compared to those, and you can really tell im surprised that im saying this, but this is a very fun to drive ev, even with the tall driving position, its actually quite engaging understeers a bit but its predictable. I was not expecting to have fun in this when you punch it out of corners, it even has a little bit of torque steer and by a little bit i mean a lot sometimes depending on your steering angle, Music, and i also like that you can hear The electric motor Music – i had heard that its not a bad car to drive, but i wasnt expecting it to be this good.

Will anyone ever drive a soul like this? Well, they do if they have some soul, good job kia. As i said, my tester has all the options available for the esol, except for the panoramic sunroof and im going to pull over, to tell you how much it costs with everything thats on it. My tester costs 50 437 euros v80 included, but thats not how much youre going to pay for one, at least in romania, because the government will give you ten thousand seven hundred and fifteen euros back. If you scrap an old car and kia itself is offering an additional 2600 euro discount and lets not forget being a kia, this vehicle has the seven year warranty, which covers the battery pack and the motor. So especially, the battery pack is super important to be covered. So the base price in romania for a 100 kilowatt esol in the base motion trim with v8 37569, although with the the rebate and kias discount, you can get it for 24, 254 and thats, the cheapest, you can get an esol mine is a premium trim level Vehicle which starts at 43 000 vat included. So what drives my testers price up so much? Well, it has the optional battery heater, which works when the vehicle is plugged in and charging and stopped. So if you leave it overnight in winter, for instance, this extra heater not to be confused with the heat pump will keep the battery at optimum temperature.

So the vehicle also has heat and cooled front seats, heated, rear seats, a heated steering wheel, full leather seats, the suv pack, tow hitch, folding mirrors, chrome, accented, exterior door handles electric front seats, rain sensor, automatic headlights. It also has a head up display blind spot and collision avoidance system. That also includes the all important rear cross traffic avoidance. So when youre reversing and the car sees vehicles that might intersect with you, it will alert you so that you stop, and the final thing i would like to mention off the options list is the harman kardon system. It is wonderful and now would be as good a time as they need to show you some of the design details that i really like in the esol. I really like the digital gauge cluster that blends. You know traditional lcd screens here on the sides and here with an actual, much more modern, looking color screen in the middle. This is where the tweeters are located. This is the element that i said earlier that you can have painted in more striking colors, and not this boring gray. I like the rotary control for the transmission very very easy to use. This is how you adjust the heating and cooling, and this is where you enable the heated wheel. You get a single zone, climate control system, but come on its fine kia is clearly trying to uh give off mini vibes with this umbilical thing here where the screen is and speaking of the screen.

Since this is an electric vehicle, it has a special, dedicated, ev button that takes you to the special dedicated ev screen, where you can find all sorts of information. The optional sound system also adds a speaker here, and i think this one makes the biggest difference. I like that, the the padding the foam on the armrest is very soft and you cannot reach the bottom. You know it feels soft all the way. Thats awesome. I will also point out that, even though this vehicle has full led headlights, they are not self leveling and you have to adjust the height of the of the beam. I will say that one tech feature that is missing and its not as good as in the more expensive and more premium feeling eb6 are the around view. Cameras which i dont think are even an option on the ev6, and you just saw the reversing camera there and its a bit lower resolution than the best similar cameras in the class when it comes to the exterior design of this vehicle. I actually like it quite a lot. To be honest, my tester is finished in neptune, blue with a blue roof, so not a contrasting one and its one of the definitely one of the better colors. Although to be fair, you know just get it in white and have it look like a stormtrooper helmet, which is what everyone is saying and they are right. It really does look like that.

I really like the slim headlights up front in this higher trim level model. The headlight part the one that actually projects the light onto the road, so that you can see at night is in the upper cluster, while in the lower spec e sole, it is in the lower cluster. I also like the the wrap around rear light cluster, which is very very interesting. I also like the fact that its uh, that it ends abruptly this vehicle, making it very easy to park and all around visibility, is good and you get a similar quarter, light to the one that you got in the ev6 only here it does a bit more. The other thing i dont like about the exterior aside from the suv treatment, are the the wheels the 17 inch wheels, which are the only ones that you can get on this car. Apparently, i didnt see any other ones on offer, either here or in other markets. For the eevee i mean, and while i definitely understand what kia was going for with these wheels, they look fine from up close, but if you see them from a distance, they either look like they are damaged or they are dirty which they are not. They are good, but only up close, so it would be nice to have more wheel choices during my time with the ev6 which i drove in winter, in near freezing conditions, its two degrees celsius. Now, for instance, ive been averaging 24.

6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is a bit off what the manufacturer claims, but again were in winter and ive been using the sport mode quite a lot but yeah its great. I wasnt expecting it to be bad its. It makes a lot of sense even with the fairly high price i would say, and the new ev6 added to the range. This is a simpler car, its a less fussy. I guess, even though the exterior design might not be to everyones taste, it will be easier for someone who previously only drove a piston engine vehicle to adapt to the esol. The learning curve is not is not huge, and i also say that this vehicle does one pedal driving better than most that ive tried. The ev6 is the same. It has ipedal. This doesnt have eye pedal, but if you crank it all the way to the left, it really really um strongly regens. Whenever you lift off there really really is a lot like. I could talk about this car for hours and im surprising myself, because um yeah not usually my cup of tea, but this particular korean tea is wonderful and even though it now its two years old and kia, has a much flashier ev in its lineup. I think that you should not overlook the esol if its still available in your market. You may actually find that you, like it more than the ev6, and on that note, i think its time to end the video.

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