So before we get on the review, please dont forget to subscribe to our channel because we have loads of interesting coming and youll be notified whenever we make a new upload, anyways, im, shamanism and youre watching hyper automobiles starting off review by talking about the design of The titan on eb first thing: you notice, is a huge and prominent tata badge in the center and just beside that, you have ev written in the steel blue color. So this color is something youre going to find a lot in and around this car now coming to the fakery of the nexon ev. So faker is something you cant determine in an electric vehicle because electric vehicles, unlike intel combustion engine cars, dont, need that much venting because they dont have any internal combustion engine to cool down. They have a battery to cool down, so they need venting, but not as much as an ic engine car. So therefore you have vents over here and beneath also you have vents. You have a little bit of faker over here, but i think thats completely. Fine, no problem with that. You can see the radiator over there, which is good coming to the headlamps headlamps. To be honest, look very smart. They are the redesigned ones, so you get these sleek headlamps. They look really very smart and just below them. You have your halogen fog, lamps and, as you can see again, you have deal over here. I told you that youll be seeing a lot of steel.

This is one of the places coming out of the side of the car. You first thing you notice is widened. Wheel, arches and, to be honest, they look really good. They really go with the design of the car from the side profile really good. And what wheels do you get here? So you get 16s as standard and you cant upgrade them to anything else, which i think is fine, no problem with that. They really look good for this car and theyre very functional. Also, you have discs in the front and comes in the back next. You notice dark written over here in this gold plating kind of thing that signifies that youre driving a dark edition, ev, not the normal nexon av, thats yeah, pretty prominent over there. Now, because the dark edition you get blacked out alloys and blacked out paint job and blacked out row, black dot mirrors. As you can see, you have ev written again over here in the steel, blue color, and you have body color door handles and because its one of those top variants you get an electric sun roof on the top and you get a shark fin antenna coming out Of the back of the car, you notice the tata badge over here, ev written over here in teal blue, and you have nexon written over here in black as its a dark edition, and you have ziptron written over here. The battery and the motor technology for tata.

So you can see zip is written in teal blue again and to surround the reflectors. You have teal blue over here, a lot of steel blue to be honest, rear viper over here, and you have a rear spoiler, which houses the brake lights and yeah thats about the design lets get on with the interior of the car, the interior of the data. Next on ev, so for me the headroom is just about fine and coming to the seating. The seating is, to be honest, very nice, you see, our cushioning is good. A bolstering is good, very comfortable place to be in, to be honest and coming to the steering wheel, you get a flat bottom steering wheel with a lot of gloss treatment. That is just to signify that you are driving a dark edition, ev, not any other ev. Here this talks with the vipers and starts with the lights over here under the instrument cluster. You can see that its outlined by the steel blue color, which is highlighted, which is nice speedometer, which is analog, and just beside that. You have your digital display, which displays pretty vital information such as which drive mode. You are in how much battery percentage is left and your driving range left, which is pretty good now coming to the general layout of the dash. What do i think of it? So, as you can see theres this texture going on and it doesnt bore your eye.

Thats very good, its a touch, thats needed very much, and just beneath that you have a lot of gloss treatment and you can see that the ac vents are also outlined. With this steel, blue finish, which looks highlighted, which is nice, you have the hazard lamp button over here and just beneath that is written nexon. That looks very cool. To be honest and just below that you have your climate controls and im happy. They kept it as physical buttons because its way more easier to control via physical buttons than digitally, which is great, and just beneath that you have a 12 volt, socket to maybe charge your phone a usb port into the glove box. You have a soft opening glove box with a lot of space. Believe me, theres a lot of space and coming to the door bench door bins are to be honest, medium sized. They are not huge. They are not small extra storage in the center console. You have this steel blue outlined space over here. You have your drive mode selector over here and believe me under the center armrest. There is a lot of space you take that out and you push this in a lot of space under here, which is great. I mean the build quality of the car. I have to say that its pretty solid, to be honest, pretty solid better than the old nexon. The companion gets a vanity mirror, but the driver doesnt get one.

I have a light over here now. I want to finish off the front seats by showing the sunroof. So to open the sunroof, you have a manually adjustable blind over here. You push that and press the first button once it opens fully you notice that is indeed an electric sunroof, not a panoramic sunroof. For this segment. You get only electrics and roofs, not panoramic ones. Yeah thats about the front seats lets get on the rear seats now coming to the rear seats of the nexon ev, so theres, the cutout for the headroom. As you can see, and i have to say that it really helps. Ah, so my headroom is really good. After the cutout – and the nero me as you can see, is great and legroom is also equally great, so i can stretch out how much i want, which is awesome – the seats themselves. They have a lot of under thigh support. Their cushioning is good. Just like the front seats and you have two adjustable headrests for the rear passengers. The third person does not get one the middle seat coming to the hump. You shouldnt have a hump, but you have kind of a medium sized hump over here now lets see whether we can fit a third person in your seats. So, okay, so headroom has been compromised a little bit just a little bit. Knee room is great, just like when i was here leg room is also being kind of compromised, so yeah you could carry a third passenger over here.

Whether it is a man or a child. Children will prefer it more so yeah its better suited for children, and you have your grab handles over here with soft clothes, which is really robust in the back. Normans have to say theyre, very small. They cant hold much and thats kind of disappointing. You have two ac vents over here for the rear passengers, again thats, surrounded by a lot of gloss black finish, and then you have your center foldable armrest, with two cupholders thats about the rear seats lets get on the boot of the car. Now coming to the boot of the car, so, as you can see, you have four hooks over here: each can carry three kgs and coming to the loading, lift the loading lift, to be honest, is kind of low, so its easy to load things inside, which is Great and once its in also you can fold rear seats, as you can see its a 60 40 split and once you fold it its fairly flat, not the most, obviously the segment cant fold, the rear seats completely flat and its completely fine. So what you get here is 350 liters of boot space and by comparison the hyundai venue also has 350 liters and i dont think theres a problem over there with the amount of space. Now, if you want to see our in depth review of the hyundai venue, click on the pop up banner popping up right now in top right hand corner of the screen to see our review on the hyundai venue and yeah thats about the boot lets get on.

With the chassis and suspension of the car into the chassis and suspension of the car, so at the front you have independent mcpherson, struts with coil springs and at the rear. You have a twist beam with dual path: struts now lets get on with the battery and motor of the car, so the tata nexon ev comes equipped with a 30.2 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery and one permanent magnus synchronous motor. That is one pmsm motor which drives the front wheels. Now the output is 127 horsepower and 245 newton meters of torque again the torque is pretty high because its an electric and electrics tend to have a lot of torque now coming to the charging times of that nexon ev. So as standard you get a 3.2 kilowatt ac charger from tata and that can get you from zero to 100 in about 8 to 10 hours, but you also get a fast charging option. So the fast charging option can get you from 0 to 80. In around 60 minutes – and that is only if you can find a fast charger – otherwise its going to take a lot of time – Music, Applause, Music and thats about the power train lets get on the final verdict of the car. Coming to the final verdict of the car, what do i think of the 2021 titan exxon ev? So get yourself an eevee? I say that yeah. This is one of the major options youre going to consider because of the tata nexon av of the mg zv, the tata tigar ev and the hyundai kona ev, so yeah.

This is one of the major options youll have to consider, while getting an ev for yourself and id say that if you really want the nexon ev, obviously you could just go right ahead and buy one right now or you could wait a little because tata is Going to update an exon ev, give it more range, give it more power and give it a bigger battery and thats happening pretty soon. So you could wait for that or you could buy this one right now. But overall, i think that has put a lot of effort into this car and is shown around this car very well and im really happy for that thats. What we think about the car, let us know what you think about the car in the comments below. As always, please make sure to subscribe to channel because we have loads of interesting content coming and youll be notified whenever we make a new upload. Thank you.