Our new model right here, close to me, the next step of a long success story for kia in europe. The new east seoul seoul for kia means being a pioneer. This car created the urban crossover segment 10 years ago, and it was the first electric crossover on the market for kia. Souls means also a strong design, with this iconic character, a good value for money and, of course, seven year, warranties. This new esol embrace all this legacy, but with zero emission fully driven by electric energy, it has a new electric platform, a valuable package, a lot of technology on board to make the car distinctive its a soul, dynamic, a strong electric performance and innovative with a lot Of high tech features welcome to the product presentation of the new esol. First of all, its a dynamic car so lets have a look under the bonnet. The new esol offers two kind of electric powertrain: a high power version, 204 hp with a long range 452 kilometer with a battery capacity of 64 kilowatts, a mid power version, 136 hp with a mid range 277 kilometer and a battery capacity of ‘ kilowatt hour. The charging socket very practical in the front and its a combined charging system. You can fast, you can charge ac and dc ac normal charge at home, for example, when the price of electricity is cheaper and dc on highways. To continue your journey, when you can charge fast, it will take you 42 minutes, for example, to reach out from 20 to 80 percent.

Its time now to look at the exterior design of the car for kia. Easol is an iconic car distinctive with this boxy appearance, but enhanced with a lot of modernity. Starting with the front this bold and confident bonnet, a strong highlight this sharp looking headlamps and technology wise, high beam, low beam, turning lights and fog, lamps full led on the side. At the first side, you recognize this unique boxy, dynamic appearance, the signature of the soul on the roof. Seven color combination, including exterior, mirror its a b segment, car and customization, is mandatory even on an electric vehicle on the lower part. This f suv pack available optional, with wheel, arches with a side seal and a skid plate in the front to switch from an urban to a more suvish character for the design of this car on the rear of the car to notice this nice looking itex rear Camby lamps, to give a very modern signature into the dark, and if we open the tailgate, we will find a voluminous trunk capacity extended to more than 1 300 liters when we fold the rear bench and with this dual level luggage board, we really dont think that We are in an electric vehicle. The new esol shares the same platform, then the new inero that kia launched previous year with the same efficient location of the battery right here under the feet of the occupants. It allows a nice leg, room and a nice headroom.

Even for the rear passengers welcome to the cockpit of the new esol, the intention of engineers and designers was clear, make it playful and innovative playful. With this new mood ambient lighting system, combined with the premium sound system, you can visualize on the panel door, the music. You are listening innovative also with this head up display to keep an eye on the road to get all the information about the speed, the navigation and all the driving assistance features available on the car lane. Follow assist smart cruise control with stop and glow lane keep assist forward. Collision avoidance assist blind spot collision avoidance, assist driver attention warning a very safe electric vehicle. You can get all important information in this 7 inch cluster displays, or even in this huge 10.25 inch, audio and infotainment display its customizable. You can play with the widgets like this. You can have the batteries, tattoos and all eevee information available for all occupants. All the time you can change the driving mode, normal sport, echo, echo plus, and if you want to spare even more energy, you can activate the regeneration of the energy when the car is decelerating like this, with a paddle shift, more regeneration on the left, less regeneration On the right five levels from zero to a full stop mode. Last but not least, the new esol offers new telematics services. First, the care connected services on top of the already live traffic jam, the live, poi, the live weather and the live speed camera when allowed.

In the country, a new live ev charging station finder and a new live parking slot finder with price information. Second, this new uvo connect application. This new smartphone application allows to get information from the car, for example the battery status, the vehicle report, or even the geo localization of the car. It allows to send information to the car.