Electric power is the future of the automotive world and, with ultra efficient, hybrid and plug in hybrid options like the 2021 toyota rav4 prime in its lineup, the toyota brand is set to deliver the latest entry in the toyota lineup. The 2023 toyota bz4 x is an all electric crossover that sets the bar for electrified performance and design Music dog Music. A modern cabin provides room for five passengers with an impressive level of technology that will cater to your lifestyle, no matter where your next adventure may lead. Toyota, bz4 x, models promote safety with a standard suite of toyota safety. Sensitive 3.0 driver assist systems that employ radar and camera technology to help keep you safe with a list of systems that include a pre collision system, low light, cyclist detection, length, racing assist and more an available 12.3 inch. Toyota, audio multimedia touchscreen system sets the bar high with access to wireless apple, carplay, wireless android, auto and over the air updates Music built around a 64.0 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack. The 2023 toyota bz4 x will be available in fwd and awd formats. Front wheel, drive toyota, bz4 x, entries employ a front mounted electric motor that will make 201 horsepower and will provide an estimated 250 mile electric range families who opt for the all wheel, drive toyota bz4 x, will enjoy a pair of 80 kilowatt electric motors that make 215 horsepower to upgrade performance when faced with inclement weather or rough road conditions.

The toyota bz4 x is available with an updated all wheel, drive system with x mode and grip control Music.