Next, to that is an audi e tron s, and next to that is a mercedes eqc and were going to have an electric suv drag race. So let me compare these car statistics, so this bmw has 523 horsepower. The tesla has 541 horsepower. The audi has 503 horsepower and the mercedes has 408 horsepower. As for torque, the bmw has 765 newton meters. The tesla has 755 newton meters. The audi has all the torque 970 newton meters and the mercedes has 760 newton meters. Now, electric cars they may have torque but theyre, also quite heavy because of all the batteries and this bmw weighs in at 2510 kilos. The tesla is slightly lighter, but still quite porky, 2 460 kilos. The audi is the heaviest though it comes in at 2620 kilos. Well, the mercedes is the lightest at a still rather porky, 2 420 kilos. In terms of pricing. The mercedes is the cheapest 67 000 pounds, the audi it costs 89 000 pounds, the tesla 83 000 pounds, and this bmw is the most expensive at 94 000 pounds, though it does have the most expensive feeling interior to match. Now i want to say a big thank you to rsev, so its richard simons hes got his own youtube channel about electric cars, really worth checking out, put a link in the description. Hes provided the tesla model x, long range and the audi e tron s id. Also like to say a big thanks to one of our carway dealers vertu, who supplied that mercedes eqc, a link to them is in the description as well, and if youre thinking about buying an electric car, you need to check out car wow electric hub page weve Got all the latest info on a range of evs and you can compare offers to make sure youre paying a fair price for whichever eevee youre wanting to buy.

Now, if you click on the banner up there for the link in the description, you can go straight. There, alternatively, you can do a later date by simply googling wow me car, wow and well wow. You anyway, lets get on with this race. Buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site normally before wed race. We do a car with sound check, but um weve got electric cars and they dont make a noise. Oh actually, this one does because composer hanzimer has worked on some sounds for this car when youre driving it and then well make up. Some other sounds for the other. Three cars go on. Editors have some fun anyway, thats enough of that nonsense. Lets go with the race three two one blimey that added just took off Music eqc is ahead of me at the moment, but now im coming past. Can i gain on the audi get all the hands in the noise Applause audis shot off so that one extra motor pays off really didnt it yeah. It was a good launch. So what happened with the tesla and the mercedes? So mercedes shot up first, but then i came past so jens in the tesla model x. Do you think any tesla fanboys are going to complain about this race, probably because its not performance version? So why havent we got the performance version.

Probably was it also because we couldnt get one we could have done, but i think the performance version would kill all of these cars that are here now. Well there you go tesla fanboys. The reason we didnt have. It is because the race wouldnt be fair. The tesla model x performance just has way more power, also for you watching in america, youre probably going wait a minute, um thats, the old tesla model x. Well, yes, we havent got the very latest facelift version here in the uk, not our fault, its elons elon hurry up, send them across please. In fact, i want my plaid wheres, my plaid wheres, my bloody plaid. Do you know what weve decided to have another race for good measure, because the audi might have jumped the start and some of the other cars might have been a bit slow? Not me! No, i did it perfectly honest anyways. Do it again, three, two one? Oh, i was a better start from everyone. There apparently howdy, oh im, liking this one whats going on audi. What the heck happened to you. It delayed a lot longer than it did in the first launch. Did you get beaten by the tesla yeah? I got beaten by the test. Sorry, did you get beaten by the mercedes as well uh i didnt actually look right. Merc did i beat you. I was definitely lost on that one audi. What i want you to do is try launching it without using the brake.

Just having it on like um hold or something on the parking brake and then there wont be a delay when you lift off the brake, because you wont be lifting off any brakes. Uh yeah ill just floor it and try that again, do you want to try it from there to make sure it works better yeah ill, try that hes, actually a professional racing driver dont, you know honest. No, he is teaching him a thing or two didnt. I destroy you on the first launch, just checking shut up classic racing driver ever the competitive spirit. This is the final race. This is the one that really matters. Everything else was just a practice. Hopefully everyone can launch perfectly this time. Three two one: oh wow, so neck and neck great launch from everyone. Here we go coming past the tesla. Can i catch that audi? Come on bmw power best two out of three audi. I think everyone launched perfectly then, but youve got a first really rocket off the line that audi, but then this bmw it builds and builds and builds and yeah. I bet you mate, so then what exactly happened? Well, the bmw just about beat the audi, though they both completed the standing quarter mile in a time of 12.7 seconds, the tesla took 13 seconds and the mercedes was last with a time of 13.7 seconds right. What were going to do now is a riding race from 30 miles an hour and what were going to do is see whos first to the quarter mile, the half mile and then the full mile well also see what our top speed is when we hit the Full mile another thing were going to do right now is look down at our remaining battery.

Ive got 87 remaining. What have you got in the tesla? Ive got 81 now, okay, what have you got in the audi remaining and how much have you got in the mercedes im sitting on 87? Okay, remember that figure and well see how much we got left after our two rolling races lets. Do this first one, though, from 30 miles an hour with me, people with me three two one go: god that takes off its first to the quarter: mall because were so close to it. Dropping the test on the mercedes Music. Can i beat the audi to the half mile yeah yeah yep yep yep yep yep yep Applause whats going to happen? No, oh, its like ive hit a wall. Is this the top speed 125 mile now yeah hes coming back? Can i beat him to the mall, though? Is he going to come back for the mile? This is so close. Ive just hit a limited 125 and it comes to tesla. The mercedes is like in the distance okay. So that cost me two percent of my batch im on 85 percent. What are you now in tesla cost me four percent. That cost me three percent, so i win the bmw. So what was your top speed? I just like stopped at 125. How about you in the tesla, something you in the audi yeah mine got to 130 and then you stopped so i think thats why i was calling you in.

I must say it is yeah. I hit a wall at 115 and you guys were so far ahead of me by okay lets, try something else same thing again, but were going to start from 50 miles an hour, see if theres a difference in how the audi pixel compared to this bmw from 50 or if it just rockets off the same so here we go im going to count this in now, three two one go: oh teslas off good that time. This is interesting. All right, thats, a half mile and ive hit a wall. Now here comes the tesla. Oh crap, oh no can you audi catch me as well before the maya is coming always coming so tesla wow. That was interesting. You took off just as quick as the audi and i wasnt far behind and then tesla came past me 1′. So teslas got the highest top speed, so these cars, these german cars, are supposed to be good on the autobahn. Actually, the tesla will be better on the autobahn and, as for my remaining range now, ive got 82 percent of battery left, which means that i have used five percent doing the two races and driving back at 50 miles an hour for a mile to reset. For that second race, so five percent ive used. How much have you used in the tesla? I got 74 left, which means i used seven percent. In two weeks i lost again ive used eight percent of my batteries.

Ive dropped down to eighty percent, so ive used. Seven percent in total over two races yay now, obviously, some of that is due to the size of the batteries and this bmw has the largest battery. What im going to do now is just quickly flick up uh the stack comparison of these cars. You can compare all the the performance stats and the battery capacities as well, so you just have to press pause now, and you can look at that in your own leisure time, leisure time anyway, thats enough for that were going to do the final challenge now youre Going to break test from 100 miles an hour when we reach the line full emergency, stop see which car stops in the shortest distance here comes. The line here comes the line right now. Oh yeah! Oh right! You know what everyone goes on about: teslas brakes not being as good as the germans, and i think that proves the point unless its something to do with jensens uh breaking reaction time, but that audi clearly won and then this bmw, then the mercedes and um. Quite a distance ahead was the tesla. How do you feel about that? Tesla yeah? I just kept sliding and fighting theres nothing good to do about it, so that was interesting now, if you want to see all the best deals on the latest electric cars click on the pop out button up there for the link in the description below to get To car wow, okay and you can just compare offers, reviews and all that kind of stuff as well.

Big thanks to rsev, go check out their youtube channel for loads of electric car content and, of course, virtual motors for sorting out that mercedes hope. You enjoyed the video if you did give it a like. Let me know which of these, you think is the best. Looking of these electric suvs, if you click on those windows there, you can watch some more videos and if you click on that box, there you can go to car wow to sell your car. All you have to do is upload photos of the car youre trying to sell brief description, and our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it.