Overall, though, i love the styling, the interior, everything that this car has to offer. So the last box i need to take is that drive and thats what im going to do today. So if that sounds good, then please make sure you keep watching and lets find out if its still my favorite car to have come out of 2021 and make sure that if you like car reviews and car content that you hit that subscribe button, okay, so lets Start by talking about that fantastic styling kia didnt go in just one direction, with the ev6. Its large dimensions have the space of an suv but similar to the polestar 2. You sit much lower like a conventional hatchback by not pinning itself down. As one thing. That means the kia ev6 has lots of competition, take, for instance, the mustang mackie, the volkswagen id3, something bigger like the id4, or also the skoda enyak, and then kia actually plans to take away some customers from those premium. Cars, like maybe the bmw, ix3 or perhaps the polestar 2, or the model 3, it wants to build itself as something brand new, and i think the ev6 is the car to do that. The thing that i love about this is its starting afresh, its not proving itself as something it once was a lot like the mustang mackey. I love the styling of that car, but i didnt think it was a mustang. The ev6 is something altogether fresh and new, and that means i can appreciate its styling.

I love that swooping front bonnet with those sharp creases down the middle and, of course, its finished off with that new sleek kia badge. Also youve got sharp lines around the front of the grille. With that gloss detailing youve got these surround led lights that wrap around those signature kia lights then youve got these wheels 19 inch as standard all the way up to 20 ones. On this gt line, s again, theyre finished in a two tone design which give you that ev kind of touch, but they still look fantastic youve, also got nice touches like the wing mirrors, are angular. It just stands aside from anything else on the road such a simple little design. The side of the car is not fussy. Theres, not too much going on. Youve got these flat door handles which, to be honest, arent my favorite theyre a little bit fiddly to use, but they do give the car this sleek hook all the way to the rear. Now the rear is my favorite part. This is my favorite view. I love the rear of the kia ev6, but this is probably the part which is going to split quite a lot of opinions. It seems to morph into something altogether. Once again, it looks almost like an estate because of this extended tail light. I love this extended tail light that juts out as loads of people have said. It looks a lot like the aston martin dbx, but without the ridiculous price tag.

Youve also got a matching spoiler, which yet again looks much sportier. It juts out at the side with those sharp lines talking of those sharp lines there doesnt tend to be as many on the rear, but those tail lights they sweep down into this ink cove, which has this detailed kind of diamond effect, im not too sure about The plastic part, but actually it all ties in very well together, as with the hyundai ioniq 5, its a surprisingly big car in the metal at four thousand six hundred and eighty millimeters long and one thousand eight hundred and eighty millimeters wide its 31 millimeters longer than A skoda enyak, although width, is virtually identical in comparison to a standard hatchback like the volkswagen golf. The ev6 offers an extra ‘6 millimeters in length and 91 millimeters in width, although just 59 millimeters taller, if youre somebody that loves a gadget, then the kia ev6 has one of the best ones, and that is summoning with the key. Now, if i press the forward button begin to move forward, of course, if it sees any objects, it will stop and it will also reverse now. This is fantastic for getting in and out of car parks if its a little bit tight and you want to make sure that you can get in and out of the car easily. Now, how cool is that? I love this feature. The back of the kia ev6 is a really nice place to be im super comfortable back here, especially the leg room.

There is tons of it thanks to there being no transmission tunnel, but there are pros and cons. Lets start with the positives back here. I love the fact that in the top spec gt9s ive got rear, heated seats which is lovely to see. Ive also got a pullout armrest with a couple of retractable cup holders. Youll also find the rear, usbc charging ports built into these front seats, which i love but heres, some of the negatives and theyre not huge, but theyre. Just things ive noticed these front seats do feel really plasticky. You do sick with your knees quite high up, because the batteries are built into the floor. The rear bench feels like its quite low down im comfortable, but with people with longer legs might find. Their knees will sit up quite high, especially if theyve got someone quite tall in the front seats. It might become a little bit of a problem. Ive also found that the middle seat is really uncomfortable, theres, a part of this seat that digs into your back and its a little bit hard. So you wouldnt really want to carry three passengers over a long period of time. However, everything else is really nice. It is dark back here, but you can see through to the front and youve got loads of light coming through that massive rear windscreen, considering the size of the ev6, its 490 liter boot isnt. All that remarkable, although thats a similar amount that you get in the pricier jaguar i pace access is good because the large hatchback opening and the load bay is usefully square shape.

With some space under the floor for the charging cables and a retractable parcel shelf. Youll be able to fit slightly more luggage in the tesla model, 3 and volkswagen id4. Although the model 3 saloon, opening inevitably makes packing more of a challenge, theres also a front boot on the rear, wheel, drive model, it holds 52 liters, but that does drop to just 20 liters in this all wheel drive model. I really love what kia have done with the design of the kia ev6. It feels super, modern and comfortable in here. However, personally as a girl, i feel that everything feels just a little bit boyish. It almost feels like a teenage boys bedroom theres, some gloss black. Some chrome, some gray, some black and theres, also this stripy detailing across the dashboard and on the armrest, get where im going with this now and youve also got these head restraints that feel like something straight out of star wars, but for everything thats important, it gets A great big tick next to it practicality, theres, a couple of center cup holders, which will hold two drinks youve, also got this charging station, which is somewhere practical where you can use it. Youve also got loads of charging options. There is absolutely tons. Usb usbc youve got the 12 volt chargers. Youve even got a three prong charger in the back, so many options and then the space youve got tons of storage in this center. Armrest youve also got down the center console, which is large, but it didnt quite fit.

My handbag youve got some nice sized door cards. It is let down slightly by not having the storage drawer that you get in the ioniq, but overall everything feels really good quality and very practical. Here i am a big fan of these two sweeping colour touchscreens. I think that they look fantastic and much more sleek and stylish than some of the tablet designs that theyre, using in evs like on the mustang mackey. The highlight for me, however, is definitely this touchscreen down here now. You can actually switch between two different styles. You can have your climate controls with actual physical dials to turn the climate controls up and down, and then you can press this button and it changes the buttons to actually do your map functions. Your radio functions again, youve got a physical volume control and youve also got a physical tuner. I really like this design, i think, its a very clever way of moving things off of the main screen and popping them somewhere else and making them modern, but also making them physically interactive as well. There are some things, however, i would change. I think that the touchscreen is just a little bit dull. It feels a little bit boring. You can change this to be white and it will be much brighter. However, it doesnt change the fact that the graphics used, in my opinion, are just a little bit boring its slightly fiddly as well. It takes a long time to work out everything this car can do and thats a lot.

You can change the colors of your ambient lighting. You can also have. Where is it? I cant even find it go into. Media youve also got your sounds of nature. These are your calming ocean waves and different things like this. There are tons of functions, but it will take a while to get used to them. All two setups are available at the core of the ev6 range, a 226 rear wheel, drive configuration or a 321 brake horsepower. Dual motor car with all wheel, drive all have a 77.4 kilowatt hour usable battery capacity with kia, claiming a maximum range of 328 miles from the rear wheel, drive version thanks to superfast 235 kilowatt charging. You can top up the battery from 10 to 80 in as little as 18 minutes quicker than you can charge an entry level tesla model 3. winter sun has got to be one of the worst filming conditions. So, im really sorry if the sun flares up and ruins this video at any point. But the first thing that i really noticed with the kia ev6 is just how driver focused it is this sweep around screen. Youve also got the center console. It all feels like its been set up for the driver, which is fantastic and something thats kind of lost from evs. Something else thats lost with evs is the fill through the steering wheel and the kia ev6. Definitely still has that connection you feel connected. This feels like a drivers, car and thats a huge plus point.

In my eyes, no versions of the ev6 are particularly slow. Even the entry level rear wheel, drive car gets 226 brake horsepower and a naught to 62 time of 7.3 seconds. Yes, okay in the world of evs were getting used to kind of not to 62 times of under four seconds, but that is ludicrous and most of the time you dont need that type of power 7.3 used to be hot hatch territory. It used to be a really good naught to 62 time and you can feel it in the kia ev6 even in the lower powered models because of its setup being so much firmer. It definitely feels like a quick car. Another indication that this is a driver focused car is the drive modes, which is on the steering wheel, which i absolutely love. Now, if you hit this button, you can toggle between eco, normal and sport. As you can imagine, sport stiffens everything up. It gives you that spirited driving, which might be a bit too much for day to day, if you hit normal thats your standard mode, that you probably want it going to want to be in most of the time. It still gives you that engaging feel and quite a lot of power, but its not too firm. The last one is your eco mode. This is, of course, going to reduce your consumables and also reduce some of that power. I wouldnt really want to use eco mode unless i had to now.

Here is a tiny little bit of a bug bear that i found with the ev6 as you toggle through these driving modes. They go round in a circle: eco, normal sport, eco, normal sport. Now this isnt too much of an issue, but i have found when going from sport to eco theres, that real harsh change you go from a lot of power, then suddenly to none, and you do really feel that difference, whereas if it toggled to normal each time From sport and eco, i feel like this wouldnt be such a harsh change, its quite a big car kind of skoda, octavia sized, and that means that youd expect it to lose some of that sharpness around the bends, but not at all. The key ev6 is a real delight around corners with minimal body roll. Despite feeling like you sit up quite a bit higher, the actual car is quite low to the ground, much lower than a lot of these suvs like the skoda enyak, and that means that it definitely feels far more planted on the road, as you can expect with Such a tech focused car, it comes with plenty of safety equipment and also driving aids. These include forward collision avoidance, heel, start assistance, an intelligent speed, limiter lane following assistance and lane keeping assistant. One thing i have noticed with the kia is theyre, not invasive, which is a huge thing for me. I hate in cars when you have loads of flashing lights and loads of noises, and most the time you dont even know what they are with the kia.

You get a few little blings to let you know that youve gone over the lines, as demonstrated very well there and you get it on your head up display as well, but other than that, its not shouting at you. All of the time like i found in a lot of other electric cars, be in the top spec gt line s model. That means that it gets those handy camera blind, spot sensors which come up on your dashboard. When you indicate gimmicky or not, i found myself using these a lot. Theyre really helpful. Rear visibility in the kia. Ev6 is not great its a big car with a small rear window, and that means that blind spots are actually pretty bad on this car. So, to have those in the top spec model, i found myself using them rather a lot something we know from existing kia. Electric owners is theyre really good at maintaining. That predicted range, which, when you have a car with a claimed 300 miles, is really impressive, that it gets close to that some cars it drops down to 250 and then its not so great, but to be achieving 300 miles is really impressive. The one shame that i have is that they havent kept a heat pump as standard in all models. The one thing i find myself thinking that is quite a shame, is because this is such a driver focused car, which has a really punchy engine and is really spirited around the back roads, which you dont, get with a lot of electric cars is its size.

It seems a little bit of a shame that it is set up to be an suv. I know it makes sense because its much more practical, you can fit a lot more people in, but it would have worked really nicely as a sports saloon. So the final piece of the puzzle is complete. I finally got to drive the kia ev6 and, of course just like i knew it wouldnt it didnt disappoint. But let me know what do you think of the kia ev6? Does it deserve to be my favorite car of 2021, or should i have chosen something else? Let me know in the comments below, if you are interested in the kia ev6 and you want to order one with delivery by yep. Ive heard spring then make sure you follow the link in the description box to kia underwoods and theyll be happy to help you out thanks so much for watching this video today.