Zs ev long range 2022 edition again, but this time blake had it for a full week. He had it for a road test. He did a bit of a review, so lets get straight into the details. We got our hands on the mg zs ev, only a couple of weeks after the market launch where we live. We were hugely impressed with the car. We thought that they had really addressed the issues with the previous iteration aesthetically. It worked much better. The charging flap was no longer a catastrophe. The infotainment, although still not great, was much improved. We loved the sunroof. There was still plenty of space in the back in the boot, but there was one thing left that we couldnt tell at the launch: what would the bigger battery be capable of so with the wltp figure of 273 miles or 440 kilometers? We decided to test out the range in winter for ourselves. The car was nearly brand new when we collected it, something like 200 miles on the clock and fully charged up to one hundred percent three hours of driving around the city for work and the 30 mile motorway journey got us home. Having used a mere 17 percent of the battery, we were impressed with the range and efficiency and couldnt wait to see how it got on during the week. So we did the usual jobs, such as dropping kids to school, getting the shopping visiting family. But after a few days we encountered a problem, we still had half the battery left some range test that was turning out to be so, we decided to head out for a drive the day before the car was due to be dropped back.

Our other range test. Videos saw us get pretty low on charge and we didnt want this to be any different. So lets head out on the road now and see how we got on and stick around for our short review on what its like to drive the mg and then back to the studio. At the end. Where derek – and i give our overall opinions on the mg and where it will fit into the market, ive picked a location about 75 kilometers north of where i live and ive done that, for a few different reasons, the main one being that its about 150 kilometers Of a return journey now this car in eco mode is telling me that 195 kilometers of range left, and even if i put it down to normal 186 and sport mode, says 177. So, according to the car based on the driving weve been doing already, we should make that, but the thing is, i know that were going to be hitting up the motorway a lot and its only six degrees celsius, where i am at the moment. So the heat is going to be going on a little bit. Um and also the place that were going is right on the side of a mountain, so at some stage were probably going to be on up to about 410 meters above sea level. So this will really really challenge im, not sure that were actually going to make it back, because weve only got 40 of the battery, and i really want to run it down below 5 anyway, by the time we get home.

So look lets just hit. The road see how we get on well, give you some updates on the way, and let you know what our temperatures is, what sort of driving things like that as well just so you get a real feel for for for the accurate rain real world range of The mg zs uv catch you later, so we have arrived in carlingford im going to show you where we are now in a moment open up the sunroof here, uh car has handled it really really well. Im quite yeah im very impressed with the efficiency in terms of us being on the motorway and i wasnt holding back. I was doing the speed limit all the way and its done really well now: theres, no wind to speak of uh still, six degrees celsius and weve dropped. Maybe 10 12 15 meters of altitude over that journey, but its covered 66 kilometers and we only used 21 of the battery, which leaves us with 26 for the return journey, um so im thinking that uh were going to mix it up a little bit on the Way back because if i turn around and do the same journey home again, i you know im almost certain that we would make it. You know with that kind of four or five six percent to spare on the way home, so im going to change it up. A little bit now, where i am in carlingford, its an absolute beautiful setting its great, we can just open up the sunroof.

You see that mountain there i reckon were going to go up and around that and theres a bit of mist at this there. At the moment you cant even see the top of it so id say: thats the journey well take im going to go and get myself a little drink, a little snack and have a look at google maps and just plot out a course that will test us In a different way, on the way back, a lot more country driving and were going to go up that mountain pass, i think and push this car a little bit more to try and get home with as little battery as we can so catch you later Music. Oh, its absolutely freezing up here at the top of the mountain. The car tells me that it is only one degree celsius, absolutely fantastic scenery, though, a little bit up here anyway, im so cold, were getting back into the car. Yeah weve gained a huge amount of altitude on the way up, so we are now at 490 meters above sea level and it burned through the battery. We are down to 17 17 having left the car park. Only you know five miles away on what was a 26 or something like that. So you know, at this rate, theres no way were gon na make it but thats the thing with with uh electric cars. You know, and the guessa meters on this, which is telling me that weve got 44 kilometers of range left in sport mode, even though were about 80 kilometers from home, or something like that.

But, as i said, were carrying a lot of altitude and were going to head downhill now, and i reckon we see that range figure go up so well. Give you an update again later on whats the mgzs ev like to drive and its a really really good chance to talk about one aspect of that. For me, you always got to break it down into two. How does a car feel at high speeds and motorways at 70 80 miles an hour um, but what im doing right now, there isnt even close to enough room for two cars to pass each other here. Im on the side of a mountain uh were coming down from 490 meters above sea level. All the way down to about 20 or 30 meters and the car has actually gained one percent battery in the last. What five six seven kilometers ive been driving it, but on these kind of roads, its really bumpy, i dont know if you can tell that from the camera and it handles that very well. So its got big squishy tires on it. I think theyre small wheels 16 or 17 inch on these ones and then youve got a fairly soft sprung suspension as well, so its taking all the little bumps quite well were about to go over one of those cattle grid protectors here yeah, i barely even know Its there, having said that, if we were looking to take these roads a little bit faster and have a bit of fun with it thrown into corners seriously its not the car for that it lulls about a little bit.

The benefits of that really really soft ride is also a downside. If you want to have a bit of fun with it, look thats not why you buy these cars. You know um its got plenty of of power to get me up and down these hills. So when you want to get up the hill youve got 280 newton meters of torque thats from a 115 kilowatt motor and in terms of horsepower youre looking at, i think its 156., so its plenty of power to get me up and down these hills. And if i had an extra four adults with me in some bags, it would still be absolutely fine im sure of it. Yeah plenty power in this and plenty power when youre up on the motorway as well um. You know when youre coming behind a truck and youre doing 50 miles an hour, and you want to get back up to 80 miles an hour quickly. Its got all the torque. You want to get you up there and thats never going to be. You know tesla model y performance standards or anything like that, but its plenty do you need any more. We all love to brag about it. We all have to say my car do not to 62 miles an hour and three seconds flat. But when do you ever use it whens? The last time you actually put your foot down. I went from zero to 62 miles per hour, maybe coming out of a toll booth on a motorway or something never use it really so nice to have a thousand.

So, just to give you an update there, we were on ten percent uh its actually just gone down to nine percent now, but this is interesting. Its popped up on the screen here saying you are running out of charge. Visit a nearby station yeah probably still have what 20 25 miles left in it, but anyway, what does it do if we click on that one? Just there, okay, pops up a map of all the stations close to me, interesting yeah, giving you the power potential output and things like that, not too bad anyway. Well, uh get on the road again and give an update later on. Okay youve got a little update. Uh listening to uh tv news daily, martin lee there martin quite a minute another little update. We have five percent of the battery left and i was only you know, one mile from home, so bit of an anti climax, really the car, just it just keeps on going and were gon na, do an extra loop around the uh, the town that i live, Including going up uh a hill, there try and burn through some of this battery and get it a little bit closer to zero. Anyway, back to you in a bit, okay, i was driving along there and uh. The first warning came up so its at four percent, but a little sign came up there on the display saying that speed has been speed and power has been limited.

Uh, please find the charger, but ive still got four percent so im turning around and im heading back in the direction of my home and then any little bit of extra distance that i can get. I might do much closer because i really dont want to get stuck out in the middle of the road in a press, car uh, four or five days before christmas, no thats, not good, okay, catching a bit okay. This could be the final update for me. We have just hit one percent, so im a little bit nervous now, because im still a good, a good mile, maybe two miles from my house, and it should be okay pack voltage is way down now its sitting at 305. I really wanted to get this thing to hit the 400 kilometer mark from from one charge and were on ‘3, so i dont quite think maybe therell be a little bit left in reserve. You know when it goes down to zero percent, its still four or five kilometers in it, so maybe it would make it, but at this stage really its uh, what they call it squeaky boom time. I just want to pull into my driveway uh, but one percent still a little bit to go all right and the next one you gon na see is me by the side of the road with the blinkers on or me in my driveway. Well find it soon. Its gon na be okay; it is its fine, okay, so im almost certain im going to make it now done the final few hundred meters down into to my house, its downhill as well.

So, even if the car shut off now id be able to roll home, but uh yeah, what a what a little monster this thing is: um pack voltages is dropped down just above 300. uh its still showing one percent. But, interestingly enough, its still allowing me to go into sport mode uh, although i know it doesnt feel like im, getting all the power but still standard enough. You know um. I can still turn on my heated seats and can i turn on the ac yeah, its letting me turn on the ac as well. So there we go. I still got one percent of the feeling id get a few more kilometers out of this. If i really wanted it and its up at ‘5, so im in my driveway now im just gon na call it quits right there. This has been brilliant. What a car! What i might do is just let it sit like this for a while coming back out a couple of hours later turn it back on again see what percentage and voltage pack voltage shows, but yeah its made the trip i think um head back to the studio. Maybe round things off Music. Well, there we go that was my take on the mg zscp wow, its a mouthful isnt it especially when you throw in the long range 2022 with um, derek thats enough of me talking and spearing the name out again. What do you think of this car because youve had the car as well? We were both at the market launch youve reviewed it on your own channel.

What do you make of it? I really like it. I think its great value, i think, and when we say great value within the spectrum of electric vehicles, its great value for what you get for the price that you pay. Is it affordable to the majority potentially not quite there yet, but its definitely getting more towards us so yeah? It is, i think, a great, a good eevee yeah, but then you factor in the price and you go oh um. But anyway i, like my review, was you know very, very, very positive, and we do expect theres some, you know lets, say shortcomings or underwhelming parts of, even though its so much improved from the last one um. Do you think that theyve taken enough of a step forward with this one? Have they improved it enough? I definitely think its a good facelift its that good mid cycle iteration. I think the fact that theyve just tweaked it slightly and the focus on the areas that people wanted people wanted mg to focus on or saic motors, a slight improvement in the looks infotainment system a bit of a step up bigger battery, which is everybody, wants a Bigger battery uh, just the quality, feel fish finish so yeah its enough to get it to the mid cycle and then in a couple years. Time well, hopefully have a fully refreshed, zs but im quite happy with this one yeah yeah yeah and then just to to look ahead, because this is okay.

The mg brand is on it. You know weve all got certain associations and i can remember mg midges and um yeah, okay, its uh, you know from older generations, maybe because we havent had that many mgs around. You know the last couple of decades considering the problems theyve had, but essentially its a chinese company. Now you know its owned by saic motors. So so what do you think? Are we going? Are we starting to see a lot of chinese cars coming into the you know, various worlds worldwide markets now yeah for sure? I think that theyve figured out what theyre doing in their whole market of china and obviously thats huge, so that the production quality and quantity and the chinese consumer isnt accepting rubbish anymore. They want high tech, they want high spec, they want good size batteries, and so you can start to see that creeping into the european market, where were based with norway, with byd, with neo with zhaopong, and then youve got great wall motors and lee auto youve got So many of them coming in and so youll definitely start to see more and more markets being opened up to this and its going to shake up the traditional automakers. But then youve got the traditional automakers that are charging a premium and the chinese automakers are like. Well, i think we can charge a bit more for these cars in these markets, because the market is willing to pay more yeah yeah like.

Why would they not do that? You know these are businesses, if if they can charge a little bit more and still have the same effects, then then why wouldnt they do it, but look, as you said, they are putting pressure on a lot of the uh. You know the established manufacturers in europe and me, and you have have given out um. You know weve been quite critical of those manufacturers charging so much for the evs uh using the excuse of batteries and that just does not hold through anymore with the costs. You know so, i think fair place them its going to put a bit of pressure on and if we can get because of the likes of mg or aura coming in, if vw then have to lower the price of an id3, you know from 37 to 42 Or how do you bring down their q4 etron from 65 to 58? Even it just just lowering that down a little by little bit from the pressure and thats a good thing. You know, because the prices of evs are just too high and its not justified. I dont think anyway, no for sure – and you know what it wouldnt be an ev show if you didnt mention the the word tesla and when tesla start to bring in and all going well, when theyre starting off the roadster, then the model s and moving it Down theres a lot of rumors about the model 2 or that smaller electric vehicle when they bring that in and theyre kind of the in between with regards to its, not something that we dont know of its tesla thats been around for years.

But theyre not a traditional automaker, so if they can bring that price point lower, then the european manufacturers and the far east manufacturers will go. Okay, tesla have brought their price down again were going to have to match that or better and speaking of tesla when were recording. This youve had the tesla model 3 and theres a bit of a difference between the mg zs and the tesla model. 3.. There. There really is um, because i i did a similar well actually a much longer trip in the tesla i um. No, i dont give away too much, but i put a lot of kilometers on us uh yesterday, quite tired today, because of it um, but just the range is that much better. The the efficiency is that much better the um. You know the adaptive cruise control because i did a lot of motorway driving on that trip and its just that much better. You know and youre going, oh yeah. I would like to the model 3 over this, and then you kind of go wait hold on the mg. Is you know its its just its nearly half the price? You know for actually thats. Just stunning, like you could get a brand new mg zsev long range. 2022 and a secondhand decent leaf very decent zoe, like you know, probably a new rental zoe as well, so like theres, theres, a theres, a couple of cars in there that you could have two for for that tesla model.

Three, so definitely it is uh. It is a conversation piece, let us know in the comments and whenever we do these mg videos our stats light up from around the world. Hopefully, youve enjoyed todays chat, review road test of the ng zsev long range 2022 edition. This has been evie platform.