I just wanted to come down here to cloverdale in british columbia. Canada to check it out, so we plugged in were currently charging at 55. um battery temperature is not great because were only at 17 degrees, so here were only getting 50.9, so were losing. Oh now were going up a little bit, so were losing a bit too to the heating. I guess the car has to heat up the battery as well. You know, ideally, i would like to arrive with uh 20, but yeah. This is not going to be a uh, you know and the usual test lets call it a quick test, or you know a quick look um but uh. I just i was here in the area and decided okay lets, give it a shot and lets. Try it out and see how f, how close to a hundred kilowatt we can get. Obviously, the kia can only do 75 ish when the battery gets hot enough. So lets see if we can even get to that on on this charger here, because it is a bit more uh pricey a bit more expensive than the usual versions, um of fast charging that is available here in bc. So i just want to see if its worth the money, so here is the location of the charger itself is down what can be described as an alley um. So there are two chargers: theres, the old 50 kilowatt, which i really really like, and i always suggest people use it and then this is the new 100 kilowatt fast charge, so same style of charger.

Just apparently faster okay. Batteries are now at 18 degrees, but its really cold outside today, its 1.5 degrees outside temperature and were getting around 53 kilowatt into the battery right now. So the state of charge is right now, 31, but the displacement there says 32. So we have a loss of one kilowatt or sorry. One percent due to you know car heating. The battery so lets have a look if um theres anywhere to go and eat here in cloverdale, if youre charging or buy a drink or something like that. But yeah, like i said its a down an alley um, so there should be something around here. Stores, at least so. Lets have a quick look, oh yeah, just behind the alley, guys lots and lots of places lots of little small stores. You got a pizza place up here. Um youve got a what appears to be a deli right here, so this is just behind the the charger so um, if youre on a road trip, because this is very close to the us border – check the description for the link to plug share. So if youre coming across the border from the us or going to the us – and you need a little bit of a faster charge, this is a good option. I guess now theres an indian place up there and then this one. This looks like an old theater of sorts. Very very cool like ive, never been to this part of uh surrey, the cloverdale area, but it looks very nice like old, school canada and then theres.

Even this cool place called vault restaurant jazz behind the chargers. So this is a cool option. Too looks very artsy, definitely a very good location for a charger, i have to say lots of things to do and go to eat. If you want to stay here for a bit longer, but the only problem is, are we actually getting anywhere close to the charge thats being advertised and i have to say probably not and if were not getting those speeds? Theres really no point to come out of the way and and actually come and visit this charger, because you know the basic 50 kilowatt, pc, hydro chargers that are cheaper than this one are good enough get in the car and see what were getting right now. Music and we are getting 54 kilowatt thats, it thats all batteries at 23 degrees right now, so, if im at um, what what is which one is that uh electrify canada, if im at um charge point even right with their 62.5 kilowatt charger at this time. I should be getting close to around 60 kilowatt um if im there, so the 100 kilowatt option from bc. Hydro guys, i dont think thats its a viable choice right now. Um speeds are just not there to pay that added premium now. What do i mean by the difference in price? So i just pulled up the app on my phone and bc hydro map, so um for the normal 50 kilowatt uh charger.

We are paying 21 cents per minute and for this 100 kilowatt hour were paying 27 cents per minute, so thats a difference of six cents um when youre talking about time. You know and weve had this. You know conversation in the comments be before about um paying by the minute versus paying by the kilowatt um. So when you have that big of a difference and youre actually not getting anything more than what i used to get on the regular 50 kilowatt charger, it really isnt worth it. I mean im getting a 54.3 right now: um car scanner showing me and, as you guys can remember, from the old video uh, the one that i did about the regular 50 kilowatt. I was getting um 49.48, if i remember correctly, um so thats pretty decent. Getting that kind of speed from a 50 kilowatt hour charger, so um yeah, i dont know i dont know this is not not a recommended not yet anyways, maybe its because its winter and its 1.5 degrees – and you know the battery – has been cold and all that Sure i tested electrify canada. It was around the same temperature and i was getting uh much higher speeds than im getting here. Um and i looked at plug share and there was a guy with a key slev as well, and he posted there that he got 54.. So i guess this is what were gon na max out on today, its unfortunate, because i highly recommend the 50 kilowatt chargers from bc: hydro, theyre, amazing and theyre everywhere and even in small towns, but the 100 kilowatt option needs a little bit of tweaking so bc.

Hydro get on it a make sure that these actually perform as advertised. I would love to get at least close to 70 kilowatt. You know of charge speed here, because yeah this is uh. This is not good plus. Another thing that is not ideal with these chargers is the placement and usually when you go up to um a bc, hydro chargers, you just pull into the front of the charger, so its easy, and these cables are rather short, so you do have to stretch it. A bit so you know, but im also starting to really hate this idea from kia having this charge port in the front. It really doesnt work for me. I wish it was on the sides either or they should pick a side and then just use it there, but yeah the placement not ideal, but also kias fault, for putting the charge port in the front and after spending a winter with it and getting it all. Dirty and stuff on the front, i really really dislike that. Oh, we just dipped guys, we just dipped 2 41 and we dipped at what at 59 percent well uh the state of charge is actually 58. The car is reporting 59.5, so theres been a lot of loss due to probably heating the battery. The battery is at 26 degrees right now. Auto temperature has not changed since we started charging but yeah honestly disappointing lets see if this jumps back up.

But if you guys remember my video from before with the 50 kilowatts, i it didnt start dipping until we got into the 70s um so yeah, i think its a better option to go with the 50 kilowatt right now, thats my assumption, but yeah ill check back In when we get to around 70 and then see whats going on there, how far weve dipped – oh wow, this is very very inconsistent now were back up to 57, so we dropped down to 40.. Now were back to 57 and if you guys are asking me a track is off um, so so i dont get it its not really stable at those speeds. Oh, the afterburners have turned on in the kia guys the afterburners have turned down. We have hit 27 degrees on the battery, so um lets see lets see what happens next, but were at 60 um 62 percent. The car says, but actually its 60.5 um, so yeah lets lets see. Lets see what happens later on when we get around 70., but yeah after burners are on the battery. Cooling has started so we just hit 72.5 um on the car but 70 actual charge, and we just dipped to 35.. So that would mean basically at this point. The best idea is to um unplug and just go um, because its 30 kilowatt that speed is very, very low and theres no point paying that extra premium for for such slow speeds, but um.

Since this is a quick test, im going to go all the way to 80 because thats my standard whenever i do these uh fast charger reviews here um – and i just want to see if we get close to 80 – what kind of speeds were going to get? But uh yeah 35 um actual kilowatt into the battery um its its no point unplug and go if youre doing this just for yourself and then one more thing. Thats very strange is uh. The eevee symbol here is blue. When i first pulled in, i thought this was a handicapped space, so i was like. Are we able to park here in charge um everywhere else that ive been its always been green, so im not really sure whats going on with that one um? Perhaps uh bc hydra ran out of green paint and they had to use blue, not sure um, but were still going strong here at 35 kilowatt into the battery were at uh 76.5, where the car showing an actual 74.5 so yeah, all right guys so were at 79 percent uh thats what the car is reporting actually is 77., so um im going to overlay car scanner just now for you, so you see weve dipped down to 23.5 ish um kilowatt, going into the battery thats our charging speed right now, um! So yeah its! Not awesome, we dip quite quickly to that 23.. So definitely, definitely if you guys are um using this charger.

Um on your own, like i said when you start dipping into the 30s thats the best time to unplug and go theres, no point to spend that extra money, because youre not getting that value that you should be getting. And this is why im saying that the 50 kilowatt option from bc hydro its such a better option right now for them um or for us not for them. For them, this one is a better option, obviously, because theyre making more money. The hell am i talking about, but yeah for us as users, its definitely better to just invest in a 50 kilowatt um option instead and and at least youre getting that constant, predictable charging speed that i talked about in my original video, so yeah. This is not great um. There we go. We just hit 80. car scanner has shown 80, as you guys can see in the overlay here. We actually put in um only 77.5 percent into the battery, so there was a loss of 2.5 percent um and yeah thats. It so let me unplug so someone else can use this overpriced, 100 kilowatt uh hour charger from uh bc, hydro, but i dont think so with the 50 right next to it, people are gon na wait to get the cheaper charge im guessing im. A huge fan of the 50 kilowatt chargers from bc – hydro ive, said that more than a few times on the channel um, you guys can check out the review to said charger.

If you want um, but i would not recommend the hundred kilowatt um, i will have to check it out in the summer again because it is only 1.5 degrees today, so it is a bit colder. So definitely i will try this again in the summer. Just to compare and see how different it would be, but as of right now, today um, i would not suggest using it um the added six cents per minute that you have to pay, for this makes no sense at all um. The 50 kilowatt charger is good enough, its cheaper, its reliable and its also here. So, if you show up at the charger, um just use the 50 kilowatt or go to other bc, hydro charger, so heres the message for bc. Hydro, if you guys watch this video um, we need more fast chargers. Um, you know im a huge proponent of that, especially for a lot of people who dont have charging at home and who have only a few minutes to go and charge a car somewhere because they need to charge for the next morning or whatever. And they dont want to use. You know level 2 charging. So this would be something good, and then you know the installs are here so switching out these chargers and making them a bit faster. I think it would be a beneficial, but they have to work um. Chargepoint is doing well with their 62.5 kilowatt chargers, which i tested youre almost getting max speed over there.

So if there is a choice between a bc, hydro, 100 kilowatt or a charge, point 62.5 go for the charge point any day of the week until bc. Hydro figures it out and make sure that these chargers actually deliver the power that is being advertised right now. They dont so yeah thats it for today guys bc. Hydro 50 kilowatt is the clear winner. The 100 kilowatt needs work, um, so yeah charge on the 50..