My name is steve, and today the video will be looking at the volkswagen id4, which we spent some time with earlier this month on a business trip down to the tri state area, well be looking at the charging in cold weather, the road trip qualities of the Car and kind of first impressions before we do some deeper dives into charging, how the road trip went and some of those things so lets not waste any time lets jump in so first things. First, we did a little bit of a different approach with this one. So actually, i did the full review from a more general perspective over on find the best car price dot com, so ive posted that video in the community ill also put it in the description and the comments here. So if you want uh more of a kind of general overview of the car and the cabin storage comfort, that kind of thing you can go over and watch that one on this channel well stick to more of the eva enthusiast stuff, so how the charging went Cold weather performance, how it stacks up to the bolt tv and other evs weve, driven as a pure electric vehicle and uh, then overlapping. Some of those things that we discussed on find the best car price channel, but for the most part, from an ev perspective, we didnt want to take the bolt away from the family at a time when they needed the car.

When i needed to do a business trip down to the tri state area from boston, so there was a need to have the two cars there. Um thought itd be a good opportunity to get into a different ev sorry see how it went in cold weather, something that is similar in terms of range, but certainly the next step up in terms of space, comfort and charging performance came from a an owner. In the local area and was able to rent that on churro for a few days, so all very straightforward, easy to access locally grab the car go down. Do the road trip and come up and then do a few videos with uh reviewing the cars seeing how it drove locally? That kind of thing, so one of the first things i kind of felt after getting into the id4, was obviously the the size has a much more significant road presence than the bolt more of a robust build feels like that kind of uh german quality. Not in all areas, but certainly in terms of closing the doors you know you get that funk some of the cabin materials, not quite so hard as the ball tv and uh. Just generally, you know a little more refinement in the the build quality that you would expect. You know, comparing a chevy to a volkswagen in general, felt good over bumps high seating position. Visibility was decent, really good. Uh driver assist with blind spot monitoring.

That was very clear, didnt feel as maneuverable as the bolt. Of course, you know thats just by virtue of the size of the vehicle so for local driving. Certainly, the bolts really easy to nip in and out of spaces lots of visibility out of most sides rear view camera. We did miss uh its just something that not a lot of cars have its quite surprising in some ways that you get it in a car. That is very, you know, budget conscious, like the bolt and then getting into the different uh areas of the car. The volkswagen id4 is obviously much larger double what the bolt is with the seats up, i didnt need it on this trip. It was just myself traveling, but, as we think about upgrading the family to a larger vehicle with more of their, you know, kids larger having more stuff that they need to haul everywhere. Um, the volkswagen id4 is certainly a good people mover and luggage mover for families of four or five um seat. Comfort was outstanding in the id4. Certainly one of its best features big wide kind of throne like seats, um heated, but much broader kind of spread. You feel like, maybe because the seats are bigger, theyve got more space to spread that heat out, and it definitely felt a step above what were used to in the bolt here. Having the big panoramic view, roof opens things up a little bit. We were driving uh id4 first edition um, so it was kind of the equivalent of a pro s trim.

As far as i can tell had the white steering wheel and white seats, which probably wouldnt be the best choice for us with kids, but you know its it didnt get dirty over the few days. We had it so no complaints there in terms of the visibility good, but in terms of the control, not so good, the the haptic kind of buttons, the arm buttons, dont, really work. It seems like a really as im pointing out in that review on find the best car price youtube channel um. It just seems like a halfway measure, kind of trying to be a bit more minimalist and hide some of the functionality without actually getting the functionality of a button. So go one way or the other do the tesla thing. If you really want to just have minimalism and bury everything in the screen and the tablet or go with some buttons, you know have a physical button, thats tactile and easy to use across the whole of the cabin that was awkward on the steering wheel. Its not a great feel it was hard to kind of get things precise on the side. Here you keep hitting the rear window button and knocking the controls for the window, controls up and down in the rear versus the front, and then on the volume dash on the main screen. It was a little bit finicky and you kind of couldnt quite get the level you wanted may come with time and it may be something you can adjust to.

But when you have something, thats tried and trusted go with that or go with the tesla approach. But pick one dont kind of make a middle ground that doesnt work any other way. Theyre very seamless entry, where you can just pop yourself into the car detector in you dont, have to turn it on or anything much like a tesla um. You have the drive modes, which are not even a full one pedal driving which well get on to in other videos. But you know it feels much more. Like a regular car, you can see people who are cross shopping, a toyota rav4, a honda crv these family or small, to mid size, crossovers being comfortable in this as a cabin and a vehicle with only the electric drive chain and the need to recharge being the Main kind of characteristics of uh it being electric car that theyll have to adapt to, but in general you can say its a road tripper. You know its a comfortable spacious cabin where you can stretch out use the driver. Assistance features to kind of help. You you know, keep a steady speed, keep a steady distance and massaging seats. I really dont get it honestly felt like when my daughter in the bolt gives me a little uh nudge from the rear seat with her feet. You know by accident or as a prank, whatever it is felt exactly the same as the charging seats. So not quite sure, i understand the allure of those, but if that thing is your bag and you like to have that kind of lumbar pressure exerted, then the id4 has it and then you get the comparison of getting into city driving versus the highway driving highway.

No complaints, good pep, you know just enough to get it onto the interstate in uh little gaps that you want to jump into works around boston works around the tri state, no problems there, not as peppy as the bold tv, the rear wheel, drive version that we Were in has a 0 60 time of somewhere between seven and eight seconds, so its more in the kind of nissan leaf category here nero ev, maybe – and you know the bolts – no no rocket ship, but it certainly has a distinctive feel that youre getting to that Um 40 50 miles an hour a little bit quicker and a bit more nippy. If you get the all wheel, drive version of the id4 theres potential to to kind of cut out any grip problems, but also give you a faster 0 60 time. But again you know its not really designed for that thats, not what the aim is for this car its to attract more regular car buyers, people who are using this to move people around place to place a to b, and it just happens to be electric. So i think it gets the job done in terms of charging. You know the car didnt get everything that we we would expect to see from it. The 125 kilowatt max wasnt something we reached whether we started at 10, 20, whatever it was, never quite got to the 125, but on some several sessions we did see that kind of 90 to 100 kilowatts, so were already double the speed of the bolt or in Winter triple the speed, so you certainly noticed that stopping for in fast charging session we were able to go in.

Do our coffee break and the restroom come back and the car was ready to go so i think thats promising for the future um. You know still some cold weather problems still have the need to address battery warming. You know im sure the id4 does a much better job of it than an older ev like the bolt or the nissan leaf. But of course you still have that problem, which tesla has started to solve of when you go to a fast charger, you need the battery to be warmed up and thats what you really need to have in every battery management system when you navigate to a fast Charger – and it knows the charging speed is going to be 100 150 kilowatts plus you should be warming that battery the car should know at that point that it needs to start doing some work its going to get the energy back in really soon so it can Afford to spend some of the energy on heating the pack and getting it up to a more warm temperature than the ambient, so its really just a quick one. I you know wanted to put out first impressions, shall we say it before we get into more of the deeper dives into charging sessions. We did the road trip and the efficiency of that kind of thing all that the cold weather performance will be in future videos. So i did enjoy, i will have to say its not going to be one that we will upgrade to theres going to be more and more of this on the channel, as we kind of get into our final year of the lease here on the bold tv And have a decision to make whether we want a larger car which the id4 does.

We want something that is probably going to have similar or greater range again. The id4 delivers there faster charging id4 delivers, but then the sticking point as an ev enthusiast. I want the things that make an eevee special to me. The one pedal driving regenerative braking. That brings you to a complete stop the nerdy data and the power displays that uh help you to kind of feel how the car is driving, where the energy is going. All that kind of stuff there are several pieces of the id4 as an electric vehicle that didnt quite make it for me, but again, thats coming from the niche parts of the market for which volkswagen were not aiming, they were aiming at these people who just want To get into a car that is like other cars, theyve driven but happens to be an electric vehicle, something that could be a very nice stepping stone or it might just be how you want an electric vehicle to be. It might be all the things you like in a you know: combustion vehicle with the benefits of driving electrics uh. How do you feel about the id4? Have you driven one? Did you take a test, drive and uh immediately love? It immediately know that it wasnt, for you would the rear wheel, drive version, be enough for you or do you think the all wheel drive is something youre gon na need to get closer to that ev performance that we all know and love and accept that slight Trade off on maybe 10 20 miles fewer as youre driving interested to hear uh comments and questions, as always, well try and answer as many of them as we can in the videos, but definitely just slide them down below give the video a like.