New MG ZS EV 2022 – Best Value EV For 2022? | Full Review

Its had a glow on mg have taken their fully electric suv in just two years and, given it quite a spectacular transformation, its not just an external globe that its had its also had an internal glove up, which to me, is the best bit im. Not talking about a spiritual awakening, i mean, […]

PORSCHE TAYCAN 4S Car Review | by buddha gta v part2

You can lose this before they get any interceptors, bye, name again: im not oh, and this car spins out, like the bison. You also got the heli two boys, oh no hot. How does speedy end up with more cops than him and were the ones robbing the store he he went to the […]

Tata's secret EVs! Tata Sierra EV, Nexon Coupe & more coming by 2025 | Scoop | Autocar India

So, with that massive watch, yes tata motors is going to launch an array of evs. Now the chairman, mr n chandrasekharan, has said that the company is going to have a 10 ev portfolio in the next five years were going to be looking at that portfolio. But before that lets take a look […]

BMW iX Review (living with electric) a worthy X5 replacement??? EV 2022

, Music, uh, Music, hi. Everyone welcome to cmd in another video. You join me with the bmw ix. This brand new flagship is essentially the platform that future bmws will be based on and has been built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. So, as the future looks progressively towards electric cars, […]

MG ZS EV Expert Review || Coming Soon in Pakistan || Premium Model 2022.

The mg easy sev isnt completely new. This is a facelifted version of the increasingly popular family car, which means some styling changes, some spec tweaks and a couple of new batteries. You get this new flush front, end its been completely smoothed off and the grille has disappeared. You still get this front mounted […]

All NEw Hyundai Cars !! REVIEW 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric. |Price|Interior|Engine|Power|FuelEconomy|

3 inch digital gauge display. The top ultimate trim has been eliminated in favor of simplifying the lineup for the base cell and the luxury. Limited models wed recommend the cell trim with the optional convenience package. Although the cell comes fairly well equipped right out of the gate, the convenience package adds several desirable […]

Review: 2022 MG ZS EV

Maybe about five or six degrees so well see how we get on with that um, but yeah this new uh, the new version of the car. Obviously, the previous version of the car was here in ireland uh for just over a year already and has sold very well and been very popular. So […]

Tata NEXON EV.. BS6 Best Compact SUV Electric Car. Features and Details

Today we are going to do tata, nexon evie, showroom, review. Eevees are clearly gaining momentum in india. Tata first introduced their evie in 2019, with tigor its a low voltage car. However, in 2020 they came out with nexon ev, which is a high voltage. Car currently tata holds 58 percent of ev market […]

Tesla owner review of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car $36k after tax credits! And 300 mile range

The build quality is amazing, um the design, the the lighting signatures, the interior quality, the seats just a really impressive, impressive, impressive job of hyundai. This 2022 hyundai ioniq 5 is a really impressive car. They come in two trim: levels, sel and limited thats, the two main packages they start at forty, five […]

Charging your EV on a ROAD TRIP | How to Fast / Rapid Charge in Australia | Electric Car Australia

So welcome to electric car, australia and 2022. This is our first video for the new year and i cant believe its been about 10 or 12 weeks since we filmed our last video. So our regular viewers will know that the electric car family went for a summer holiday down to hastings point and […]