800km / 500mi Range EVs Are Coming Up from Hyundai, Genesis and Kia!

These economically priced entry level evs, will surely play a key role in hyundais plan to become a dominant force in the eevee world in its mission to sell 1.7 million evs by the year 2026 on their way to becoming an exclusive ev maker and become completely carbon Neutral by 2045, however, as enticing […]

Chevy Silverado EV VS Ford F-150 Lightning | Review & In-Depth Comparison

Buyers expect the release of the ford f 150 lightning in the spring of 2022, the companys legendary electric version. Many companies follow fords example and supplement production with electric car lines. For instance, chevrolet promises to present its silverado ev development to drivers in 2024 in todays video im going to compare these two […]

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Is A Great EV But You Should Avoid This One Trim

My name is hanson thanks for tuning in to the video and for this one im sitting in the 2022 hyundai kona electric in limited trim, and i want to share with you my likes and dislikes about this electric vehicle so that you have a better idea before You buy and if at any […]


But lately the advent of electric vehicles has made room for quite a few new players as well. Electric rickshaws carrying people is very common these days and now well see electric three wheelers spreading good tenacities Music euler motors is one such new entrant in our market, which is exploring this space with its […]

2022 Kia Niro EV Hybrid Review & Drive | Dick Hannah Dealerships 🚗🔋🍃😎

Now the Niro comes in three different flavors, a hybrid, a plug in hybrid and a gasoline version today were going to show you the hybrid version. This vehicle gets around 50 miles a gallon and is one of the best SUVs stroke. Cuvs on the market were going to show you how it drives […]

All the electric cars launching in India this year | Preview | autoX

However, ill be honest when i was doing my research for this video and i went through the list of all the electric models that will be coming to india this year, i must say i was genuinely excited, so were in the first month of 2022 and i Think its the ideal time to […]

2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Review | Highly Appealing Family EV…Apart From That One Little Bit

Its just got oh youre bearing all over the shop yeah. If this was top gear – and i was jeremy clarksons – this is the volkswagen id 4.. I could probably do a proper hatchet job on this car, but it isnt. This is what i mean by that is that volkswagen has built […]

2022 BYD Han EV electric car China | Full Review, Exterior, Interior

The world premiere of the new byd han sedan took place at the april auto show in beijing in the domestic market. China. Sales of this model began in the third quarter of the same year and first, an electric ev version and then a dm hybrid version Music. In particular, the serial version has […]

Review Hyundai Kona EV – Jadi Mobil Listrik Terlaris di Indonesia pada 2021

Indonesia believes Dove in the report also attached sales years and electric and hybrid vehicles that are paved in the country in the line of electric cars. Hyundai Kona FM is the one best selling followed by unique fun Hyundai and by Yuni sunreef. While for the Toyota Corolla Hybrid vehicle Cross 183 Hybrid became […]

I BOUGHT an ELECTRIC CAR and Here's Why YOU SHOULD NOT BUY ONE! EV Electric Vehicle Truths & LIES

Tell you a little bit more about it now i think ive got about 64 percent left in this vehicle were heading over to leeds, going to give it a quick boost charge along the way on some fast charges there and were going to see what it takes To get from here in warrington […]