Audi e-tron S – Full In-depth Review 4K

My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the audi e tron and its specifically the s version so lets get straight into it. Beautiful looking car very stunning on the road, a big head turner, and especially in this novara blue, which was relegated originally to relegated, was originally on the combustion engine, […]

Our Electric Smart Car Won’t Stop Screaming At Us!

We just bought it off lease about two or three months ago. Its got around 16 to 17 thousand miles and its got one issue with it. That is absolutely ridiculously obnoxious that were gon na show and explain to you today, so this lovely smart car has been with us for, like i said […]

Hop Electric Vehicle's Full Review In Telugu | Hop Ev New Models | Ramu Truth Vlogs

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ELECTRIC Cars NOT CHEAPER than we think?! – Watch before buying!

We are visiting the uks first ev petrol station and its actually only 15 minutes from where we live in london. Are you excited yeah? This is the worlds first exclusive im. Actually kind of more excited youve got a box for these toys going on a road trip road trip tomorrow to my sponsor […]

Chevy Equinox EV or KIA EV6? | Honest Review

This car in its diesel version, has already been loved by many drivers and has become one of the market leaders. But the question is: will this electric car gain the same popularity in the ev world and will it be able to overtake existing models, for example, kia ev6? This electric car was a […]

New MG ZS EV Facelift Review

Should you go for this or the normal one, hello? Everyone welcome to everything, cars and more lets review the new mgzsf facelift Music. So lets talk about the important stuff with electric cars the battery and motor. So the new mgzsf long range is the only model you can get at the moment, but […]

New 2022 BMW i4 v Porsche Taycan review | The world's best fast EV? | Autocar

This is it behind us, the new bmw, i4. You could call it the first electric bmw m car. Is it any good lets find out? So the i4 is in this spec, effectively m divisions. First, battery electric vehicle and m is on quite a good run of form at the minute. The m3 […]

IONIQ 5 Review with the official Steele Hyundai Electric Vehicle Specialist

. Now the reason that this electric vehicle is so exciting is because its the first of hyundais new generation of electric vehicles lets check it out Music. Now right off the back. You can tell that the ioniq 5 represents something new for hyundai. First off, if youre familiar with their other electric vehicles, […]

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV Hatchback

A suite of safety features is now standard, including forward collision warning and lane keeping assist on the options list are blind, spot monitoring, a 360 degree camera and finally, adaptive cruise control. Unfortunately, gms super crew system, which is a driver, assist system that provides hands free driving on select highways, is not available […]

NEW Kia EV6 review – the best electric car ever? | What Car?

Actually, we think the best new car thats, been launched in the last 12 months in this review were going to explain exactly. Why were going to tell you what makes it so good and were going to compare it to all of its rivals, but before all that make sure youre subscribed to our […]