Bounce Infinity E1 review – Rs 45,000 e-scooter with swappable battery! | First Ride| Autocar India

I flow that we saw a few years ago, but with some minor improvements and bounce his own battery pack, you can buy one here in delhi for an ex showroom price of 69 000 rupees. But if you do this, you could get it for as little as 45, 000 and thats, because the […]

BMW iX xDrive40 (2022) review – The all-electric BMW SAV

its finally here – and it is one of three full electric models that we can expect to see in south Africa in 2022, this is the bmw ix. More specifically, the x drive 40 model. It is based on the 2018i next vision concept and its achingly similar, but i dont know if i […]

Why Nexon EV? TATA NEXON EV LUX Detailed Review |Go Green ! Mantram Shetty | Autocar Mantraa

This is mantram shatter and today, im gon na do a review on the brand new, bold, looking tata, nexon eve Music. Let us know why tata nexon av is a market leader, and why should we go green? The first thing is, i am proud to say that this car is made in india, […]

EV REVIEW: 2021 Audi e-tron Sportback Quattro | Molly's Five Minute EV Reviews

This thing out lets get started with a little walk around, because this thing is hot Music. I mean im loving this black grill. Look how mean this looks, and just so you know where im coming from theres my model y over there in the background, which is no slouch. I like the fact […]

Are You Ready For Electric? – 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Limited Review

. I like the front end of the standard kona with its trapezoidal grille and fog lights. They give it a tougher persona. Unfortunately, this electric version doesnt have that and im not sure how i feel i do like the new headlamps though, and obviously the lack of a grille is for aerodynamics sake. […]

Hottest EV of 2022? (Audi RS e-tron GT 2022 review walkaround)

This is a grand tourer, its got four doors, its a direct rival for the porsche thai can, and it starts from seven 181 dollars here in australia, and it should start arriving in september now. The car next to me is not the base car at all. This is the full fat rs e […]

2021 Mazda MX-30 Electric – Concept Buzz / Full Review

Review Music electrification is the next big step in the automotive world, and every car maker wants to make a good first impression. It needs to be bold, but not too much fun, but not too unusual. So striking balance progress is key. Music progression for mazda comes in the form of this brand new […]

EV Buying in 2022: 5 Facts to Know and My First Look at VinFast VF9

Maybe five problems to solve before you get an electric vehicle. I just got one i spent over a week with my volvo c40 recharge and i will share with you not just my experiences but the collective experience of many owners, because ive spoken to a couple of eevee owners, tesla owners, other vehicles, […]

2022 Geely ZEEKR 001, Sexy Electric Wagon | Zeekr Target: 70,000 EV Sales In 2022

Remember the l, ynk and k0 concept from the 2020 beijing auto show chili auto group launched it in china as the zika zero zero one. The first model from its brand zika customer deliveries began late last year and weve discussed that and more in this article Music, based on the c platform, the […]

Kia EV4 Confirmed for 2023 along with Kia Sportage EV for 2024! Total of 6 EVs in the lineup!

Most of us are wondering what other eevee models we can hope to see. Next, from overachieving korean brand of late kia is on a roll with the ev6 recently nabbing, the german car of the year in the premium segment, as well as a host of other acclaims, such as the prestigious what cars […]