You can open the charger door in one of three ways when the vehicle is unlocked, touch and push the indicator area, you can also press and hold the charger door open, close button on the remote or you can use voice recognition to open the door from inside. The vehicle open charging port door, opening the charging port door closing the door manually can be done by pressing the close button inside the charger port area. The charger door will automatically close when the charging connector is disconnected, the charger door has been opened, but no charging activity has taken place for a period of time or the gear selector is placed in drive, reverse or neutral. The charger port area itself has charging status. Lamps as the battery state of charge increases, the lamps will illuminate as follows: zero to 24 25 to 49 50 to 74 75 to 100. If there is an issue with the connector or the charging, then all four rows of lights will flash once the charging connector is attached, you can select when the connector is locked and unlocked. This can be helpful at public chargers allowing other vehicles to be charged. Once your vehicle charging has completed to set the locking mode, select setup, then vehicle, then eco vehicle, then charging connector, locking mode. Here you have three selections in all ways mode. The charger is locked once plugged into the connector and can only be unlocked by the driver. Unlocking all doors in while charging mode, the charger will only be locked when charging is active if charging is set to begin at a later time due to scheduled charging, the charger connector will remain unlocked until scheduled charging begins and do not lock mode.

The charger connector will not be locked even when charging. If the charging connector will not release you can release it manually open the lift gate then remove the emergency release. Cable cover on the right side of the cargo area, pull the emergency release, cable gently to release the charging connector. Your owners manual contains much more information on the charging features of your ioniq. Please be certain to read it to learn more about them all. As with any vehicle, the driving range of your hyundai ev depends on a number of factors, but there are some ways that you can consistently improve your range when you first take delivery of your hyundai ev, the accuracy of the vehicle range will increase, as the vehicle Learns your driving style and patterns, your hyundai evs range may vary significantly after recharging factors that influence the range include, drive battery charge, amount, ambient temperature and weather terrain driven on roads and traffic and the drive mode selected as well as your driving style. You can help improve vehicle range while driving by driving at moderate speeds, limiting acceleration and deceleration when possible and using regenerative, braking or smart regeneration as much as possible for more on regenerative. Braking and smart regeneration see the regenerative braking video on the hyundai youtube channel. The climate control system draws its power from the drive battery some tips to help increase vehicle range by reducing the amount of power that it draws are keeping the climate control set to 72 degrees and on auto mode on vehicles equipped with it use the driver.

Only setting on the climate control and by using the scheduled climate feature while the vehicle is plugged in and charging for, information on this feature see the charge management. Video for your hyundai ev outside temperatures affect the range of your ev with cold weather. Having a particularly noticeable change, use of the heater draws a large amount of power from the battery. You can help increase range in cold weather by using the seat temperature controls in place of warmer climate control. Settings. Also scheduling heating will warm your vehicle in advance in extremely cold weather? Driving performance can be impacted due to low battery temperature using winter mode on vehicles equipped with it will help improve driving performance. But it will reduce your overall vehicle range when its operating and if the power limited due to low ev battery temperature charge. Battery warning is displayed be sure to charge your vehicle as soon as possible. The charging process on your ev will sometimes cause sounds to be heard. You may hear noise caused by the vehicles air conditioning system. This is normal, as the system is used to control the drive battery temperature when charging. You may also hear high frequency noises when charging at dc charge stations. This too is normal, as the vehicle is regulating the charging process. Some electricity suppliers have lower rates at night. At what is called off peak hours, you can schedule your hyundai ev to charge at these off peak times to take advantage of these lower rates for information on charge.

Scheduling, see the charge management, video for your hyundai ev. Your hyundai ev also has settings that determine when the charging connector can be disconnected from your vehicle. This is to allow others to use the charger when at a public charging station or to increase security, when using the portable charger cable in public areas to learn more about the connector locking settings, as well as how to manually unlock the connector, see the charger door And port video or the ev charging basics, video for your hyundai ev Music. Your ionic uses a regenerative braking system to recuperate and store energy. When the vehicle is decelerating, the system can be customized to suit your driving style, with four distinct levels of regenerative braking available. The different levels allow you to change them in real time as your driving needs change on a journey level. 3 regenerative braking provides the maximum amount of brake regeneration. Releasing the accelerator when level 3 is engaged will provide strong braking forces. It may cause the brake lights to illuminate level 2 and level 1 provide lower amounts of brake regeneration, while still recouping energy and storing energy. Releasing the accelerator when either level is engaged will still provide, braking force and may cause the brake lights to illuminate when level two is engaged level. Zero provides no brake force allowing the vehicle to coast when the accelerator is released. The two paddles on the steering wheel are used to adjust between the four levels in real time briefly pulling and releasing the left paddle will increase the regenerative level by one each time you pull and release it doing the same on the right.

Paddle will decrease the regenerative level. You can see the current regenerative level on the instrument cluster, the default mode for regenerative braking varies depending on your model and drive mode selected. The regenerative braking system on ionic 5, two wheel, drive long range models will always default to level 3 at vehicle start to maximize vehicle range, but its possible to actively adjust with the paddles during each drive session. Other ioniq 5 models will default to the last selected level. One pedal, driving and ipedal are two more ways that you can tailor regenerative braking to your liking for more on these features see the one pedal, driving and ipedal video on the hyundai youtube channel. Your ioniq also features a smart recuperation system when activated it will control the regenerative braking automatically according to the road grade and approaching traffic in front of you to turn it on or off pull and hold the right paddle shifter for more than one second youll see The auto regenerative braking indicator the system will operate at speeds above six miles per hour when the road grade changes or when the distance to vehicles ahead changes. You can also adjust the braking level of smart recuperation in the eco vehicle menu, select setup, then vehicle. Then eco vehicle, then smart regeneration system choose from strong medium or gentle deceleration. Note when turned on smart recuperation will temporarily be disabled when the electronic stability control system is operating or the smart cruise control system is operating once those systems stop operating.

Smart recuperation will resume operation automatically. Your owners manual contains more information on the regenerative braking system on your ionic. Please be certain to read it to learn more about it.