Today, im going to take you through 10 of its awesome design, features Music, im, katie and at number one. We have to talk about this amazing, bold design, its called parametric pixels and it runs throughout the whole vehicle to me its almost like origami. Can you see these creases its almost like a paper car has been built to come to life and theres, something about it? It also has a retro vibe, especially at the front here, its kind of that boom box. 80S computer vibe. All the way through you can see these very square designs, its quite masculine, its very, very bold, and this design runs right through the whole of the vehicle, even through to these creases here and by the way, these zed, like creases, also mark where the battery modules Are which sit around here? You can see these dashes here even frame the wheel, which is a really interesting design feature, and then we come to the wheel. This is one of my favorite parts of the car. Look at this wheel. Have you seen anything so exciting and different and angular? For me, it almost reminds me of those kaleidoscopes where you look in you see, shape after shape and it gives it another quirky edge so rather than it just being quite boxy and masculine. You come to the wheel and you see another point of interest and i tell you what you will be getting a lot of compliments when youre out on the road with this one so were talking about the ioniq, fives, retro, design, features and remember at the front.

I mentioned that it reminds me a bit of an 80s boombox. Well, if you didnt see it, then you most certainly will see it now check out the back. How cool is this, and can you see all the little pixelated lights here, its retro, but its really really modern its exciting, and it really does draw your eye right in every little piece of this car has been so well thought through, and it really just well Its just exciting to look at so whilst the ioniq 5 looks like a hatchback. It actually has a massive three meter, wheelbase larger than that of a range rover which means theres tons of space inside for you as the driver and all your lovely passengers. Okay. So for another nifty design feature on approach the car, it will actually recognize my keys and it will automatically offer a hand of friendship. The car doors simply open. So all i need to do is hold its hand, shake its hand as it were, and step inside how very nice of you. Another thing we love about this car is the experience inside. It really is like being on a first class jet, even in the back seats. Look at these plush seats. You have this amazing sunroof, where we can look at the rain today. You also have your sun blinds normally great for australia again its rainy today, but you have them there. You also have usb charging docks here, which is really really handy, and you can adjust the seat using this little lever on the side here.

So you can easily bring yourself forward or back just by sliding it down or up there. We go easy as pie, so on a day like today when it is a little bit cloudy and maybe a little bit cold for some. You do have this sneaky little button here which will actually heat your back seats. Oh yes, please! So inside the ioniq 5 it has this living room, feel less like a car and more like a luxurious first class, lounge and theres. So many features that make it feel that way. So, for example, youve got this movable console, so you can literally push it back and forward allowing more room, and then here youve got a huge space where you could pop a handbag or a pair of shoes. Youve got more cubby holes down here, so, although it lacks storage in the back inside, it does feel very. Very spacious. Youve got usb charging points at the front here as well, which is fantastic and the color is super swish. You have this dark gray, very nice piping design with this orange and almost chocolate brown fringing around the edge here. You have teal here on the sides and it makes a nice difference to those all black interiors that you often get as well, which is great lots of spacious room here at the front. Of course you have this amazing sunroof, so you can look at the stars or on cloudy days. You can look at the raindrops.

You have a nice spacious feel in the front here its really like this big panoramic glass view, and i tell you what youre not crushed in with your passenger here, you have tons of room to spread out, feel comfortable and have that a class first class experience. So talking of a first class experience, one of my favorite things is these zero gravity seats here at the front. Let me show you exactly what i mean. I simply press a little nifty button on the side and then here we go down. I go wow. Look at this: oh bye, guys, bye, bye, dont, mind me: im just having a nap im going to enjoy this beautiful view through the sunroof. Even my legs are supported, so you can have a nap while your car is charging or just enjoy the fantastic view through the sunroof. So i think one of the major benefits about the ioniq 5 is that you can make it a complete bespoke experience right down to the fact that you can configure your own lighting inside. So have a look at this in your display. Youve got a whole color wheel here, so you can literally just match up the shades to suit your mood. Maybe you want some light tones more mellow, vibe right down to the blues, the purples im going to pick pink because thats, my favorite color and you can see ive got a bit of a disco experience now going on down here my my little side lights.

It kind of gives you that, futuristic, vibe and again this is a real gadget persons car, if you love your gadgets and those little extras that make it just that bit different youre gon na just go wild for this. Another thing i absolutely love about this car is that ultra rapid charging comes as standard. So if we come back here to our little charging dock, i can open it up using the key there we go and you can see inside weve actually got the pixel design again, which will show you how much youve charged. Now, when i talk about ultra rapid charging, what i mean is that when you need to replenish say about 100 kilometers, you can do that in around four to five minutes about the time it takes to have a quick tea or coffee on the highway, which is So so handy or another way to think about it is you can charge it up to 80 in around 18 minutes, pretty good to have that as standard another? Pretty brilliant thing about the ioniq 5 is the fact that you can charge pretty much any household appliance using the plug section here. So its got a normal three point pin plug, which means that you can charge. I dont know, maybe your mattress. If you need to inflate it and youve gone for a little impromptu, camping holiday, maybe even a cup of coffee, maybe even your laptop or imagine, theres a blackout and you cant charge anything.

But you do have your trusty ioniq five! You can even charge another ev vehicle. Oh yes, thats, right. Okay, so lets talk about some of the eco elements with the car. Now, although the seats are still leather, they do use eco friendly dies, and some of the plastics used here are also eco friendly as well. You also have this bio yarn stitching across here and used within the seats here and the switches use bio paint too. Unfortunately, our market misses out, and some really cool features like, for example, the head up display which projects information on the road ahead of you. We dont get that here. Neither do we get the vehicle to app connectivity with this vehicle, unlike what you get with the polestar 2 or the tesla model 3.. Unfortunately, australia also misses out on the v2l plug, which means, if you do want to charge your appliances, you have to do it from outside. You cant do it from inside the car. So things like your laptop well thats, not so handy. Another less than desirable feature is the front storage and also how you open to get to the front storage. So you have a little lever here, but again, its quite clunky. Thinking about that. A lot of the other features are electronic. My hands are getting all dirty, its quite heavy, to lift, not ideal, and then we come inside so im going to open this up and show you here we go um.

Okay. What can i put in here? I mean in the polestar 2. We could put a little pair of smelly shoes, not tons of room even for a pair of smelly shoes in here, so im definitely lacking that additional space. So another downside is that its a big car, which okay, that could be a good thing, but what it does mean is that it has a really big turning circle so for when youre trying to navigate those tight city streets whoa, you dont have an awful lot Of room to maneuver, you can see im getting on and it does feel very, very big im having to inch round for city driving, not so practical. So there you have it.