com and weve actually paid our own money for everything from a very old nissan leaf to a jaguar i pace, but usually when we test a car, we only have it for a week or sometimes even less. Now we cram a whole load of testing into that time, but if you want to really get to know a car, you have to spend a little bit more time with it, because you want to do things like work out if it works really well on different Types of charges you want to see how it copes with family life. You want to know exactly how long the battery will last in different types of weather and one of the cars that we were particularly intrigued by was this the mazda mx30. Now that is not because we particularly lusted after it, because, frankly, some of the team they kind of just didnt, get it but weve been driving this car for the past six months and we have shared it between the team and here are their thoughts. So lets start with the good bits. Well, cost is obviously a factor, because the mx 30 is priced at about the same level as a mini electric or something like a honda e, but obviously its a little bit bigger by about 12 inches. Now, if youve got a family or you often carry things that obviously makes it more practical, the boot is a decent size too, compared to the mini and honda at least editor tom just managed to squeeze an ebay purchase sideboard in, but we need to talk about Doors now, theyre, obviously quite cool, and they are something that youd want to show your mates, but they do feel slightly like a bit of a gimmick, because just like a three door car, you still have to eject the person in the front passenger seat.

In order to get people out of the back also, when you look at it, youve got this seat belt for the front seat passenger attached to the inside of the rear door, and it just makes things feel slightly complicated when you get them in there, this window, It does not open and it is also a porthole, so the people in the back dont get much of a view and, to be honest, you wouldnt want to transport people that you actually liked. The thing is after a little bit of trial and error, we did find out that, for some people these are more than just a novelty nikki, for instance, who has a small person in her life, found that when she was trying to get her child into the Back seat into a car seat in a tight car parking space, the mx30s doors actually really helped. They were a lot easier than a conventional five door, so thats where the testing matters. It is actually a reasonable size in here too, and to be fair in the back once youve got people in there. There is enough space rumor has it that ginny had half a rowing team in there in this specific car im, not sure how she did that, but talking of space come on. Look at this. There is enough space in this engine bay to basically smuggler ginny. Now this isnt a frunk or a fruit, but there is enough gap in here to have a proper place to put things like cables or a bit of extra luggage and looking under it.

It just makes me feel like its really badly packaged. I mean look look down here. Theres acres mazda says that the 35.5 kilo hour pack in here is right sized for this type of car and keeping it small means the car is cheaper and lighter the trouble with that is. It can really limit your range now. In summer driving pretty carefully weve been getting around 120 miles out of the mx 30, but in winter it drops well below 100.. Now that could be okay for you. I mean weve bombed around in town in this car and never really thought about the range, but it all depends whats right for your journeys and if youre moving down a motorway rather than sort of nudging around in an urban environment, it does start to worry you Because that 100 miles will disappear fast and to add to that feeling of slight paranoia, the car starts to make warning bombs about 25 of your capacity left and then gets really paranoid at 15. So its not the best car for people with a nervous disposition or major range anxiety. Now you can stop at a rapid charger, of course, and just top up the battery to get you home but heres. Another frustration, even on the fastest rapids weve, only been seeing around 30 kilowatts being taken on thats, less than half the speed of the hindi kona and means youll spend twice the amount of time waiting for the charge and then youll eat more cake.

One of my slightly stupid gripes with the mx 30, is this its the charging flap. I mean look at that its enormous its like another door. If this car is parked on the street, then pedestrians have to cross the road to get past it, but anyway come with me inside and ill show you a few things that i really do like now. I do actually like this cork trim. It feels nice to the touch, it looks quite funky and its actually a lot nicer than some of the black hard scratchy plastics. You get in some cars in this price range. It is also a tiny tribute to mazdas history, because the company actually started out making corks yeah they did, and you will thank me for that, because it will end up as a pub quiz question at some point in your life. Probably, what is less cool is actually this gear. Selector now i dont mind a traditional, auto gear selector, but one thing we have noticed – and this has come from the team – is that if you forget to put it in park after youve finished driving, when you start it back up again, if its not in park, You have to switch the car off power, it all down, put it into park and then restart its a tiny thing, but it is a bit annoying now. The screens and the tech in here is all pretty good, especially for this price level, and it all works.

Pretty well, mostly, though i have found that i just tend to plug in my phone and use apple, carplay theres. Also, this weird thing going on where the car will make random bongs weve worked out that its not a speed warning its not lane departure there doesnt seem to be any apparent reason for the car making these noises, and it can be a little bit irritating its. The phantom bomber, if anyone out there, has any idea what our random bong is. Please do let us know in the comments. One thing i would say about this little air conditioning and ventilation screen is that there is very little lag when you press the screen. Now that sounds odd to say that im impressed that something works, but you dont get that in a volkswagen. Now there is someone else who likes being in the mazda or rather on it spiders. There are so many nooks and crannies that it seems to be a breeding ground for them. You could say its a popular website: yeah, okay, ill, stop with the bad jokes, but talking about websites head over to for our reviews of all things, including this mx30. You see the thing is i quite like this. I think it feels lighter than a lot of electric cars. Its got a really good turning circle and i think if you could make it suit your lifestyle, if you dont, need big range. If you dont want to spend loads of money, and you need a little bit of space, the mx 30 actually makes sense.

Its best aspects are quite specific. Basically if this car suits you itll suit, you really well, but it doesnt suit many people. So what has life been like with the mazda mx 30? Well, the team has had a chat and we have decided that if you live in a city, if you have kids and you dont do that many miles and crucially, you can charge easily at home. Then it could work and thats if you find a mini electric, a little bit too small or a kia nero a little bit too big, and you like cork, and you have a bit of a thing for spiders.