Gv60, a tesla model y rival – that has a few interesting tricks up its sleeve and it looks well a little bit strange. Actually so many electric cars these days have a sort of coupe suv roofline and it does help the aerodynamics helps the car cut through the air to maximize range. But i think it looks just a little bit awkward a little bit ungainly from some angles, but you do have nice details like these flush, fitting door handles and these cameras for the door mirrors. But i guess, if youre going to criticize the car, you have to look at its rivals and i mean its not a class full of beautiful cars. Is it with the tesla model y and the volkswagen rd4? But maybe you prefer those cars. Let us know in the comments and dont forget to subscribe to auto, express for more brand new car videos like this, but if its going up against tesla, the gv16 needs to bring strong range and performance to the table and on the whole it does the rear Wheel, drive gv60 premium, is the entry level model and produces 225 brake horsepower a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery provides a decent 321 mile range, the dual motor gv60 sport has 314 bhp and a range of 292 miles, and this model will even disconnect the front motor when It can to save energy, clever, stuff and theyll also be a performance version and that will have 429 brake horsepower thats more power than a ferrari 360, and the performance will go from naught to 62 miles an hour in four seconds flat.

So its not tesla quick, but i mean in a family suv like this. You dont really need to go any quicker. Do you and the charging is good too so weve got 350 kilowatt charging across the whole range, and that means that a 10 to 80 percent charge takes just 18 minutes and the performance has a decent range as well. With 290 miles. Genesis has now confirmed that the top model will actually be called the gv60 sport, plus probably to separate it from teslas naming strategy, speaking of which the sport plus runs the tesla model y performance, pretty close in terms of numbers that car can go almost 300 miles On a charge and hit 62 miles an hour in 3.5 seconds, but of course theres much more to a car than what the spec sheet can tell you so whats the gv60 like inside. So the cabin i think, is much more successful than the exterior youve got. Quite a minimalist design in some places, so youve got the nice thin air vents here it does get a little bit cluttered here on the center console theres a lot of silver and a lot of sort of knurled surfaces going on. But overall i think it feels really modern, really quite fresh and youve got these two huge screens in front of you taking center stage in the cabin. So one is a digital instrument panel and the second is the central infotainment display and it is super crisp.

Super responsive and theres great tech inside here too, so, unfortunately, we dont get this in europe, but there will be a facial recognition system with the gv60 which scans the drivers face recognizes who you are and will set things like: the temperature, the seat position and your Drive modes to suit your preferences, which is pretty cool isnt. It and youve also got a boost button like youd get in a formula. One car where you press this and you get an extra 27 horsepower of extra thrust, which is pretty nifty isnt it. It does. Look a bit tacky in some areas and im, not sure blue leather and green piping work very well together, but the cabin is solid, theres, clever tech in here too, like fingerprint recognition to unlock and start the car, as well as a noise cancelling system to keep Things quiet when youre on the move over the air updates also enable improvements for the voice, control, driver assist systems and even the suspension and brake settings. So the gv60 rides on the same egmp architecture as the kia ev6 and hyundai ioniq 5. And that means that the batteries are mounted under the floor of the car and sometimes with evs. That can mean that your feet are raised and yeah. You end up lacking under thigh support, but in this car its not too bad and headrooms pretty good as well. Considering the sloping, coupe, suv, roofline and elsewhere, the quality is actually really nice.

The leather is nice and waxy. Youve got some nice suede trim on the headlining and a few little nice silver details and youve got this bang olufsen stereo as well to play your tunes, which is always good to have and elsewhere, while storage, wise weve got a cup holder over here. Weve got quite a small door bin actually but theres a big cubby down here, as well with a net where you can shop some smaller items so generally yeah its a nice place to be back here. So in terms of practicality, then the gv60 has a 432 liter boot and, as you can see, it doesnt actually look that big.