This is a tesla s correct, and you said its like one of the fastest cars on the road right now it is all right. Okay, so look at that trunks base. This is a sexy car man, Music. Oh absolutely, Music, that is a sexy car, okay thats one of the most interesting interiors that ive ever seen all right. So raj hold this on me. While i turn around and im gon na explain what im feeling and seeing and all that other stuff all right. So now im a little shorter than raj is in here, so lets just see all right. So this is pretty awesome. Oh anything, i need to know yep steering wheel. Oh man! This is complex, all right play with it. Okay! Well from here from here. Okay, whatever you need to adjust up or down, i think hes, putting your settings on right, no yeah just play with it yeah. This is like a video game type thing: yeah scroll up, yeah. I caught it now, whatever works for you im good like this right here, sorry. So what do i do and were ready to go wheres the gear at the gear? Okay, so you tell me, you tell me: okay, im trying to figure this out, so the gear press thing to drive. So where would that be help a brother out? It says press pedal to drive so thats, the paddle spreader. That said, i didnt know what that went, all right, cool thats it all right, so theres, no gears or nothing like that.

You just go theres no gear its just front and back thats it. This is interesting now be careful. I think its enough. No, no quite good. All right so were going this way. Okay, good im, not driving this daisy. This is a little weird, though the steering wheel, no youll get used to it all right, cool its got this little thing up here, so you can just hold one hand one finger. Okay, just stay straight: oh my god, you got ta put your seat belt on these things are quiet man, yeah, theres, no noise, thats interesting, see, i had the uh an i8 and it was only like a hybrid and it was like not really electric. In my opinion, because it lasted for, i dont know like 90 minutes if that yeah. This is a little bit weird, but, like you said i get used to it. Youll get used to it quickly. Its definitely really like very modern, very, like uh high tech that takes a little bit get used to well. This is nice because you can drive around and look at the maps and know whats going on yeah whos around you youll find out stuff. You never knew before thats around you. I like that map im driving this davises right now. This is good because all this power – i dont know if i can handle this early in the morning now. This is nice man for sure. So talk to me about, like um, all the the upgrades that you put in this thing, so i selected every single upgrade available on this tesla except the i wanted this wood grain theres another upgrade besides the wood, its more of that uh make a right here.

Its wheres the uh the little signal right there just hit it once it was shut off itself, theres a car thats it other thing, doesnt tell me: whats going on. Okay, itll just shut off itself.