The electric crossover worth waiting for with the new to market 2022. Ev6 kia didnt just need to prove it could make a good electric vehicle Music. It needed to prove that it could accomplish the task better than its hyundai motor group rival, the hyundai brand and their 2022 hyundai ioniq 5 mission c accomplished the 2022 kia ev6 doesnt just rise above its relative competition. It rises above many other electric cars and crossovers. Putting itself at the forefront of consideration electric vehicles with the most range in 2022 read more electric vehicles with the most range in 2022, the ev6 exterior styling doesnt vary from company themes and norms. The look is fierce up front and sleekly sophisticated at the rear. Its easily recognizable from face or tail for all the right reasons. There are four grades: light wind gt line and gt the ev6 base model light rwd has rear wheel, drive, rwd a 58 kilowatt hour kwh battery and a rear motor that gets 167 horsepower. It has an estimated 232 mile, all electric range, all other models come with a 77.4 kwh battery upgraded rwd models, wind rwd gt line rwd come with a 225 horsepower motor. The two crossovers are expected to get 310 miles out of a full charge: dual motor eawd electronic, all wheel, drive versions, wind awd, gt line, awd Applause, Music, have a 74 kilowatt kw front motor and 165 kw rear motor that combine to deliver 320 horsepower. These models have less range than their rwd counterparts going just 274 miles when the battery is full kias top tier ev6 gt is a dual motor eawd unit that uses the combination of a 160 kw front motor and 270 kw rear motor to make 576 horsepower range.

Estimates have not yet been released for this model Music when charging on a 350 kw charger, the kia can 70 miles of range in less than five minutes and up to 217 miles in less than 30 minutes. However, at the moment those types of chargers are few and far between in the us, using the cars 11kw onboard charger 77.4. Kwh versions of the eb can charge from 10 to 100 in 7 hours, 10 minutes using a 240 volt plug the ev6 gt wont be available for sale until later this year it wasnt available to drive during this first time on the road opportunity. There are definite power differences between the models with the mid grade, all wheel, drive models offering the best possibility for driving excitement its not in the power where the ev6 bests its competition, its in the spirited dynamics and equipment setup. Unlike the ionic 5, the eb6 doesnt feel like its hunkering down to be go. Kart, like zippy and under achieving the ev6 doesnt, have as much body lean as the ford mustang mock e or bmw x, its fun to drive, unlike the chevrolet bolt, ev and nissan leaf.