Alpha charlie works. Ac works. I bought this handy nifty 630p to nema 1450 outlet right there. So what thats going to do is simply plug in like that nice and solid and then the e level 2 charger is going to plug in right. There cool so im looking online for a level 2 charger that i could install in my house. I was looking for something kind of mid range, not like the really expensive one 600, not the real, cheap ones that are 200. So i found the the mustard its a 32 am 250 volt level, 3 charger with the nema 1450 plug its got a 25 foot cord, so it should be able to reach pretty much anywhere. I need to charge my car and uh lets see whats in the box now the brackets for the charger itself now the bracket for the board, now 40, 72 plus yeah. Now, actually i did open this before it was packaged a little nicer, but you know im. Gon na go through things before i start recording so im actually very impressed with this with the level quality with this so make sure things, dont fall slam. So this is the nema 1450 outlet which is going to plug in under there like that. Essentially – and i have the breaker off right now, just so nothing weird happens, but you got your j1772 connector right here and whats nice about this is, is that its legit legitimately, like aluminum or an extremely hard classic im, pretty sure like its aluminum or some type Of metal, you got your kind of your indicator here and then your cord, so my plan is to not sure yet how im going to mount everything kind of right here and hook it in and then plug it into the car.

Hopefully it works lets. Do it. Schematics whoa got ta figure this out Music. All right, i think we got ta figure it out because of this its kind of tricky, because the part that connects into the actual outlet is about three feet long its kind of tricky, the way the cord hangs. So if it sits upright like that which is okay, the core kind of sticks way out, i dont even see that so im not very like im a little ocd, but not too much so im. Okay with it hanging down upside down Music me, you, Music, okay, so there you have it uh mounted its upside down. I dont care. It works cord mounted like a little oh nifty. I dont like how this hangs down, but i do like that a little wall mount right there. All right lets see if it works. Applause turned on so there it is my level two charging setup finally been waiting four years well more, like eight years of being in the evs, to have a level two charger in my own house in my garage, and i finally done it – feels good just got Back picking up my son from school, i drove about 25 miles and this is why level 2 charging is awesome compared to level 1., so 120 volt level 1 charging the car will be fully charged at 9. 15 p.m. I change it to 12 amps. 6. 50. With level two 240 youll be done charging by three, so it worked.

Yes, all right level, two charging thats like literally the first time i plugged it in lets, see we got so. You can see up there. 220. 240 volt. That means its level two charge complete by 3 15 pm. That is awesome, hope.