This year, super bowl bravely entered the new era with a massive hip, hop themed, entertainment, special and a very interesting selection of super bowl commercials that were aired during the event. In fact, there were five fresh, innovative and fascinating tv commercials featuring electric vehicles which have transcended the ceiling of conventional marketing and became proper short movies, combining popular culture, history and the future of transportation. That is why we wanted to tell you more about those pieces of modern advertising and their impact on the ev community, starting off with dr evil from general motors. Some say that gm is behind the ford motor company in pushing the eevee initiative. Still, the latest tv, commercial, featuring legendary mike myers as dr evil and the rest of the austin powers movie crew shows the gm is just getting started in this funny tv ad. We see dr evil making plans to conquer the world as usual, but first he needs to reduce his carbon footprint. Although goofy and clearly based on previous films, this tv ad is in fact very important since it not only shows full production model, gmc, hummer, ev and cadillac concept, but also announces new gms ultrium platform, which should be at the base of so many upcoming ev models. The ultrian platform, which underpins the gmc hummer ev, is a revolutionary design engineered to offer 50 50 weight distribution and be the basis for all kinds of vehicles from massive off roaders, like hulla, to luxury suvs from cadillacs.

The exciting thing about this platform is the fact that cells can be positioned horizontally or vertically, which adds modularity to the concept and offers so much versatility when engineering future vehicles. At the moment, capacity is set at 100 kilowatt hours, but a massive 200 kilowatt hour battery is in the pipeline. The ultriam platform is also designed to be able to charge in a short time further reducing waiting periods. Next is the bmw ix by arnold schwarzenegger. Bmw had some questionable tv ads recently, they were all perfectly executed with top notch photography, but potential buyers and fans were a bit puzzled. Its not what a commercial should be its okay to be bold or mysterious, but at the end of the day the customer needs to be able to get the point. Fortunately, in the latest super bowl ad for all electric bmw ix potential customers are delivered with a clear message. Bmw suggests that even zeus, a chief deity in greek mythology and father of all men and gods enjoys driving the new ix with up to 610 horsepower 3.8 seconds to 60 miles an hour. The ix really has a god like performance. The commercial showed zeus played by arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, the goddess hera, played by selma hayak retiring and moving to palm springs. Zeus is often frustrated by neighbors and friends, asking him for electric power despite the ideal surroundings. After all, one of zeuss trademarks is a lightning bolt to charge anything by moving his fingers after causing a complete blackout.

Hera surprises him with a brand new ix, which seems to be ideal transportation. For such a high ranking figure from mythology. Not only does it possess fantastic performance and technology, but also uses electric power, which is ideally suited for a figure who is the god of thunder. In the end, we can see arnold zeus behind the wheel and using his power to change all the traffic lights to green thats, a very cool trick. We must admit number three is the sopranos chevrolet silverado electric. It looks like reviving classic movies and tv shows in a theme in 2022, at least when it comes to super bowl commercials still chevrolets ad for the new silverado electric is an instant classic of the genre and probably the best executed spot weve seen in a long Time, chevrolets marketing team took inspiration from the legendary tv series, the sopranos for this commercial. Unfortunately, james gandolfini is gone, but his in show daughter, actress, jamie lynn, siegler took his place behind the wheel of a large chevrolet in an epic recreation of the shows, opening credits. The whole commercial is a perfect copy of the shows intro with meadow soprano, taking her dads place with the tagline a whole new truck for a whole new generation. Chevrolet introduces us to a new, suburban electric, which cruises the new york highways with authority, just like tonys gas guzzling suburban did some 20 years ago when meadow parks, the car. We see that shes parked in charging space using the revolutionary four wheel, steering or crab walk feature which turns both axles.

Contrary to one another, allowing exceptional levels of maneuverability, the commercial adds with a pretty emotional meeting with her in series brother aj soprano played by robert ilya in front of a diner, a cool nod to the controversial season finale this new generational technology also allowed meadow to Parallel park, without all of the problems she had in the season finale as soprano fans, we absolutely loved the way that chevrolet, spotlighted the silverado and brought one of our favorite sunday night pastimes back to life. Number four is the kia ev6 kiara is one of the most active economy, car makers in the ev community right now, and the new ev6 crossover is already becoming quite a force on the market. At the moment, this cool looking all electric model, is available in two power levels, with 58 kilowatt hour or 77 kilowatt hour battery packs. Despite being a compact family crossover first in gt spec, it can be a supercar killer with an astonishing and not to 60. Time of just 3.5 seconds, however, the performance isnt, the best thing. We feel that the 317 miles of range deserves praise in a charming super bowl. Tv commercial kia tries to show the softer side of its new ev6 by saying the feelings are universal, even if youre, a small and incredibly cute battery powered toy dog, you have to chase your goals, live the life fully charged, even though theres no complicated plot or Cool story behind this ad, its still an adorable piece of promotional film, which shows the softer side of the fully electric world of the future and tries to get female customers attention by featuring popular actors.

Sam page number, five is pole. Star number two polestar is just a volvo spin off and to others its a very promising company that paved the way for hybrid and battery powered vehicles. We have today, however, all agree that polstar needs a hit, a highly popular and globally available model that will establish this brand at the forefront of the ev industry. Could the number two be that model? Polstar 2 is assembled in china, but engineered by volvo and related to several ice powered models as a truly global vehicle. However, this model is a fully electric crossover with a unique design, minimalistic approach, considerable power performance and respectable range. Yes, it is time that polstar claims its spot on the market. This is precisely the idea behind the memorable tv ad that runs during the super bowl 2022 without any punch lines, expensive special effects or gimmicks. The polestar marketing crew managed to rattle some cages in the ev world, launching subtle attacks at tesla and volkswagen amongst other companies to anybody who knows a thing or two about the car industry lines like no diesel gate. No shortcuts and no conquering mars are clearly linked to volkswagens debacle or elon musks focus on mammoth projects that dont have anything to do with electric cars, although we cannot call this tv, commercial, the most catching in terms of visual appearance or photography. Its still very memorable. First, because it perfectly follows the minimalistic design, cues and second, it calls out companies that are not entirely dedicated to developing carbon neutral vehicles.