Now byd is a china company, but its a little bit more complicated than that, because some of its biggest investors include warren buffett and his partner, charlie munger youve got some of the big investment icons in the world involved in this project as well. Theres going to be two models coming on the market initially now the range on the ato 3 is 320 kilometers and on the extended model, its 420 kilometers according to wltp standards. As far as charging goes, its only 45 minutes on a supercharger to charge this car or nine hours on a home charger now, while its an suv, its not an overly long car, so its relatively easy to maneuver its got. These beautiful curved lines led headlights 18 inch wheels here, heres your charging unit, which unusually, is on the front of this car, rather than towards the back now with the engine at the front and space in the boot at the back, you might wonder where on earth Is the battery on this car? Well, its underneath? I can see here a panel which is the battery. It doesnt actually come down very far, but it just slightly less clearance than the large clearance here so thats, where the battery is because there is no batteries in the back of this ev weve got a pretty spacious boot here. This cover can be at two levels. So you can have it sitting up here, a little bit higher or down there and when we take it out, youll see we dont have a spare tyre but thats pretty uh usual for these sort of cars these days.

But we do have a tyre repair kit. So youll youll need your glue in that, but youll be able to get going and get a permanent fix once youve got to a service center now its time to have a look at this interesting interior. A lot of electric cars tend to be pretty straight laced inside fairly plain in what they provide, but this is anything but this curved style, air vents throughout heres. The dial for your airflow here youll see that on the edges here on the sides, the door handle here is just this beautifully designed handle on top of the speaker. Style is a big thing in this car, and curvature is really part of the design. As far as seats and comfort go, weve got electric adjustment on this, so i can curve back and forward and up and down pretty easily a little motor words away in the background in the car itself. Its really comfortable here theres lots of places to store things because theres no big gear system here youve got this big pocket here. Another one here, another one. There theres down here, theres two usb a ports for charging your devices and another two in the back. Youve got this big infotainment system which actually can rotate from landscape to portrait. If you are waiting somewhere and you want to get into instagram or social media, you can go into portrait mode and you can enjoy that experience. Weve got a display in front of the steering wheel as well its not really the size that were used to on dashboards.

Some cars, like the tesla dont, even bother with a system straight in front of the steering wheel, but this will give you the basics. Like speed and what you need to know directly on the road, the gear lever on electric cars is pretty simple: weve got reverse neutral and drive and thats about all you have to do, because once you, you drive, you just keep driving theres no gears on electric Cars, its quite amazing, theres, also wireless charging, this car, we can get a phone and we can just put it here and you can charge it up as you go along in the back. There is plenty of room. I have no trouble at all putting my feet out in front sitting here, like some other cars out of china, theres no uh gear shaft in the center, so youve got no hub here. So that means the person in the middle has got a bit of room. I mean i need to have my legs a bit further extended up, but thats a lot different to cars, where youve got this big hub in the center, but generally its pretty comfortable and on the left and right side plenty of room. I think its its a very comfortable setup on the back here. Weve got our air vents again, our we can dial up and down the amount of air and another two usb a charges down there. The most amazing thing of all is the camera system on this car, because that makes a big difference to the confidence level you have in operating it.

We can have multiple views of the camera at once, including birds eye view, so i can park this car going backwards into a car park and i can see clearly whats behind me the lines behind me and not only that i can choose to have a transparent View here and even see, whats underneath so if i want to actually see whats underneath if theres a drone or something there, i can do that. But the important thing is, you can park this or put it anywhere and youve got these multiple camera views that you can select to make it a real cinch, and that is one of the big issues. Of course, when you get into a new car is to be able to park it and maneuver it easily. Not only does this operate as a live camera, but you can use this system to record whats happening when youre out of the car, so you dont have to have a separate camera security system driving the 803 is a cinch. It has a 150 kilowatt motor and going along here on the ma tunnel in sydney at 80 ks its well within its limits. It does this really comfortably its very silent theres, not even a lot of road noise. Often, when im in an ev, the motor is silent, but you get tire noise. I dont notice that much so youre getting a little bit of noise but its really easy to drive. It has a few other features, for example, its got regenerative braking.

So when i brake itll generate a bit of that energy back into the battery on the dash in front of me, ive got the small little dash there. It shows my speed other metrics, like the amount of power im consuming uh. Whether ive got things selected like adaptive, cruise control or lane assistance, those types of things and, of course, the the amazing camera system, the eight cameras that come with this particular unit. It just means you feel like youre in a cockpit rather than driving a car with all this assistive technology around you now these cars have all these amazing features as standard, but theyre, not that expensive youre paying tens of thousands less than a tesla. The 803 is 4499, that is on the road. Now, when you subtract the government assistance in say, victoria and new south wales, you end up with a car thats a little bit cheaper than that, and the 803 extended is 47 990. The sunroof comes standard with both these models and theres two modes of opening it theres the glass shade cloth, which gives you a glass view out the top. If i press the up button here, even that opens and ive got an entire sunroof with the breeze flowing through the car. My car, tire and auto, which is a large australian chain of automotive repairers, will be looking after the warranty on this car. So there will be plenty of places for it to be serviced.

You get a seven year, warranty on the battery or 000 kilometers theres. Also a seven year warranty on the vehicle itself with terms and conditions the car comes to market in july You can go to their website if youre interested in pre ordering from now.