. Now, at the time, it felt like quite a long way away, and it still is in some regards, but if you think about it, there are many cars in showrooms. Now that are going to either have to be ditched or replaced with electric versions in less than a decade. There are many car makers that are well on track to meet the deadline. I mean tesla have been dancing the electric fandango since day one, but there are some car makers that are less advanced in terms of their electric plans. Im looking at dacha, suzuki saiyan and the less said about aston martin, the better. But there are many that are much more prepared im looking at mercedes. They have been working very very hard. Lately, theyve been very busy releasing electric versions of their conventional cars. So then, when the time comes, they will whip out their magic wand and poof all of their petrol and diesel engines will vanish. So today were going to have a little look at this. This is the mercedes eqb, which is an electric suv and it runs parallel and is based on the glb. So is this eqb good enough to make its petrol sibling redundant? Well, lets find out izzy wizzy lets get busy. Mercedes eq range of evs is already pretty impressive: weve reviewed the eqa and eqc and theres an electric version of the v class called yeah. You guessed it eqv. Next up is the eqb, a smallish, seven seat, electric suv that if you squint almost looks like a scaled down g wagon with no grill, because electric cars dont need grills either side of that fake grille are new energy saving led lights, while theres a full width Light bar connecting the rear lights, which really enhances visibility at night, like the scrolling indicators that are so common nowadays youre going to see a lot of these in future, the eqbs glb sibling is priced from just over 37 grand here in the uk, but would you Care to guess how much the eqb will cost wrong put a five at the beginning instead, so surely that extra 15 grand also gets you a complimentary gold bar in the glove box or something um.

This cant be am i in the right car, because this feels like im, just sat in a jail. Oh no circular vents, yeah, theres, theres, blue blue bits of trim, yeah, no, its okay im in the electric car im. Only joking look, the extra money that youre gon na spend goes on the bits that you dont see like electric motors and batteries. For example. Now the glb has always had one of the best interiors that you can buy today. So luckily nothing has changed in this transition to ev suv. So it is dominated by these two very nice 10 and a quarter inch screens that are connected by this black bezel here in the middle and they just look so crisp and gorgeous. The graphics are just lovely now you can either use the touchscreen, which is great, or you can use this touchpad here in the middle, which is a lot more intuitive than you might expect. Actually and its got handwriting recognition built in there is voice activation for the infotainment system, apple, carplay, android, auto, and on this steering wheel, youve got plenty of battens to control everything while youre driving there is ambient lighting, which looks very nice at night and the materials All look and feel really lovely. I mean there are some hard plastics, but you dont really come into contact with them very often thats, all very lovely in here. Full specifications will be announced shortly, but wed expect the eqb to match the eq.

A in offering sport and amg line trim levels with premium and premium plus packs available on the latter standard goodies include 18 inch, alloy wheels led headlights, apple, carplay and android auto, while amg line gets sport seats with provided extra support, where you need it, the equipment Packs bring you more equipment, such as bigger wheels, keyless entry and a panoramic glass sunroof that really brightens the interior. Its a shame that the sunroof doesnt come as standard in the uk, but its an option. We definitely add now lets take a gander at the two of the eqbs biggest selling points. Those rear seats. Youve probably already noticed that this is the left hand, drive german spec, which only comes with five seats, but the uk version well theyll all come with seven and we have tested those out those rear seats back. There are not designed for you, if youre an adult unless youre quite happy to travel around with your knees at your ears, theyre perfect for kids and theyre, going to have isofix points as well in both of those seats on the front and here in the middle, Which is quite unusual now theres a reason why those rear seats are so small and thats, because the underpinnings of this car is shared with the a class as in the family hatchback. But the big boxy suv body means that in here look at with this room. So much leg room so much headroom shoulder room is fantastic as well.

If you want to compare this with a conventional car, then its competition is the land rover, discovery, sport or the volkswagen tiguan. All space, oh, and also these seats will fold down separately. So it makes it nice and easy for the kids to get in the back and freeze up more boot space talking of boot space poof, as you may have guessed, with all seven seats in use, which i know you cant see here, but youre gon na have To take our word for it, youre gon na have to send everyones luggage to your destination in a separate car or restrict everyone to a single pair of pants for the holiday, because its kind of tiny, but with the rear pair of seats, folded away into the Floor, the eqbs boot has a very respectable 465 litres of space, which is much more useful, thats enough for a couple of full size suitcases or a weeks worth of food shop in and, of course, theres. An extendable luggage cover to hide your cargo. When the middle row of seats are raised fold, those down and youve got an estate like 1710 liters to work with now. At the moment, every eqb comes with two motors one for each axle for the four wheel drive so a little bit like the glb. The eqb is geared up for comfort, so the suspension is just really good at soaking up the lumps and bumps in the road, but its not the best, at keeping everything on a nice even keel when youre on a twisty turny country roads when its moving.

However, it is very refined, very swift. It rolls along really smoothly now with the extra weight of the battery. It means the chassis moves in a softly, calm, comfortable fashion. So what it does is, it encourages a calm, relaxing driving manner, which is just in keeping with the eqb ethos, but yeah a little bit of body roll on corners and its not exactly what you would call fun to drive. The entry model is the eqb 300, which delivers 225 brake horsepower enough for naught 62 in eight seconds fork out a bit more for the 288 brake horsepower, eq b350 thats. What weve got here and youll be able to get there in 6.2 seconds, both get the same 66.5 kilowatt hour battery and both claim a range of 260 miles, but on a very cold miserable winters day, like today, thats closer to 200 miles. Ev batteries dont like the cold, especially when they have to deal with the extra demand from heated seats and the climate control a skoda. Enyak costs less but covers more miles on a charge. However, many miles you can squeeze out of the battery dc rapid charging at up to 100 kilowatts means the eqb has the same top up times as the eqa. So an 80 charge takes 30 minutes thats more than enough time to visit the little girls room and grab a skinny macchio whatever at the motorway services and maybe borrow chocolate once youre home. If your electrics allow, then you can use the 11 kilowatt on board charger.

More relevant for most will be charging from a seven kilowatt wall box which will get the eqb back to 100 overnight, as with every ev, you have regenerative braking that puts power back into the battery when you slow down, so you can change the braking effect by Lifting your foot off of the accelerator at the highest setting it breaks quite quickly, but we would call that one pedal driving, so you can basically do most of your journey without touching the brakes at all just using the accelerator. Now we have a top speed of 99 mile, an hour which some of you might go well, thats really slow, but be honest with me right. Look me in the eye. Okay, when was the last time you drove that speed on uk roads without then getting a really grainy picture of yourself through the post. A couple of weeks later now we would recommend sticking with the eqb 300, because thats got more than enough performance and the instant torque actually whisks along this big suv body at a very nice pace or better still. You can wait a bit because it wont be long now joining the range will be a less powerful front. Wheel, drive called the 250. right lets, have a look at the deal makers and deal breakers for the mercedes eqb. Yes, the rear seats are only for small people, but this is a perfect ev for larger families. Just look at that lovely dashboard.

Not only does it look sensational, but it also features plenty of quality materials and that feeling of quality is further emphasized by the smooth quiet, driving experience, theres, a fair old price gap between the glb and the eqb, at least until the two wheel drive version of The eqb arrives, making this quite a pricey family car plus, with an official range of 260 miles, the eqb isnt as competitive as say, volkswagen, id4 or a skoda enyak. Yes, mercedes are definitely on track to releasing electric versions of all of their cars ahead of a number of manufacturers, but while the cars are perfectly good, theyre still, certainly in the case of this eqb quite expensive, now its not to say this isnt a great car Because it is a great car and the seven seat, gorgeous interior is definitely going to win this suv, a lot of fans. I mean its not the best drive, but it deals with the uks rutted roads really well and refinement is excellent, but i just dont think that many people need the reassurance of four wheel drive, so wed be tempted to wait and see what that cheaper. Two wheel drive is going to be like when its released.