Now, how does the megan compare well today im going to try and find out, but before i go any further, if you like what we do, why not give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more awesome videos, just like this one controversial opinion. I think this is the most interesting megan renau has made since the one that appeared in the mid 2000s. You remember the one with the flat rear windscreen and that kind of curved boot lid. Now that car caused a big stir when it first came out because it didnt look like anything that had come before it and i kind of think the same thing is going to be the case with this new mcgann e tec. Now, from a distance, this kind of looks like an suv, because weve got bits of cladding around the wheel, arches and down the side of the car. Just overall its proportions make it look taller than it actually is. It sits at 1.5 meters tall, making it sit lower to the ground than a renault zoe. Renault has also pushed the wheels right to the edge of the car, which opens up 2.7 meters of wheelbase, which should make the interior nice and roomy. There are lots of little interesting design features on the mcgann e tec 2.. For example, youve got a sloping, rear roof line that feeds into this little wing, which genuinely makes the car look quite dynamic and sporty its also a two tone design.

So weve got the midnight blue car here, but there are five other colors that you can choose from and that contrasts nicely with a gloss black roof at the back. Weve got a light bar that runs along the width of the car and youve got some really gorgeous leds at the front of the car as well. That just gives the car a really sharp look, particularly at night. Weve got 20 inch wheels on this car, which just seems massive for a family, hatchback and im really intrigued to see how it rides, but on the surface i think they look really very good other features i like youve got the little gold highlights around the front And rear of the car, which i think just sets it apart from other, more mundane, family hatchbacks and the actual side of the car, is super smooth because youve got a pop out door, handle for the driver and front passenger and then the rear. The handles are integrated, really neatly into the top of the door. Another cool little feature i like about the mcgann e tec is that the e on mcgann is gold, which tells you that its not a normal megane, although all normal mcganns will be this going forward. Anyway, boot space youve got a little button just here, so nothing in the badge no button that youve got to press underneath here its just this tiny little button right here, press that pops open its, not automatic tailgate, but when we do open it up, we get 440 liters, which is actually 55 liters more than you get on the vw id3 and its a really deep boot as well.

So you can get quite big bulky items into the back no problem. The only downside, though, is that you do have quite a big load. Lip so getting stuff in and out of the car, particularly shopping, might become a little bit of a pain back to the good bits, though, you have a little bit of extra storage underneath the boot floor, where you can stir away your charging cables, there are two Motor and two battery options available in the new mcgann e tec now on the motor side, theyre all front mounted and theyre all front wheel drive, but you get them in two different outputs, one producing 130 horsepower and another producing a whopping 220 horsepower and on the Battery side youve got a 40 kilowatt hour battery, which offers you up to 186 miles of range and theres, also a long range version, which is 60 kilowatt hours, and with that you can get up to 292 miles. Charging is pretty damn fast as well, because you can option in 130 kilowatt charging now, if you find a suitable charger. That means that lets say. If you go for the 60 kilowatt version, you can get up to 186 miles of range in just 30 minutes and speaking of battery and charging renault is very proud about the battery that its put in its new megan e tec, which it claims, is the thinnest On the market, at just 11 millimeters in thickness, thats 11 centimeters, not 11 millimeters, you idiot, and that means that on the inside, you can have a completely flat floor, opening up even more space its when you step in the new mcgann e tec that you realize Just how far this car has moved forwards, because, even though this is an absolute top spec car, so its fully loaded, it feels like a really premium.

Product weve got leather effect on top of the dashboard on the armrest, and also on these very, very comfy. Sport seats, which also have perforated leather effects in the center. That contrasts really nicely with this kind of wood finish, which is really lovely and thats mixed up with some metal highlights as well. So youve got a nice mix of materials inside the new megane e tec. The steering wheel is really nice, too its kind of squared off, so it looks really sporty and its got a very minimalist slim, look to it and its just a joy to hold really very lovely with a couple of paddles on the back to go through the Different energy recovery settings youve got quite a few buttons on here as well. Theyre not touch operated, they are physical buttons, but its a bit of a vague system, but you do have a couple of rockers either side and also a button down here for the different driving modes. Storage is plentiful as well. Ive got a massive bin underneath the armrest and ahead of that is a little tray with a couple of usbc ports. Weve also got a wireless charger in the center of the dashboard and just a generic massive storage tray down here, which is customizable and youve got a cup holder as well. But what really dominates the experience are the pair of screens that are ahead of you and theyre now actually powered by google, and that makes a gigantic difference.

So if we take this central display, which is actually portrait as opposed to the more conventional landscape systems, everything is just ultra responsive and really neatly laid out its very similar to the systems that you get in volvos. You can actually watch my review of an electric volvo by clicking the link in the top right hand corner. That means you have google maps for your satnav system and you can make use of google assistant too, plus being a google powered car. You can download more apps through the google play store, but if you want to use your own phone to hook up to the system, then you can still access apple, carplay and android auto, which is something that i personally prefer because i like using waze, as it Picks out speed cameras, but if you do use the google system, then it will come up on your digital drivers display and the display itself is super sharp and very quick to respond its a huge improvement over the old renault systems and also a lot better than Its rivals a certain vw id3, given that weve got that flat floor and quite a long, wheelbase im a little disappointed with the space in the back of the mcgann e tec. Now ive got the drivers seat in my position. Im just under six foot and ive not got a lot of leg room to spare. So if youre six foot and over it is gon na feel a little bit cramped back here, headroom isnt that bad.

But again, if youre on the tall side, you might find it just feeling a little bit tight in the back of the megan. Also, the seats are very flat. So if you go into something like a vw id3 and you can watch my review of that by clicking the link in the top right hand, corner vw installed these almost bucket, like seats of where you really sink into them, and it means theyre much more comfortable Than having a flat seat like we have here and like ive, seen in a lot of other evs, and that means youve got this big gap between your leg and the base of the seat. So it kind of renders it almost a little bit pointless other than that it does feel quite nice back here. The quality of the seats are pretty nice and weve got a couple of usbc charging ports, but, on the whole, its a bit of a disappointment back here, theres just a couple more things i wanted to point out now were in the megan e tec on the Road, one of them is the digital rear view, mirror so its basically a camera pointing out the back, which relays a video feed directly to you now ive used them before in the honda e, and you can watch my review of that by clicking the link in The top right hand corner – and i didnt have any problem with it, but in here it just doesnt seem to work as well as id like it to i find that the perspective of it is too zoomed in so i feel like it.

Doesnt, give you a very accurate representation of your rear view, and the other thing i wanted to point out was the ambient lighting, which has got this kind of weird little theme to it. Of where, when you get in the car in the morning, you can have the colors be of a cooler nature, like greens and blues and then in the afternoon, itll get warmer so oranges and reds to simulate the fact that time is progressing and that its soon Going to be time to wind down and go to bed now you can override that and just have whatever color you want, but still i thought it was a interesting if a little strange feature to have another cool feature is the steering. Now renault has basically quickened up the steering rack on the new megane e tec, which is kind of what you see on performance, cars, supercars and racing cars. So, in theory, what the idea is is that it makes it much more easier to maneuver. It doesnt feel like youre, hauling around a big heavy car and lets face it. Electric cars are heavy, but in practice i think its a bit more of a mixed bag, because i feel as though its been designed for the streets of paris or london, where even the smallest input of the wheel results in a change of direction. And i think it just takes a little bit of getting used to its a sensation.

I absolutely love in performance cars, but its something like a family hatchback. It can just feel almost a little bit too darty, so youre, probably thinking heavy car big wheels ride. Quality is probably not going to be that great, but it is actually really impressive. Now granted were in the south of spain at the moment, and the roads are really really good. Theyre ultra smooth so theyre, not representative of what we have back home in the uk. But you can still get a good idea, even over relatively small bumps, how a car is going to react and sure its not perfect, its not absorbing every little ripple in the road, but its a lot more comfortable than i was expecting performance. Wise renault is claiming a 0 to 62 time of 7.4 seconds, which will be for the faster 220 horsepower car and really. I actually think it feels quite a bit faster than that, because its an electric car and youve got that near instant torque. It just gets off the line so quickly. Now it doesnt feel like a performance car. It doesnt feel sporty, but it just feels like it can handle pretty much anything. But i think, even if you went for the 130 horsepower car, which, admittedly i havent been able to try, i still think it should feel relatively fast because again youve got that near instant torque. So it should feel pretty quick off the line, its 0 to 30.

That matters more in an electric car than 0 to 60.. There are also different driving modes. You can go through as well, so ive currently got it in eco, because im trying to save as much battery as possible, but weve also got sport personalized or individual and comfort. Now doesnt feel like theres a huge difference between the different ones, obviously, with individual, you can go through different settings and basically set up the way you would want to now in sport mode. It is going to sharpen up the throttle response, its not going to feel like a proper hot hatch, for that well have to wait for the alpine version. Hopefully one of those will come along, but just to get you up to speed to get onto a motorway. It does the job just fine and kind of, and the cherry on the cake is an upgraded suite of semi autonomous driving systems and the big one is the adaptive cruise control, which has now been adjusted so that it not only slows down for cars that are Ahead of you, but itll also adjust its speed depending on the road that youre on so lets, say: youre coming up to a twisty set of bends and its a 90 kilometer an hour zone like im in at the moment, then itll actually start slowing down. For the corners to make sure you dont go flying off a cliff and itll also do the same thing for roundabouts too.

So if youre approaching a roundabout, the system will start to slow down and i think thats really handy if youre going along a motorway. But sometimes these systems can just be a little bit overly cautious and theres times where you just want to basically take a corner. Just a little bit faster than the system wants you to now for me to give this a definitive. This is better than the id3 id need to know the price and renault hasnt announced it yet were expecting it, though, to be in the region of about 35 000 pounds, or maybe even a little bit. More renault is very much positioning this as a direct rival to the id3 and id expect it to be priced to compete with it, but from my first impression this feels like quite a big step up over an id3. Not only does it drive really well aside from the very very sharp and darty steering, but its the tech in here thats. Just really great youve got a properly good infotainment system, really nice high resolution screens, and you feel like youre in a very high tech car, and even if this costs a little bit more than the id3, i still think it would be worth it. This does feel like a big improvement over its rivals.