But it will take a long time before they finally introduced a capable and practical electric family car. Now that time has come, this is the new megan, and this one is fully electric Music renault knows how to build and sell electric cars. The zoe has been one of the best selling evs in europe for the past couple of years, but, like i said in the introduction, it took a long time before the zoe got a bigger electric brother. This is the mega e tec electric and the model name suggests that renault has equipped the current generation of the mega with an electric powertrain, like volkswagen, did with the e golf and kia with the kona electric, but thats, not at all whats going on here. This electric mega e tec is a completely new model, which has nothing to do with the regular mega with a combustion engine. In fact, the regular mega will still remain available next to this electric megane. Now i dont really have to tell you that this electromagnet has nothing to do with the kirin megane, because youve already seen that it clearly doesnt look anything like the current megane. It looks very futuristic, very modern. Indeed, it has a bit of a weird shape, its not really a crossover its not that high. But you do get these crossover elements here, like this plastic cladding around the wheel, arches its also not really a traditional hatchback, so its a bit like a volkswagen id3, which is also not really a hatchback or a crossover.

But it is, in fact the biggest competitor of this electric megane at four meters and 21 centimeters. This might is about five centimeters shorter than the volkswagen id3, but just like the volkswagen, the wheels on the megane are located at the far corners of the car, and so, despite its compact exterior dimensions, the car is a pretty large wheelbase, so thats the space between The front and the wheel wheels, which is 2 meter 70 on this electric megane, which results in quite a decent interior space im going to be talking about motor options and battery options in just a moment when im going to take the car for drive. First lets look at the cargo room here. I can tell you that the electric motor is not in the back like with the volkswagen id3. It is in the front which results in a pretty decent cargo space. You got 440 liters here and because the electric motor is not in the back, you get quite a deep space, which is very nice. But you dont get like a false floor here. So not like a load floor that you can set in different heights, which is a little bit annoying because then you get this really big bump here now, of course, you can also fall down the rear seats, creating even more cargo space, but then again you still Dont have a completely flat floor. You can also equip the mega with a tow bar and they can tow up to 900 kilograms if you have the most powerful version of the car.

The interior dimensions of this electric mega are about the same as with the regular mega. So that means that a person like me, who is one meter, 80, sits fine here. I still got plenty of headroom left and also some room for my knees here, and i can put my feet under the seat as well, which is always nice. You dont got like a bump here, because this car is electric, which is especially nice. If you want to carry like three people here in the back, because then the person in the middle can also put his feet somewhere, you get two modern, usb c ports down here and you dont got an armrest, but you do get free headrests. Now, if youre a bit longer than me lets, say one meter 85 for 190, you might just fit here, but you probably wont so if youre a bit longer. This is probably not the best place to be in the mega eater electric Music, just like the exterior of the car, the interior, is also very modern. Looking you got two giant screens here. You got a horizontal screen in front of you, which is 12 inch, and here in the center you got this vertical 12 inch screen as well. The infotainment system is from google its the android automotive system, which is a very good system and a very fast system as well. Now that system is already in cars, from pollstar like the pulsar, 1 and 2, and in various models from volvo and its just a very fast and very impressive system, its basically the best infotainment system out there.

So it uses different google apps, like obviously google maps, and what is really nice on google maps in this car is that the system knows the car. It knows how big the battery is and how much percentage you got left and it will automatically tell you when and where to charge. So if you set your destination, for example, from paris to the south of france, it will automatically calculate at which charging location you have to stop and charge, and it will also tell you for how long so, basically exactly how it works with the tesla. And that is very helpful that really reduces the stress of driving an electric car. You dont have to look at yourself where the charging points are and when and how long you have to charge at certain points. Now, besides the google apps, you also got spotify as standard and can also control different options of the car using this system now. Luckily, we now also included a couple of physical buttons here as well, which is also very nice, because then you dont have to fiddle around on the screen. If you just want to set your temperature, there are a couple of physical buttons down here, so you can easily set your temperature without even having to look to the screen. Now, like i said also in front of you, you get a screen, so a digital gauge cluster, again looking very sharp, very clean again its 12 inch.

Now you can easily change the view on the screen, so theres a big view button on the steering wheel and if you press it, you can see the navigation map in big, so the google maps screen. But you can also see your speed, your range and all sorts of things. Now the rear view mirror is pretty interesting because you can get a regular rear view mirror, but you can also get an electric one with a camera. So if i pull this lever, this one will turn into a screen as well, so you got ta know the screen. This is the third screen in this car, which gives a pretty clear view of whats going on behind you now. This is a pretty good option to have, because the car has a bit of a sloping roof line here in the back, which, admittedly looks pretty cool, but that does mean you have pretty poor rear visibility. But with this option it doesnt really matter because this one uses a camera that is located on the back of the car. So now you can clearly see whats happening behind you. The finish finishing the interior is very good. You do get some hard plastic on the top door panels, but just beneath that theres, alcantara and some aluminium trim here on the top dashboard. You got this soft fabric, which looks very nice indeed, so, all in all, a pretty classy interior, the steering wheel in the interior is completely new.

You got the new renault logo, which looks pretty new, but also a little bit. Retro then lets talk motor options and battery options. This car is built on the new cmf ev platform, which is specifically built for electric cars. The battery pack is, of course, located in the floor of the car, but because they used smaller and thinner batteries. The battery pack is about 40, lighter and smaller than the battery pack that you get in renault zoe. That also means that the car is fairly light for an electric car. It weighs 1640 kilos, which is about 150 kilos lighter than a volkswagen id3. With about the same battery capacity, so lets talk about the battery capacity. You can get this car with either 40 or 60 kilowatt hours. With the 40 kilowatt hours, you get a range of 300 kilometers according to the official figures, so in real life, a little bit less and with the bigger battery, which is the 60 kilowatt hour battery, you can do 470 kilometers. So if youre not planning to do really big trips and just use the car for day to day traffic to your job or school, you can deal with the small battery option. Then youll be fine with around 300 kilometers of range. But if you are planning to do bigger trips, maybe even once or twice a year, if you go on a big holiday, youre gon na need a bigger battery. Also, because, with a bigger battery, you can fast charge a bit faster because, with the small battery you can charge up to 85 kilowatt and with the bigger battery you can fast charge up to 130 kilowatt.

That means that if you fast charge this car at the right location with 130 kilowatt, you can get 300 kilometers of extra range within 30 minutes. There are also two motor options to choose from or basically to power outputs. If you go for the small battery, the electric motor will provide 130 horsepower. If you go for the bigger battery, the motor will provide 220 horsepower, so the bigger the battery you get, the more power you get now, whichever motor you get. The car is always front wheel, driven, like i said in the beginning of the video the car im driving right now has the 60 kilowatt hour battery pack, and so it has 220 horsepower its a pretty zippy car. It will do zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 7.4 seconds, which is not mind, blowing fast its about as fast as a similar volkswagen id3. That car is also not the fastest electric car out there, but again 7.4 seconds its actually pretty fast for a family car, but nowadays were just used to very ridiculous zero to 100 times because of electric cars. But this car is definitely not slow at all and because this car is not that heavy again for an electric car, its a pretty nimble car, its a very easy and fun car to drive, you can actually have some fun with the car. You can do a bit of sporty driving theres, also a button here on the steering wheel, which says multisense.

So this is basically for the drive modes. So if you press it, you can go to sports. You can go to comfort. You can go to eco now when you go to comfort or even to eco. The gas response will be a bit slower. If you press the accelerator, not much will happen, but if you go to sport, the accelerated pedal is very sensitive. Of course, you can also do some regenerative braking with this car. There are some pedals behind the steering wheel, which you control the magenta braking width. You can set it to different levels. There are four levels, so those are my first impressions of the renault megane e tec, electric, the first really practical family electric car by renault. Of course, you can also use the zoe as a family car, but that is really a compact car and this car offers more practicality, so thats it for this video.