Sarah here, with a spaceship review today, i have the 2022 mercedes benz eqs 580 4matic, this evil hamburglar from the future getaway looking car is the most advanced electric vehicle i have ever driven so without further ado lets, get it up in the air nerd out over The tech, specs and hope it doesnt make my lift tip over because this things heavy Music. Oh, this is wild. I think well go down the fairway nice and smooth. What is that octong do not touch whos saiza whoa, the aluminium subframes got some asmr goodies on the side. Where is it when i touch it? Oh yeah, thats satisfying? Oh, i want to take this thing apart. So bad, i cant take it apart its not its. Not mine, its verboten ive, never seen underbody plastic like this, like youd, have up front under an engine of a car except because its electric dual motor, its in the rear. You can take it off. I really want to take it off the plastic, its hard to see anything because all the arrow cladding underneath here, but this has a multi link, rear suspension with rear wheel, steering and aromatic air suspension and the airbags back here, because the car weighs 5 888 pounds Or this many kilograms im good at math. Anyway, the system is capable of lowering the car when it exceeds speeds of 120 kilometers per hour, and then, if you drop below 80 kilometers per hour, itll automatically raise the vehicle back up which aids in fuel efficiency and overall performance at speed its pretty sophisticated.

Also youll see it does have rear tire rods right here and thats for the all wheel, steering system that gives you 10 degrees of steering with these rear wheels that right. There is the reason why this car weighs almost 6 000 pounds that giant black felt covered square. You see is a 107.8 kilowatt hour battery pack. If you got ran over by this car, not only would you get squished, you get rug burn its actually really uh durable high quality. This is the easiest car i have ever racked on a lift before in my entire life. You would think at close glance. This would be a dangerous place to put a jack, because this is the plastic side skirt, but these little hard, resin plastic jack pads are connected to the metal frame right here by the pinch weld its actually really nice design easy to access holy. That is a big break. Look at the size of that caliper thats incredible! This is a 21 inch wheel. Look how big it is this. The front of this thing is built like a hd truck its a dual wishbone configuration its all aluminium, dual ball joints right here on the bottom actually triple. If you count this high rod, but look at the size of them and they got the weird triple square. Looking nut, look at that, i got ta measure it that is so crazy id love to work on this thing, its just it looks fun because everything is just interesting.

Its different Music, oh man, its a 36 millimeter front, anti sway bar holy. The axles are 33.98 34 millimeter axles its time for the breaking test. No one behind me lets make some electricity go. Oh it just grappled my tits. Oh, that was an experience that breaking was accomplished with an enormous set of 15.3 inch front rotors or 388.6 millimeters. I googled it with a six pot, monoblock caliper and the wheels, though the centerpiece of this car, these 21 by nine and a half amg arrow disc, looking wheels. I love these its gloss black with machine face. They would look fire in a different color. I think, but this ring right here im just i love these wheels, love them its wrapped in a 265 40 goodyear eagle, f1 mo it says mo it says: goodyear eagle, f1 mo someone likes the simpsons. I like the simpsons out back. You have a set of 14.9 inch, rotors, still absolutely enormous, and a big single pot caliper has a big single pot, also the wheels theyre square stance in the rear same size as up front in the name of science. I am now going to give this thing. The beans in the center island thing there is a little platelet touch. Platelet, says dynamic. You can touch that in on the screen in front of you, itll say e for eco c, for comfort s for sport, and it makes spaceship noises within individual shows on your screen a picture of an engine.

I should put a picture of an electric motor uh suspension, steering your esp traction control and oh, that sounds sounds i was like what is that last picture and also im going to press the little car picture that brings up another menu and then i can select Isp and i can actually defeat the traction control in this. I like that, when electric cars, let you turn off trash control, all right, ready, go! Oh geez! Oh my god spaceship noises thats good! Oh, that made me feel weird im glad its got a pillow on the rest, because i was buried in that thing where our hood popper, oh geez, wait. How do you open the hood on this car? Hey mercedes, please log, in with your profile, im waiting. How may i help you, how do you open the hood? The hood may only be opened by a specialist workshop. What kind of stupid is that? Well, i am a specialist workshop. I bet you anything specials workshop. Thankfully i am a specialist workshop for obvious reasons. This is verboten from mercedes, so i am not going to show you what i just did in there thats a kind of heavy hood good, prop good, prop ive been criticizing cars lately for not painting the underside of the hood, but for a vehicle that is not Designed to be opened, you get a pass mercedes. I guess under the hood. Ish of the eqs 580 is one of two permanent excited synchronous, electric motors and synchronous, meaning that it turns the rotor at the same rate as the magnetic field of the stator theyre.

In sync, synchronous, justin timberlake, those two motors combined, are capable of producing 516 horsepower and 631 pound feet of torque available at zero rpm thats hilarious, theres a label right here that tells you to look inside your owners manual on the side of the coolant expansion tank. But youre not supposed to be under here to begin with, so why would you see that same thing over here on this side? Look at that theres, actually, a little positive terminal underneath here, thats interesting. The way this cooling system functions for the electric motors is there is a water lance inside the rotor shaft to help cool it from the inside out kind of like how you have blood vessels and stuff thats really gross. I hate medical things. This is wild okay, so you definitely have some heat exchangers right here for the cooling system in the front of the car. But if you keep going back right here, that is a massive filter. You can pop this off. I wonder if thats for the cabin filtration system, because look how big it is theres, no way that is oh, this is so cool. I would love to just like start taking stuff apart. I cant, though ive already opened the hood thats enough. This thing, doesnt really have a front fender. Your hood is your front fender, because you got bumper cover and then i guess, thats kind of a front fender with a little annoying panel to confuse people.

This right here is for when you first purchase the car. So you sit here and you press the sides of it repeatedly for about 10 minutes until you realize its not where you charge it. In contrast to the front electric motor, the rear is actually a six phase unit. It has two sets of windings with three phases, each so its a little more potent than what you got up front here now. This doesnt have a transmission like you would associate with an internal combustion engine. Each electric motor has its own integrated gearbox, its a single speed transmission. I guess you could say, and it does have oil within that – has a cooler up front here that can be used for cooling and lubrication, as well as warming in cold weather conditions. Before we begin, i must give credit where it is due. These seats see a pillow right there, its heavenly having your head on that, while youre driving and with this being a comfortable seat bolstering, is exceptional for being a comfy seat, its heated, its ventilated, it massages. It touches you in all the right places this doesnt get much better than that. The one thing i have to say, though, is the carpets in here are white. The back carpet is white. The floor mats, thankfully, are a taupe color, but you better have a cleaner to keep your car clean for you. Obviously, if you can afford a car like this, all right lets begin im going to put this car into individual, because i have everything in sport except for the suspension, which is in comfort, so its bougie.

But i get the spaceship sounds and were off. Oh geez, the sound is so crazy. I love the sounds in this thing. I dont even know if the camera is going to do justice of what it feels like in here, because the 3d effect of that spaceship warp drive when you take off. I dont even know where to start with this car, this is like nothing ive ever experienced in my life, the closest ive ever experienced tech wise was probably the volkswagen id4. That was pretty space shippy, but this just blows that out of the water, this dont put it in water, its electric, it might zap you. How does it go around a corner, its a heavy car? You cant even tell this thing weighs more than a big suv. This is ridiculous. This is just like try to get an internal combustion engine vehicle to handle like this at this mass. This just defies everything i know about a car spaceshipy, oh break. Oh, this thing will make you puke now, just like the s class, i reviewed recently. This does have the little rolling ball out on your heads up display to let you know how youre driving, if youre, driving smooth enough its in my face. Oh its going far away, it makes weird regeneration noises when you hit the brakes like a reverse warp. Drive having your entire dashboard is a giant gauge is a complete mind. I love this. I would imagine it would be incredibly expensive if you ever broke it, but i dont care.

This is a game changer, and i want all cars to have gauges like this that just take up everything i so sick. Looking also, it does have the ambient lights all throughout the interior, just like the s class, but this one they go with the pulsations of electricity. So, as you accelerate, you can see waves going in the colors and then, when you break, you can see regeneration colors and if you floor it each it gets red and angry. You have no idea what that does to your body when you floor it like that it looks dramatic on camera, its more dramatic in real life, in terms of the feeling you get being in this car and driving this car. When you look at the price, i think its undervalued, its so next level of driving and just being in this car in the comfort mode. It just kind of floats and glides along super comfortable, and if i didnt have the spaceship sounds on. It would be silent in here efficiency wise. It doesnt make much sense me to rate an electric car in miles per gallon e, because its not fuel theres, no gallon gallon of nothingness, so heres, one that makes a little more sense. Ive got 60 of the battery life left and miles left to go. I seen this get over 320 when it was fully charged, and it tells you how to maximize your efficiency by configuring. Some different settings in here consumption theres, some fun stuff watts per mile.

The way it should be assessed, these little flappy paddles have nothing to do with gear changes and everything to do with your recuperation cycle for your battery regeneration on braking the screen in front of the passenger has some futuristic looking car and they can control it and Change things over there too, and this has smell getting pumped through the air vents through a little cologne dish inside the glove box. Applause, if youve never seen one of my vehicle reviews before i have multiple categories on a one to five scale, to assess them, starting with the bean score, it is assessment of the feeling you get behind your belly button when you give it the beans and this Eclis 584 matic is getting a rating of 3.2 e beans. Electrification skews the score a little bit because to give you an idea what it felt like to drive this, i was actually able to make myself slightly nauseous a couple times from constantly flooring. It so its fast, but the torque is just immense in this car. Next is the cookie score, its assessment on a one to five scale, based on what you get for what you spend, and this equals 584 matic at just over 130 000 – is getting a rating of 3.9 cookies. I think there is excellent value here, especially when you take in consideration the s580. I recently reviewed theres a link up above my head to that video. If you want to check it out for this being just over 130 grand the tech is above and beyond anything.

I could expect theres stuff in here i didnt even know existed and riding on the inside. It really does stand apart from all the other big body luxury sedans. Next. Is the mechanic score its assessment of how much of pain the ass it would be to work on on a one to five scale, five being really easy, one being abysmal – and this right here is getting a rating of two and a half wrenches its right in The middle because of the fact that it is an electric vehicle and if you understand the principles of engineering and how an electric car is constructed, i think there is some simplicity there that would make this a little bit easier than an internal combustion engine vehicle to Work on, but you really got to understand electric cars and know what youre doing to work on it other than that, because it is in a mercedes and its full of tech and features that may date slowly as technology advances thats going to prohibit the score from Getting any better than it is. Lastly, though, is the penguin score its? How much i like the car on a one to five scale and the ecwis 580 is getting a rating of four penguins. The technology in this car is what won me over theres. Just so much innovation and weird things that i didnt even know existed yet, but uh yeah. I think this is the right track for mercedes.