Electric hardtop starts this list from the bottom up with a maximum range of 110 miles, while the mini offers the least amount of miles per charge, it should remain a contender for shorter distances and or city driving other than the powertrain. The mini electric hardtop is almost the same as a regular mini. You may gripe about the rear seats being a little snug, but the overall product is compact, stylish fun to drive and on the more affordable side of the electric vehicle class. 2021. Bmw. I3. Maximum range 153 miles the 2021 bmw i3 is another great short distance ev option with a max range of 153 miles on a charge, its not the best road trip, ev option, but youll get back and forth from the grocery store just fine. It also boasts a sizable cargo hold enjoyable driving dynamics and a high end interior, though the rear row is a bit cramped on the plus side. The i3 offers swift acceleration thanks to its readily available battery powertrain for the right person, its a solid luxury electric vehicle pick, hyundai ioniq, electric maximum range 170 miles, the 2021 hyundai ioniq electric offers a maximum range of 170 miles. The hyundai is a good option if youre looking for a no nonsense, high value, ev experience, it also has a spacious cargo area. That said, the ionic ev has mediocre acceleration for an electric vehicle and the ride quality could be better still if youre searching solely for a decent electric vehicle option.

Without a ton of bells and whistles, the hyundai ioniq should fit the bill. Volvo xc40 recharge maximum range 208 miles. The 2021 volvo xc40 recharge is a luxury subcompact suv with a maximum range of 208 miles. This volvo offers first rate interior quality, excellent safety scores and a wealth of standard tech and driver assistance features downsides include below average storage space for the class, as well as a slightly complicated infotainment system, still definitely check the xc40 recharge out. If youre looking for an upscale electric suv that can perform well in small, suburban or urban environments, 2021 audi e tron maximum range 222 miles. The 2021 audi e tron comes next on this list with a maximum range of 222 miles. It offers an attractive and well crafted cabin cutting edge tech, happy acceleration and well balanced ride and handling its also packed with standard tech, comfort and driver assistance features beyond the e trons underwhelming maximum range, its worth considering for many reasons as a coddling well performing electric Suv, Music, nissan leaf s, plus maximum range 226 miles. The 2021 nissan leaf s plus offers a maximum range of 226 miles. Its exterior is a bit bland, but its plenty efficient and economical the leaf s plus can store plenty of cargo and the cabin is spacious. The trade off is slightly underwhelming interior materials, quality acceleration is zippy and at a fast charging station you can complete an 80 charge in 40 minutes to an hour.

The leaf also comes packed with standard tech and driver assistance aids, while it might not blow you away in any one respect. The leaf is worth a look thanks to its relatively low price. Airy, cabin and wealth of standard features, porsche taken maximum range 227 miles. The 2021 porsche taken comes next on this list, with a maximum range of 227 miles. This all electric porsche sedan is the first of its kind for the company and excels in most categories. The range is far from record breaking, but more than enough to shuttle you around town in record time, youll also enjoy porsche, caliber, acceleration handling and overall quality like a real life batmobile. This porsche has some pretty advanced interior controls, which may take a while to get used to this porsche is also one of the priciest options on our list. Those concerns aside the take in is an excellent pick for those looking for great performance and lux amenities. Youll just have to shell out for the privilege: 2021 tesla model 3 maximum range 353 miles. The 2021 tesla model 3 is a good pick with a maximum range of 353 miles. If you opt for the long range model, its performance is similarly impressive when compared to the rest of the tesla lineup, with deft handling and lightning quick acceleration inside this sedan sports, a minimalist cabin design and a solid amount of cargo space, the rear seat room is Snug, however, and the large touch screen can be hard to use while driving charging times linger around 175 miles of range in 15 minutes at a tesla supercharger station.

The model 3 is the most affordable option in the tesla lineup. So if you want to enter the tesla family for relatively minimal cash, the model may third be for you tesla model x, maximum range 360 miles. Next up is the 2021 tesla model x with a maximum range of 360 miles. The model y takes the top spot in our ranking of luxury, hybrid and electric suvs, and is one of the strongest options on this list. The high starting price and questionable interior quality are two of its few negatives. With that said, the positives far outweigh the negatives. On the model x, its electric motors deliver industry, leading acceleration and the cargo hold is cavernous compared to the competition like its siblings. The model x has the ability to use any of teslas supercharger charging stations across the country. Tesla model s maximum range 412 miles. The 2021 tesla model s tops this list with a maximum range of 412 miles, the automakers flagship model s sedan has been on the road since 2012 and it continues to set the standard for maximum range in the ev market. The model s is also one of the priciest options on this list, similar to other teslas. The model s suffers from questionable interior quality at times, positives include cutting edge technology, crazy, powerful acceleration and sports car like handling while not perfect.