It was easy to install and it is very user friendly. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Charger was delivered in two days i hired electrician to install plug and he mounted the chargepoint unit. For me, installation looked like it was a breeze, and configuring with the app was even easier. I can check charging in the app and schedule times when it will charge. I couldnt be happier with the unit. I have been very impressed with this home ev charging system. Thus far installation was very easy. After i ran power from my basement out to my garage, i ran the power directly to the charging base using conduit for the portion that came into my garage. It was very easy to change out the wiring to go from a plug connection to direct hardware with easy but secure wire locks in the unit. You can see them in my pictures. All of the included wiring, both the power cord and the charger cord, are very heavy gauge, which makes sense, as this can support, i am only using it on a 30a circuit, so it is overkill for my current install but down the road. I may decide to up to a beefier circuit and this charger will be up to the task. I also like the easy insert removal of the charging plug a simple press on the button releases it from the base or your vehicle, and it pops right back in when youre, storing it.

The tilting base holder allows it to be inserted straight, but then tilt down when stowed away a nice design touch the cord for the plug is very long. I have it coiled up, since the port on my ev is only about six feet from the base. I think it would probably reach about 15 feet away. I have not measured the cord length. The cord is also nice and flexible. Knit stiff at all, despite the very heavy gauge wire and the app that can be used to monitor, is also nice, showing current status and also giving charging history date time how much charging etc. You can in out your electricity rate, and it will tell you how much each charge is costing and you can set it to charge it off hours if you have variations in electrical costs based on time of day. Overall, i am very impressed with this charger and am loving that my charge time went from eight hours to two after switching from my oem 110 charger to this system highly recommended. If you need a home charger for your ev or hybrid, very happy with this purchase, i debated for about four months after getting my ev if it was worth purchasing a level 2 charger. Well, i had pulled the trigger sooner a few of the things i love about it. The cord is really thick and sturdy much nicer than any public level. 2 charger.