We finally got our hands on one and so were going to find out if its as good as people say, im, charlie atkinson, and welcome to evie powers, review of the hyundai ioniq 5. Music. The first thing to talk about when it comes to this car is how it looks its been out for a little while now, but still even on the way over here. You can still see people turning heads and noticing it, because it is a really interesting. Looking car its based off of hyundais concept, 45 ev, which is basically the manufacturers prediction as to how all evs in the future are going to look and thats. Probably the best way to describe the look of this car. Its as if a nine year old has designed it just with a few less rockets and missiles, its got a really mean looking front end with this continuous bar going all the way here, which gives it a bit of a face like robocop. Really its also got these steep creases at the side, which gives it a nice angular shape to the body. The rear end also looks great with this pixelated light bar going all the way across which just looks incredible. Now. Lets talk about the inside of this car because its by far my favorite part of the whole hyundai ioniq 5 experience youve got loads of nice, expensive feeling materials all around. It does feel nice and premium inside, which is always good.

Youve got these four way adjustable. Lumbar seats, which are really really comfy and theres, also loads of tech as well. Youve got a bose sound system with seven speakers and also a subwoofer as well and youve also got these two 12.3 inch touchscreen displays which are pretty good and they support apple carplay. But annoyingly for a car with as much tech as this, you still need a bloody usb cable to connect apple carplay, which is just ridiculous for a car like this. The cars been designed from the ground up as well, so youve got no transmission tunnel down here, which means youve got loads of foot space which is really nice and as well for someone whos slightly taller and awkwardly shaped like. I am youve also got really good. Options for arm rests both here on the center console and on the door as well, which makes it really comfortable for for me to drive at least and all in all, just being behind the wheel of this feels like youre. In some sort of really premium airport lounge, but not not bad, no but anyway, yeah really nice. So another good feature about these four way adjustable lumbar seats is that when youve plugged your car into charge, they adjust so much, but you can actually have a little sleep while theyre charging. So with these buttons down here, you can pop this little foot rest out down here, bear with thats done and then tilt this back and then eventually youve got yourself a little bed and whilst its charging, you can just have a little kip and then, when youre Done back up appreciate, this might be a bit of a boring watch, but there you go and youre ready to go again so whats it like in the back.

Well lets have a look. If i come over here and use these knock off. Tesla door handles to get in and have a squeeze actually its, not that bad i mean im pretty leggy and my driver seat in position is set up. How i would normally drive it and ive got quite a decent amount of leg room here. Theres a lot of foot space as well because of the lack of transmission tunnel youve got your own little air vent here, which is nice loads of headroom and youve also got two usb plug sockets here, so all in all its pretty decent. In the back of this car now for the boot, youll have a decent amount of space of 527 litres, and even though it is quite shallow, its not really the end of the world and usually for these reviews to show you how big the boot is. People have suitcases that they put in or bags of shopping, but i dont have any of that to hand and im pretty big, so im just going to get in to show you how spacious the boot is shut it there. We go ah pretty cozy there. We go now its time to go over all the important bits like range charging, price and speed, for example, so entry versions of the ioniq five start from thirty seven thousand four hundred and twenty pound, and they feature a 225 kilowatt hour battery which can do north 60 in about 8.

5 seconds, with a range of up to 240 miles, you also have a couple of premium options which go up to about 44 000 pounds in price and a range that goes up to 300 miles with enhanced performance. And then you have this ultimate version here, which will let you go from 0.60 in 5.2 seconds and theres a whole host of other options and features available in terms of charging. The ioniq 5 supports 150 kilowatt hour fast charging. So you can recoup about 250 miles in about 30 minutes. So now, weve got all these facts and figures out the way, its time to get behind the wheel and see what the ioniq 5 is like in the real world. So what is there to like about? The hyundai ioniq 5 well, first of all, even for a car thats on the face of it pretty big, it is still quite nippy. It can do naught 60 in 5.2 seconds, but even though it has got that poke and it has got that power that you want from an electric car, it doesnt need to be that quick and to be honest, it doesnt feel lightening quick off the line. Youre, better off driving this just nice and casually because it is really nice and comfortable inside the car. So you dont want to go flying around its, not designed for that its built for comfort and for practicality. And when you drive it like that and when you do just take it nice and slow, it is a really nice and relaxing drive.

Now, usually, when i do these reviews, i have driven the car for a couple of days just to get my bearings with it and to figure out, but this is probably only the second time ive driven it. So i still am coming to terms of it and figuring things out and ive. Just noticed that once you flick the indicator down on the drivers display here, you do get a little camera, which shows you the kerb and whats sort of coming up on your blind side and ive never seen that in an electric car before or any car to Be honest and i dont know how i feel about that: ive just done a corner. Just then – and i noticed i was looking at that more than where i was actually going – which doesnt scream safety so yeah im not too sure, but its a nice feature something ive never seen before, but yeah im, not too sure. If i do like it and thats another thing, ive just noticed about this car is that at any given point where you, when youre driving, whether youre going a little bit too fast or a bit too close to the car in front of you, it will be Beeping at you for something – and i personally hate that about cars when they beep at you and tell you how to drive and yeah. This does beep at you quite a lot. So it is that is quite annoying now, in terms of regen.

Braking youve got these two little flappy paddles behind the steering wheel, where you can adjust it and put it on the most severe setting, which will grind you to a complete stop. Quite suddenly, but ive noticed that, if you put it a couple of settings down below, that is the the nicest and the easiest to get to grips with uh its, not so severe that it will just stop you all of a sudden sort of sling you back Into your seat as soon as you lift up off the throttle, so there are quite a lot of different variations of a few different settings there as well, so you can find whats best for you, but one pedal driving is quite quite easy with this. It really is easy to get to grips with now, as is the case with a lot of electric cars. These days, it really is quiet inside this car. You dont get a lot of wind noise and theres, not a lot of road noise too either, and that just adds to the whole relaxing and comforting sensation and feeling that you get when youre behind the wheel of this car. Now ive just found my way onto one of the many country roads around where i live and, to be honest, most of the electric cars ive had have been quite a good ride and they they dont sling you about all over the place. But this is particularly bumpy. I mean just finding a couple of potholes here and it does jolt you about quite a lot and even when you go into a corner, a reasonable pace, you do feel like you lean quite a lot.

So its not. It doesnt feel the most sturdy for a big sort of suv crossover type car Music at the start of this, video i wanted to know is the hyundai ioniq 5, as good as people say. It is and, to be honest, yeah its pretty damn good. I like how it looks. I love the interior and its got great performance as well. Its also really practical and its got good range as well. So if youre considering buying the hyundai onik5 youre, probably not going to go too far wrong, thats all for this video, if you liked it, then please do remember to like and subscribe, and if you want to see more videos like this, you can also head over To our channel and if you want daily news coverage, features and much more, you can also head over to evpower.co.