This is spot spot. This is everybody im, a big fan, look believe it or not. I used to be really nerdy and i just have a blog and i used to follow robots and your predecessors, which were big dog and the other ones, are really uncoordinated. I used to post blog things about them, and now here you are see last year, hyundai bought boston dynamics, the robotics company, which makes spot well, they bought a big share of it and they wont tell me why spot they wont tell me why. Maybe you will anyway look spot. Ive got to do a car review im doing an urban review. Is the ioniq 5, a good urban car. You can join me, but you you got to be good all right. I might go for a run or something a little bit later on, all right. Okay, all right back to business. Now those are the time codes right. There people fail to rifle through it, pretend its a sock, draw nobodys home youre all by yourself and if youre watching on youtube down there spot down, there are the chapter markers. Do the same thing. Now, if you go to, you can read my full review and spot might even be in it. Yeah all right and dont forget to like it and subscribe. Everybody is come on. The ioniq 5 looks like nothing else. Actually, it looks like this car. The hyundai pony see the pony was hyundais first big hit back in the 1970s and 80s, and the ioniq 5 has been designed as a futuristic homage to that hatchback and futuristic.

It is just look at that face and those led headlights i cant decide if i like the front more than the back of the car, with its dodge matrix tail lights and floating ionic 5 badge, its retro cool done right. The ioniq 5 is more suv than little hatchback. Its wheels have been taken and sent to the furthest corners of the car, giving it the wheelbase of a large suv while staying the length of a midsize, suv and thats good for tight parking spots. Its 4.64 metres end to end thats 4.22 spots. As you can see, the insides are super quicky too, for a car which is so futuristic on the outside im, pretty disappointed by the insides of the ioniq 5.. I mean look at it. I feel like im in an imac or an apple computer from 2005, with all the white plastic theres. Also, this grey plastic, which looks like ankle, monitor grey plastic im, not a huge fan of it. Im not a massive fan of the white leather interior as well, but at the same time its not like a tesla where you get into a tesla and you feel like the stupidest kid in class, you dont know what anything does you get into an ionic 5 And everything is where it should be from the indicators to the windscreen wipers, so yeah, not pretty inside but functional like me. Yes, should we talk price now? Yes, i think lets talk price now.

Spot sit sit down, good spot, okay prices. Now you can get the ioniq five in two flavors theres, a rear wheel, drive and an all wheel drive the all wheel drive, which is what this one is, is the more expensive one youre looking at around about 80 000 for a list, price thats, quite expensive, But not for an electric vehicle spot spot costs, a hundred thousand dollars dont you and also has some pretty amazing standard features. Hes got five cameras. He can see in infrared. He can see in 360 degrees. He can operate at minus 20 degrees celsius. He can carry 14 kilograms, he can run at almost six kilometers an hour and he can do this. You might have to have a bit of a dance off later. Here are the ionic fives standard features coming standard. Those two 12.3 inch displays a bose sound system. A sat, nav apple, carplay and android, auto dual zone, climate control, leather upholstery, power, adjustable front seats, theyre heated and ventilated, too theres a proximity key and retractable door handles the led headlights with black bezel, pixel graphics are also standard, and so the tail lights and the 20 inch alloy wheels and smart cruise control spot is also smart. He can be programmed with code. You can write yourself or driven using a tablet, remote control, but he can also navigate his way autonomously from one point to another deciding for himself how to get there. While maintaining his balance as the terrain changes, okay, so what is under the bonnet of an ioniq five? Well, the answer is not a lot uh here.

It is. This is a fruit, a front boot, its got the charging cable in it and underneath there is an electric motor, an electric motor on the front axle and also another electric motor on the rear axle that makes it all wheel, drive dont forget its. The all wheel drive version its the more expensive version, its also the version with the most grunt as well. Now you can see the output figures on your screen right now now, because this is an urban review and you might live in an apartment block or you might have a house which doesnt have access to a power point for the car or you might not even Be able to have access to a wall unit in a garage you might not have a garage, its really important to have a car which charges fast because youre going to be spending time in car parks like this, with charging points or supermarket car parks. With charging points as well, you dont want to be waiting around for four hours for it to charge. Now the ionic five can charge from zero to eighty percent in about one hour, thats really really quick charging. Just just trust me on that thats very good. Some cars take forever to do. One hour is excellent up to eighty percent. Your range from there is about 430 kilometers, and your grunt is really impressive. Were talking zero to 105.2 seconds now, as for spot spot, takes about two hours to charge and hes just come off the charger now so youre fully charged, which means youve got 90 minutes of run time.

So we better get. This done right lets go come on. I think the ioniq 5 is the peak of car evolution. Not only is it good looking and fast, but its interior space and practicality exceeds pretty much every other suv its size. Look at that interior flat floors, high ceilings, large tall doors and theres plenty of leg and headroom for even me at 191, centimeters tall and theres a 527 litre boot in the back as well. So, along with that really decent sized boot youve got a really spacious interior. In the ionic 5. youve got a center console which slides all the way forward like that youve got a pretty much completely actually totally flat floor in the back. Here youve got great head room thats in my driving position and like look how much leg room ive got there. Thats brilliant youve got air vents there. Good cabin storage as well its a really really spacious practical comfortable place. What is it spot? What you? What you want to go for run? Yes, i did say wed go out. Yes, i did you want to get in well go for a walk god. You want to go for a walk. Is that what you want? You wouldnt go forward, god you get in and i will drive come on up again, so so uh. So, oh, i am exhausted spot. How are you going spot spot? Oh hes, asleep, hes, all tuck it out! Oh chuck it out.

Look at him lets talk about what the ioniq 5 is like to drive its electric, obviously, and if youve driven an electric car before youll know exactly what im talking about when i say its so serene, especially when youre driving in city traffic theres, nothing worse than Driving a petrol car with a manual gearbox in city traffic dont get me wrong. I love performance, cars and manual cars, theyre fantastic, but on a nice country, road theyre great. But if im on a city road in an urban environment, i want to be an electric car theyre, so easy, no gears to change no burbling away in the traffic going nowhere, its just easy and when it comes to urban, driving and being a good urban car. Its all about easiness and electric power trains are just so easy in the city in terms of everything else. The acceleration again is amazing. 0 100, i think, was in 5.2. Youve got a drive mode button down here you put into sport and thats. That is really good acceleration thats great, but for the most part ive been driving in in normal theres, an eco mode as well uh, but yeah normal will mean that you dont use up all your range immediately um but yeah its its tempting to to put your Foot down the acceleration is that much fun youve got instant torque, basically and all wheel drive, as i mentioned before, handling handling is really good too.

This is surprisingly, so it looks like a you know, a big wobbly car, but its not a big wobbly car. Its quite a large car, but because the batteries run along the base of the car like a skateboard, it actually keeps the center of mass quite low. So your handling is is really good and its got really direct. Steering too, with its got a little bit of electronic interference going on there, its not particularly natural feeling, but its its weighted well, and it actually doesnt feel too bad at all. Now the ride is actually really good, too. Its rolling on really large wheels of pretty low profile, but the suspension is excellent and the ride is really really comfortable. Im im really impressed ive only been driving this for a couple of days, its the first time, ive, actually driven an ioniq five at all um. So i am quite impressed its. It is, as i mentioned before, quite large at 4.6 meters, its not a big car, but its, not a small car, but i would say that its pretty big for an urban focused car. At the same time, youve got really good cameras, though youve got a camera which shoots forward, so you can see how far you are from the car in front. There are also parking sensors too and theres a rear camera as well. The camera picture is crystal clear. So youve got plenty of help from the cameras and sensors.

Okay, so energy consumption hyundai says that, after a combination of open and urban roads, the ionic five with two motors, the all wheel, drive one. This one should be getting 19 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers. Now we have only done urban roads and i can tell you that its got 16.1 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, actually in my information right here, and that is just urban road, 16.1 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers thats, really good. Okay. In terms of the warranty, the ioniq 5 is covered by hyundais five year. Unlimited kilometer warranty the battery has an 8 year. 160 000 kilometer warranty services services are a little bit cheaper because theres less moving parts youre looking at about 340 dollars per service over five years and services are needed. Every 15, 000 kilometers or yearly okay spot were almost home mate. Its been a big day for you, i hope you dont get in trouble. I mean youre supposed to be guarding the building. Now youll be all right. Well, get you home come on. Did you know the io5 is pretty much a mobile power station? Yes, you can plug things into it and run them. You can charge things like spot look ill. Show you its plugged in there. You press that button there and spot is charging very good. So the verdict is the ioniq 5, a good urban car, no its, not its outstanding thats right. Great practicality. Excellent range, easy to drive all the safety tech at a pretty good price as well.

In fact, i dont think you need to pay that much money. You dont need the all wheel. Drive the rear wheel. Drive is fine for an urban environment im going to give it out of 10 an urban score of 8.5 out of 10. now, as far as spot goes im going to give spot a score of 10 out of 10. hes, the ultimate urban dog. If you want to read the full review, go to and give us a like and subscribe spot spot, hey its over now youve got to go back. Do your robot guard dog, stuff? Okay, that was good. Thank you very much. Youre really helpful enjoyed it. Im serious all right off, you go guard dog, robot, guide, dog stuff, all right and give us a like and subscribe. Yep spot stay, stay spot all right, okay, heres the deal you go back and do your robot guide dog stuff and tomorrow i come back and we do it all over again. Do you want that? Is it what you want? Is that what you want? Is that what you want? Yes, yes, it is yes there. It is yes, it is yes all right. Well, do that oh yeah moves.