As long as youre armed for it in australia so lets not waste time lets go figure out exactly what were dealing with here were going to be covering everything here from price and feces to design practicality, to safety ownership. What its like to drive efficiency and, of course, that awesome, ev powertrain and if you want to jump ahead at any point, feel free to use the time codes but otherwise strap in and join me for the full ev adventure got it right so hit subscribe. Throw us a like, if youre in the mood and lets get moving. Okay, so the ev6 isnt cheap. You can get into a pulse star 2 for less money or a tesla model 3.. But kia says the pricing here has been more closely modelled on what is expected from the tesla model y, the car it sees along with the hyundai ioniq 5. Of course, as its key competitor, the ev6 arrives in australia in two trim levels: the entry level single motor air and the gt line which can be had in single motor, rear, wheel, drive or twin motor, all wheel, drive and all share the same battery and platform. But offer different levels of performance and range. The air rides on 19 inch, alloys gets led headlights and tail lights, flush, fitting door handles and power. Folding mirrors in the cabin youll find part vegan leather seats, led interior lighting and a clever v2l power point that helps keep devices topped up onboard tech is handled by twin 12.

3 inch curved displays and theres dual zone, climate onboard navigation, wireless phone charging and usb charging For your devices, step up to the ev6 gt line and youll get bigger 20 inch, alloys, a gt line body kit and an external v2l power point that matches the one already in the cabin. The seats are trimmed in suede and vegan leather and you get active, sound design that allows you to dial up or down the driving soundtrack. You then add an augmented reality head up display a 14 speaker, meridian sound system, a heated steering wheel and heated and ventilated front seats, which also have a lean back relaxation mode for when youre recharging kia also homologated a smaller, which means cheaper battery version of the Ev6 for australia, but with the brand holding some 25 000 registrations of interest and with only about 500 vehicles to be delivered this year, theres little chance of them, adding it anytime soon. If you want an ev6 now, then itll be one of these. The ev6 is destined to be constantly compared to the ionic 5, but which one looks better is a matter entirely for you. One thing is certain, though the two sure look different, believe it or not. The kia ev6 is actually classified as a large suv because of its size, but it doesnt really look like a large suv. Does it in fact it doesnt really look like a keyer either and i got ta say: im a fan of its look, its kind of got this boxiness and this aerodynamic profile all at the same time.

Im, a big fan of these big 20 inch alloy wheels with this sort of two tone arrangement. I love its kind of swooping roof line and i particularly like these cool hidden door handles and theres even cooler stuff inside so jump in and well take a look. Now its fair to say that this isnt, your typical kia cabin and i got ta say i reckon it mostly works really. Well, i absolutely love this twin screen. Setup, theyre, big theyre, clear, theyre, really easy to use. I think this little strip of controls here is both clever and really modern feeling you can swap it from navigation and audio controls to air con, which means you can still use the dials for air con or you can use them for volume or changing stations or Without bothering the big screen, so there are still shortcuts to get to the things you use the most often the use of the eco materials is really nice as well. I, like the new look steering wheel and the seats are really comfy and supportive too, and recline all the way back in sleep mode, but there are a couple of sort of interesting quirks here as well. One of them is the fact that theres three usb ports, two usbcs and one is the traditional fat plug, and yet only the fat plug operates. The apple carplay, without it youre locked out as theres no wireless apple carplay, either so theres a couple of not so modern quirks in an otherwise really modern feeling cabin the ev6 is a sizeable beast.

Thanks to the hyundai groups, egmp platform, which is good news for cabin space. Now, do you remember earlier when i said the kia ev6 was classified as a large suv, now thats, a calculation based purely on a vehicles, length and width. Its pretty obvious here in the back seat, so im sitting behind my own 175 centimeter driving position and, as you can see, there is miles of space between my knees and the seat in front. Although to be fair, headroom could feel a little tight if youre much taller than me now. The other good news is that you can genuinely fit three people across the back row here, because theres no tunnel getting in the way which means extra space for their legs. Now the other cool thing back here is that you can charge absolutely everything. So, for example, if you have a laptop that demands to be plugged in like mine, does you simply plug it into the conventional plug down there plug it into your laptop and away? You go now if you want to charge your phone, each of these seats has a little usb port in the side of them which plugs in there and plugs in there ensuring youre pretty much always topped up now, theres, actually another one of these plugs on the Outside of the vehicle, so you can power stuff outside of the car like if youre camping, now its also got all the other practicality stuff covered as well.

Theres. Two cup holders up front two more in this pull pull down. Divider theres bottle holders in each of the doors, although a bottle is just about all youll get in these ones, and two isofix attachment points in each window. Seat step around to the boot and youll find a wide space that will swallow between 480 and 490 litres of cargo, depending on your trim level, its joined by a frunk or fruit, maybe in australia, storage space under the bonnet that will store another 52 liters in Rear drive variants or 20 liters in the twin motor gt line more numbers kia reckons the ev6 will tow 1600 kilograms break and 750 kilograms unbreak. With a 100 kilogram down ball. Cleverly, the ev6 will automatically detect the weight of the trailer and then adjust. Your range estimates accordingly. Now the ev6s engine is, of course not here. This rides on the brands egmp platform, which means most of the important stuff, is actually under the body work. Now, in the entry level, air or the gt line, rear wheel drive, both of which just get a single motor at the back, you do get a bigger front, or i guess in australia you might call it a fruit, but in this the gt line all wheel Drive which gets twin motors one of the one at the front, one at the rear. You sacrifice that extra space for a lot more power, and that makes this model in particular properly properly quick.

All ev6 models are equipped with an 800 volt architecture and a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, but you can have more power and less range or less power and more range its up to you. The air will travel the furthest at a claimed 528 kilometers between charges. Interestingly, the gt line, rear wheel, drive, shares the same battery and motor, but will travel 24 kilometers less at 504 kilometers. Finally, the gt line all wheel drive will travel 484 kilometers between charges and when it does come time to plug in kia reckons a 50 kilowatt charger will take you from 10 to 80 in around 1 hour and 13 minutes, a 350 kilowatt charger will do the Same in around 18 minutes and using an at home wall box will take you to full in around 11 hours. So it sounds almost boring to say now that there are so many evs on sale in australia. But i guess the thing that first strikes you about the ev6 drive experience is how familiar it really is. I mean yes, the car looks very different from the outside. It certainly looks different on the inside, but from behind the wheel, its really pretty easy to forget. Youre driving an ev at all, it just drives like any other keyer or any other car. So i guess what that means is, if youre still nervous about making the ev switch. Theres, really nothing new to learn here. It just kind of feels like youre cruising around in any old car, to be honest, but there are some perks to ev ownership, which only really present themselves when you plant your right foot now, weve spent plenty of time today in the single motor rear, wheel, drive Versions, thats both the air and the gt line and in the all wheel, drive gt line and theres, no doubt that the all wheel, drive twin motor version feels far more urgent and far more potent than the other models.

But, to be perfectly honest with you, i maintain that for most people, most of the time the air or the rear wheel, drive gt line, the single motor will be really all the power youll ever need and youll get to maximize your range as a benefit. When you go to twin motor, you use more power and, as such you get a shorter range, so power or range thats kind of the question of the ev6 family, and i got to say, having spent a fair bit of time in the ev6, all wheel drive Twin motor today it produces plenty of power. It is properly properly urgent, its not lightning fast, like you know, theres, no crazy, ludicrous modes or anything like that. But there is no shortage of power on tap when you plant your right foot and we took in some really twisty roads actually – and i got ta say the way this car hides its sort of circa two ton weight. Its fairly sizable dimensions is really impressive. In fact, at times its almost too impressive, you forget just how short the gap between corners really is in a car, this urgent, when youre playing your right foot. Of course, all the power arrives all at once and you can find yourself barrelling into a bend a little bit faster than you might have expected and its times like that that the weight does start to show itself just a little bit. But, generally speaking, it is really really proficient both as a road car and as a sort of semi performance car.

The other thing is that it is fairly quiet in the cabin too now theres been a ton of work done on insulating this thing, of course, with no engine or no traditional engine generating a kind of background hum road, noise and windows is a bit more obvious, But theyve done a really good job here, trying to minimize it as much as possible. So what you are missing, of course, is that kind of engine thrum and all that kind of thing and hes got a kind of curious solution to it. So when you put it in sport mode, it does get a little louder, just not louder in the way you might be expecting now were going about 85 and 100 zone here so im going to plant my foot. Hopefully you can hear what im talking about that kind of jets and hum in the background that suggests youre doing something a little bit sporty now for fans of sort of traditional ice engine performance and exhaust rumbles. That takes a little bit of getting used to. But i dont know, i think its kind of cute now this car, like all keys, has undergone a local tuning version for its suspension, but this ones been done a little bit differently, covert kind of prevented them doing it in person, so theyve taken it describing it As a tuning program via correspondence where kia and australia and their engineering experts have sent over their requirements to kia in korea, theyve made the changes and kind of sent the car over, so it wasnt the traditional tuning program, but it works pretty well.

To be honest, they seem to have struck a really nice balance between kind of suppleness and sportiness. Its not rock hard. Only really rough road imperfections make their way into the cabin, but equally it doesnt feel disconnected from the driving experience either. If you do feel a part of it, the only thing that is taking me a moment to get used to is the steering which doesnt feel super progressive and im, not sure, if thats, because of the weight and size of the vehicle. But it does take a few little mid corner corrections, ive found to try and get the right line, but im sure its saying you get used to now. Its obviously got some sporty aspirations. This gt line because, along with the regular regen braking which you adjust by the flappy paddles here, its also got something called sport braking mode which doesnt really impact the level of kinetic energy being recouped its more to make it feel like a race car or a Performance car, so you activate that mode which you can only do when stopped so ive done it already for you and then, when you hit the brakes, it really bites like it really bites. It takes a little bit of getting used to so just something else to play with in the cabin, and i guess that kind of sums this car up, doesnt it its somewhere between a properly sporty ev and just a regular, comfortable, capable vehicle.

But i got ta say it straddles that line pretty well, it does both jobs pretty accurately. Of course, we should point out here that the current ev6 family is really an entree to this vehicles. Potential performance. There is another one coming the gt and it has some seriously impressive power figures. I think 430 kilowatts and 740 newton meters from its dual motor powertrain, meaning a sprint to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.5 seconds. Just when its coming, though, remains to be seen. But expect it either late this year or sometime in the first half of 2023. The safety story starts here with the usual collection of airbags, including a center airbag, but the air then adds clever stuff like a reversing camera. Aeb blind spot collision warning with rear cross traffic alert lane, keep assist and lane following assist. Multi collision braking front rear parking. Sensors, active crews with speed limit assistance and a tire pressure monitoring system. The gt line model is then built on that again, adding a blind spot view monitor and a 3d surround view. Camera theres no end cap rating yet, but kia will adopt the european crash scores in its bid for a five star rating here. Have you heard that evs are cheaper to service than ice cars? Well, they are. The ev6 is covered by kias 7 year. Unlimited kilometer warranty with its high voltage bits covered for the same time, but with the kilometers capped at 150, 000 kilometers.

The battery by the way is guaranteed to maintain 70 capacity at the seven year. Mark servicing costs are pretty impressive, with care inviting owners to pre pay their maintenance costs for three years at 594., five years at thousand eighty nine dollars or seven years for one thousand five hundred and eighty four dollars, and that comes out to around two hundred and Twenty six dollars per year, its impressive, the ev6, but its more than that its also exciting, because it means theres, big things ahead in the ev space and not just for vehicles from kia and hyundai, but from all sorts of manufacturers. So, if youre still on the fence about evs, then prepare yourself because a change or a charge is coming now, if youre watching this on youtube, make sure you hit like and subscribe and be sure to check out carsguide.