Two trim levels will be available to start the prices. Chevy is quoting 105 000 for the fully loaded rst on display and ‘ 900 for the base and fleet oriented wt dont include destination, which is 1 695. On the current non electric silverado chevy says these two prices represent the bookends of the silverado ev pricing spectrum and that upcoming trim levels will fall between Music general motors took a different approach with a design that looks futuristic yet nostalgic. Many have noted the trucks similarity to the long dead, chevy avalanche and that full width led light bar that meets a black bow tie in a blanked off. Grille certainly gives us a slightly retro. Vibe too. The silverado rst keeps the matte gray elements to the lower part of the body, while on the silverado wt that unpainted look climbs all the way up the front bumper and yes, there is a frunk which gm calls. The e trunk Music, also like the hummer ev. Both the wt and rst feature four wheel, steering which improves low speed, maneuverability and high speed towing. The rst also has air springs that can raise or lower the truck by 2 inches. Unlike on gmcs hummer, there are no locking differentials or crab walk feature. You can expect more off road equipment in a future variant like the f 150 lightning. The silverado ev can supply power to other sources. It offers up to 10 sockets, including a 240 volt outlet in the bed, and can provide 10.

2 kilowatts for anything from camping equipment. To your home to another electric vehicle, provided you have the right cable. You can put a reservation in for the silverado ev now, but production doesnt start until the second quarter of 2023. The first batch will be wt trim level trucks intended for fleet customers, while the fully optioned rst wont be available until fall 2023 Music. The silverado ev, is a large heavy vehicle, but chevy will offer some trick features to help it handle with ease. In addition to standard independent suspension in the front and rear you can outfit your silverado ev with four corner air suspension with a two inch range available. Four wheel steering will dramatically reduce the silverado evs turning radius and improve its ability to handle tight parking lots or maneuver around off road obstacles inside youll find a cabin thats more traditional than many electric pickups offer theres even a column mounted gear. Selector, though its now electronic and not mechanical, of course, the dash is dominated by screens, including a digital instrument panel and large infotainment screens peeking inside the rst reveals a racy looking interior, complete with a fixed glass roof and a red white and blue color scheme. The column mounted shifter allows for extra storage space in the center console, which hosts plenty of usb outlets. Gms super cruise driver assist technology comes with the rst; it allows for hands free driving on pre, mapped freeways and uses cameras to monitor driver attention Music.

The 2024 silverado ev will seat up to five in its two rows, with a large center console between the driver and front passenger seat, its rear seat bottoms can flip forward in a 60 40th split, allowing access to under seat storage, making way for the seat back To fold down and clearing the way to open the mid gate, the cabs rear glass can be removed, providing a massive opening for long tall. Cargo such as a couch, a panoramic glass roof is available. The top trim, silverado evr st features, a 17 inch central infotainment display an 11 inch digital instrument panel and a 14 inch head up display. The silverado ev work truck features smaller screens chevys, employing an all new software platform to underpin the trucks infotainment system. The linux based ultify platform will allow significant software and feature updates with less reliance on the underlying hardware. Google built in allows a robust connectivity experience with no smartphone connection needed. Chevrolet has not confirmed if the truck will support alexa, android, auto and apple carplay connectivity as well diagonal reconfigurable cluster and a multi color driver head up display hud with field of view. Greater than 14 in rst owners get access to gms ultium charge 360, designed to simplify the vehicle charging experience with access to more than 100 000 publicly available charging points in the u.s and canada. Though specifics of what safety technologies will be included or optional on each trim level have not been announced, we do know that chevy will offer several advanced safety and driver assistance features on the 2024 silverado ev.

The list includes lane keep assist automatic high beam headlights, a following distance indicator and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection automatic rear cross traffic. Braking will detect cars approaching from the side and break to avoid or mitigate the damage from a backing accident Music. The rst keeps the matte gray elements to the lower part of the body, while on the wt that unpainted look climbs all the way up the front bumper and yes, there is a franc which gm calls. The e trunk, my favorite part of the silverado ev, is the buttressing between the cabin and bed. It gives me chevy avalanche vibes, but in a good way move your eyes a little farther back and the rear end looks traditional for a pickup with gms multiflex tailgate. Opening to a bed that can accommodate items up to five feet: 11 inches long but theres, a secret tucked away between the cabin and the bed. Gm calls it. The multiflex mid gate available on rst models. This pass through enables buyers to carry even longer loads by folding down part of the 40 60 split. Second row with the mid gate open the silverado evr st can carry items up to nine feet, long position, the tailgate in its max storage position as well, and that number grows to 10 feet 10 inches. The silverado ev can supply power to other sources. It offers up to 10 sockets, including a 240 volt outlet in the bed and can provide 10.

2 kilowatts for anything from camping equipment to your home to another electric vehicle. Provided you have the right cable. The 2024 chevrolet silverado ev will feature a pair of electric motors capable of producing a total of 664 horsepower and 780 pound feet of torque. When equipped with the wide open watts option in its base work truck trim, the powertrain will make 510 horsepower and 615 pound feet of torque, while much of the silverado ev is more parallel. Silverado re evolution than it is avalanche 2.0. The mid gate is the sort of clever and utilitarian feature we love to see and are glad that chevy reimagined here as a refresher, its available for now on the rst trim level and allows the 5.9 foot bed to expand to 9 feet with the tailgate up And nearly 11 feet with the tailgate down and a multi flex, tailgate employed like the avalanche. The rear glass can remain in place or it can be removed and stowed. The 2024 chevrolet silverado evr st, will have a towing capacity of up to 10 000 pounds when properly equipped the silverado ev work truck will initially be able to tow up to 8 000 pounds sometime after the first trucks hit.