I dont know what were in store for apparently theyre going to put me and a bunch of other journalists on a bus and take us to a secret location watch this space, the minibus, took us all to a herd of ldv electric vans and a hangar full Of exotic cars and after the obligatory presentation, the doors were opened to unexpectedly reveal new zealands. First, all electric ute new zealand finally has an all electric ute, its beat tesla its bit riveting to the punch. I was not expecting it when i came here today. This is the evt 60., normally im much more rehearsed than this, because ive only just found all this information out thats. Why im holding a piece of paper first things? First, how much does it cost and how far does it go per charge? Well, we dont really know the price supposedly its going to be sub 80 000, so it should be applicable for the clean car rebate of 8 265 range. However, i can tell you this version. With its 88.5 kilowatt hour, battery will do 325 kilometers on a real world charge real world, not fabled, kilometers real 325 kilometers per charge in new zealand conditions. Is it four wheel drive not this one? There may be a four wheel drive coming one day, but not this right. Now. This model is two wheel drive only. It has, as i mentioned, a 130 kilowatt motor with 310 newton meters of torque, so its putting all of that power to the back wheels decent amount of torque, though so it should be able to haul a reasonable load.

750 kilograms of unbraked load, one ton of brake load – this particular model is left hand drive. The steering wheel is on the wrong side. That explains why they have so many accidents in america steering wheels on the wrong side. However, there will be a normal hand. Drive version coming this year. Deliveries will be later this year, but you can order now the website is gone live today. A 1 000 deposit will reserve this car for deliveries, probably in october november of this year, ignoring the fact the steering was on the wrong side. Like i said, the interior is as youd expect from any modern ute, the only difference being the gear shifter. Is this familiar ldv style, disc, twin, usb ports touch screen, display cup holders, sunglass holder as well. What more do you need and youve got space in the back for the dog also got power outlets in the back down here, youve got look at this 220 volts awesome and cigarette lighter that people today dont know what a cigarette lighter is its a power outlet. Now the interior is what i believe: saic motor corp calls leather effect, which is you know, fake leather, but thats, okay, because its easier to clean, you have to worry about it, tearing most utes petrol and diesel right. Not this one. Look at this youve got regular ac charging for home level. Two or youve got dc. Rapid charging thing is we dont know how fast it will rapid charge it? The guys here at ldv dont know either.

Will it be 55 kilowatts? Will it be 155 kilowatts? We dont know yet, but apparently they say: itll do a zero to 80 charge in about 25 minutes thats the short version of all the specs and features apparently theyre going to. Let us take this for a drive here in taupo, so watch the space really quite excited about this, even if the steering wheels on the wrong side, i think here we all jumped in a van each to follow the electric ute, which went well all right. How do i start it and with a little help, i found the giant start button staring right at me. Oh good, lord, okay, all right just well just edit that out all right so were on a mission now theyve just showed us to you. You just saw that were on a mission now im following a convoy. We have a destination in mind. I dont know whats, going on today, weve seen the unveiling of the youth apparently were going to get a chance to drive it in the meantime. This is the ldv e deliver 9.. This is the chonka. This is the one with the 77 kilowatt hour battery. This one supposedly has everything the modern trades person or delivery person or local council could use in a service vehicle. So, rather than me, try to recite facts and catch up to a convoy im just going to play a bit of voice over. The short version is that this e deliver 9 comes with three different battery pack sizes and six different configurations with two wheelbase sizes, including the option to buy a cab chassis alone, with driving ranges of up to 300 kilometers per charge, and prices peaking at around 87.

Grand plus gst and theres an electric nine seater minibus coming this year too, and while ive got your attention, let me do a quick shout out to ecotricity who makes these videos possible theyre new zealands, only certified carbon zero electricity provider and every electron they provide is 100, clean and entirely renewable. So if you want to be a decent kiwi and make a positive change join today at ecotricity.co.nz, but now its time for me to finally drive new zealands first pure electric ute – and this is it – this is the ldv evt60 pickup truck. This is the first pickup truck in new zealand, thats, all electric im kind of honored, because im just a nobody from south auckland who likes cars and theyve. Let me drive this thing along with the actual proper journalists im thrilled first of all air conditioning, or how do we start it? Oh, okay, its a regular key start. How about that? Okay, first thing i can see the dashboard is all in chinese, because this one is straight off the boat, hence the steering wheel being on the wrong side. But with a little bit of video trickery, i can switch it over like that. There we go ive, just flipped the image, so now it looks like im in new zealand anyway. Lets give this thing: a go im now waiting for the cars in front to go. Ive driven a few pickup trucks in my life, but ive never really been a fan of them, because ive always found that theyre kind of agricultural and built for purpose.

Is this one? The same lets find it? Ah, so it has the characteristic ldv gear: puck all right were off hand. Brake down were off edit that out all right were moving so acceleration that has 130 kilowatts of power. Accelerations okay, i mean its a big heavy vehicle. So, as i said before, this has got the 88 kilowatt hour battery. This means that itll do realistically about 325 kilometers per charge. Now that may not be enough for some people, but for the vast majority of people who buy pickup trucks thats going to fit the bill. One thing i noticed about this vehicle is naturally its a pickup truck, so yeah youre sitting high, which means that youre feeling all of that scuttle and like all pickup trucks, its got some scuttle thats, just inherent you know you can tell in my voice while im Talking its shaking because thats pickup trucks for you, thats, not an electric vehicle thing, thats a pickup truck thing. The scuttle was my main complaint about this vehicle, though this version is for the chinese market, so theres hope that the kiwi version might have softer shocks installed. The other complaint i had was that it doesnt feel like i got the full 130 kilowatts out of the rear motor when accelerating as if something was hampering it. As for the seemingly low one ton of braked towing capacity, the ldv rep told us that the reason for the figure is purely for economy stats with him, adding that the frame and motor are strong enough to happily tow three tons.

But the range would completely vanish, which at 325 kilometers is one of the vehicles key selling points. Of course there will be a great number of people who say well. I need a ute that can do 500, kilometers per charge and cost less than a bicycle, but theres going to be a massive number of people which this vehicle will fit their bill. I should also add from an aucklanders perspective that i see about 100 utes every day. Very few ever have anything in the back and all of them are really nicely polished with shined tyres. So not everyone thats going to buy this pickup truck is going to be in the trades, not everyones going to be a farmer. Some people buy pickup trucks, and this is not a criticism. Just an observation. Some people just buy pickup trucks because it makes them feel good and they like the image it presents and theres nothing wrong with that. You know. Whats really interesting is that about two hours ago i shared a picture of this vehicle on the new zealand electric vehicle. Facebook page – and i had a lot of comments and things whats fascinating, though, is that there were people saying well. This vehicle is just not good enough for me. It doesnt tow enough doesnt go far enough, but in the real world the guy from ldv told me. He was thrilled that someone saw that picture rocked on up to one of the ldv places with a thousand dollars for the deposit and bought one you cant tell me, the demand is not there.