Lets go huge vw logo. Here, theres a specialist background story on that. One well also clear that for you in another design, video, but you can see they kinda went for a retro design, not a hundred percent. Like this, you know wall design from t1 also for crash safety. They had to do like something of a hood, then the headlamps no round, though, but more in the id design language here optional, with the iq light the matrix led, but overall, a very likable design, a friendly face for the id bus, and it is actually very Interesting because it will be available in the shorter base and also in the long railways. We have here today the short b based version, which is 4 meter, 71 or 185 inches, and we can expect that the longer base version will be like a little bit longer than both wheelbase and also the rear overhang here in the sidebar. We can see the typical microbus form follows function to have most space on the inside. The battery size will be so far, then 77 kilowatt hours net. We know it is also being used in the id4. For example, there you can score some 400 kilometers or 250 miles of range. This is the heavier vehicle, so probably it will then be a little bit less, but were soon going to find out more about that. Whats interesting is well very short front overhang here. The inch wheels they will up to 21 inch wheels be available, the smallest one 18, but actually its all about the rear, because this here is rear, wheel, driven that makes a small toileting circle of just 11 meters and also supposed to have a sporty driving experience And how edgar would it be thats? What im going to find out today later in this review here lets finish out? The exterior iq light already begins here at the side.

If you have that optional lighting, you also have a little more spectacular from the lights right here and then towards the rear. Light strip goes all the way through and once again, this typical box design there is the eqv from mercedes, but other than that. This is kind of unique on the market, and also pricing will be very interesting at the later stage. So will this one really change the ev market? What do you think tell me in the comments charging 11 kilo, ac or 170 kilowatt thats new dc and then youll have five to eighty percent state of charge in 30 minutes so thats a big improvement to the current models due to new cell architecture from the Batteries, and probably also other id models, will profit from that. This one also able to do bi directional charging, so it can also give away the energy again not allowed to show you the interior just yet. This will also come very soon here on our autograph channel. What i can tell you already is 204 horsepower from the first engine version that is to come and 145 kilometers now or 90 miles per hour is the top speed by the way this one here will also return to the us. So with electrification, the us market will get the microbus again just an only in the long wheelbase version, so not here in the short release version already. This short rebase is about three meters of v ray so really massive, and then you can pick a new between short and long base and again us the long way base – and this is the passenger version actually, but just had just here wrapped with this.

With this foil, but there will be also a cargo version so for commercial use, and this one will, for example, be here. You know all white out this one only a shortwave base and it will not come to the us, which has some taxation regulations actually actually as a reason, because you have to pay an extra tax if you want to put commercial vehicles from europe to u.s. So us customers would have this one here as longway base and were in europe. We can actually pick between both yeah, but what about the driving lets? Go now driving the vw id bus for the very first time and were also joined by klaus tsura, vw, head of design, and we also have a special separate design talk about it. This here is to focusing on the driving impression and everything and were also driving through hamburg today, so um its actually a quite interesting test, because i mean its a long vehicle but its all electric, now low center of gravity with all of the batteries rear wheel, Drive and the question is: is it also suitable for the city and i have to say from my first driving impressions it handles so well and and easily steering has a great entire input here, for example, overtaking manure with a cyclist now some cobblestones here in the Harbour city fairly comfortable from the suspension. I know we know that klaus always puts the biggest wheels on the vehicles right.

Thats, true, but the big wheels also serve another purpose. If you, if you still have enough rubber around it, uh its delivering, not only great proportions. Its delivering also a great driving comfort yeah, i mean um here so far. The the compromise is actually quite good because here, when i do some lane changing its like immediate direction from the vehicle, it feels really sporty and i mean, were driving this micro bus. But it feels like a smaller vehicle, actually its really agile, to drive, and also, if you compare, i mean weve, been driving the combustion engine versions of this one here for decades, and here we have the direct throttle, input its smooth, its not lets, say too fast. 204 horsepower so its not that it would be. You know putting some too much g force on the passenger. You know that feeling when youre a passenger in the ev – and you go like, oh because of the rig operation and the strong power and so on. But here i think quite smooth on the passenger isnt it yeah for me uh we are creating with evs in general, but with this one, specifically a new type of relaxed driving, you know its not youre, not this pushy. You have room around you its rather about traveling, together and and and make the time that you travel special and cool yeah uh, also when we talk to each other, its really super its super silent yeah.

Also, if, if you go fast, its super silent and yeah its a cathedral for music and for uh social activities to talk to each other cornelius, our cameraman is also in here in the back. We cant hear him because its so silent, hes listening to the sound, is he still checking your sound. I hope so. Its great yeah, its great our sound, is great. Okay yeah. I think i mean its windy today outside its raining um. We do have a big storm coming yeah, so if the wind noise is is a little remarkable that comes from the big storm that is heading towards us, and we also have that electric torque, i mean im just rolling now and it that really goes forward very Well, but not too extreme, you know we have some evs out there that have like such abundance of power that it really you know, almost makes you feel uncomfortable when youre not really ready for that or when you dont want to go racing or something. But here i think very smooth transition. The the size of the vehicle actually does the car very well. I would you would maybe suppose the smaller and more agile the car is the better. But here you know having that power on that. You know on that long. Wheelbase is actually quite good also for the stability for the acceleration i mean. Maybe youve also seen that um bmw has brought up this electric scooter and has like a massive long wheelbase, and they told me they made that that you dont lift the front wheel because theres so much power actually inter a design mode, is also interesting.

You know like with this um, you know connecting of technology and design, which is probably also a big big thing for you right yeah for the interior design uh. It is this skateboard type, uh platform that the meb is delivering. Is its awesome yeah the the wheels on the corner uh, you have a a wider track. You have big wheels and tons of interior space and a flat floor. How? How long had we er to design something around this huge middle channels? You know so its all gone its all now flexible storage, space and yeah from for me again the place to be uh out for comfortable traveling and having fun uh on the road. You know with with the family, with friends with your dog, you know with your surfboard in it or your bike. Yeah you can just roll it in and and off you go so uh. This uh frontal drive approach of the id bus is, from my point of view, great yeah. I think its really relaxing and by the way we have a prototype vehicle here. So we are not allowed to show like the interior space and uh. I have to check like where dps was. We have to go um still still straight straight and yeah, i think its not like uh. We have to re center, the uh there we go yeah straight and then yeah yeah. I mean to me its really astonishing. You have power, but its kind of like smooth in your orientation suspension wise, also very good compromise, very good comfort, and you have to think about that um.

You know we talked earlier about making like a unique vehicle. There is nothing in you know me. I could say like the the eqv like the electric v class, that would be the direct competitor, but here you mean you have a lot of these mid sized evs. Now, like the vw, id4 and ionic 5 kia ev6, almost everything fiska now with fiskar everyones, jumping on this segment, but here still quite standing alone, having a lot of space on the inside still already electric um. Is it something where you say like um? Do you expect other manufacturers to always hop on the strain or do you think that you know we will be alone on this one yeah? I think that there will be some competition in the future, because this recipe of uh delivering tons of interior space is, of course, a good one. On the functional side, you know you, you can uh house uh, seven people uh, plus luggage uh – that is an undeniable uh advantage of of such a product and theres a demand for this yeah. So i i guess the competition will also deliver something here: yeah but uh. Nobody else can do this with so much sympathy and character, and nobody else has a history, the heritage uh with this great product, so yeah. We, of course welcome the competition and we will have a great time together, just a quick acceleration from zero, oh and then all the transporters.

I couldnt see the speed here now because im not allowed to show you that actually so i can. I can only take a look at that myself uh when i have the the other cameras activated um. Oh my god that looks amazing. You will soon see your house, you know you will soon also in the final version. Um im definitely not not allowed to say yet, but again you will soon uh soon see that today, really about the driving and yeah im still amazed of like how well it does drive, also in comparison to the combustion engines, its really designed it feels like a Passenger car, at the same time, it delivers kind of the space of a commercial vehicle and it handles so smooth and easy thats to me. The biggest thing so also with this comfortable, upright seating position and so on so thats to me, like the the biggest thing its such a relaxing and smooth ride, thats, actually quite cool yeah. I have to go not even sure what all of this um yeah yeah. I just turn left and then um yeah, sometimes even as a german, you have to um. You know you always say like bend. The rules dont break the rules right. Are you working like this in design, probably also because the engines are like? No, we could not do this. This is not true. This is too expensive. This is too complicated its like yeah. We know, but it looks cool right.

You know so now. Next corner i mean it literally drives sporty, although from the outside it would be like the last thing you would expect from this vehicle to be to be sporty. You know – and i think thats uh yeah thats – definitely the the biggest advantage here of the of the evs that you can have cars that are not sporty at all actually by by designer by by nature and make the make them kind of like spot it from There, from the experience the rear wheel drive also has a big effect of that. I really love that um. It also has a super narrow, turning circle, actually just like um, like 11 meters, and especially when youre here in city traffic. You need to do some overtaking maneuvers and so on its just so quickly that youre on speed again and also around the corners and this maneuverability. Actually, sometimes you have big vehicles and you say, like i, dont want to go with that one in the city. You know, but its it is quite compact in its footprint yeah you, you have to know its uh literally a hundred millimeter longer than a turran or a hundred millimeters shorter than a shotgun, so its its quite uh compact in its in its dimensions uh. So i think uh that you will be surprised how easily you can park it and uh how compact it is overall uh and at the same time you have the interior space of of a t6.

You know thats thats thats, a great uh advantage of of of that thing. Yeah you guys. You may have seen like how how easily i am im easing that car around the corners thats to me. Actually, the coolest thing. So, if you ask me, would i go for like such a building style as a combustion engine or as an electric i mean yeah. If you do like a holiday trip and run like 10, 000 kilometers, or something maybe from norway to spain? Okay, then, with electric vehicles, its still some kind of a problem only and when we have better charging infrastructure, it will be easier, but for everything else um, i would say this is just delivering the better, the easier, more fun and also more comfortable driving experience. I think so absolutely what do you think about trading in your tour break for this one then uh, if i uh only, would be able to do so. I would do it immediately yeah, but uh. You can imagine that uh theres a long waiting list for for guys uh who who want to drive that thing and customer comes first of course. Oh so, even if you say like i want one, then uh accounting says no thomas ordered one before i. I might say that, but uh, that not means that i get one. Oh okay, interesting. You know the lane change here: immediate reaction, yeah having so much fun with it and yeah.

Maybe there will be even some um. I dont know: vw um bus racing, uh events or something because yeah i mean maybe put some uh some more weight in that vehicle. Even to have even more lower center of gravity, i dont know um tune the engines or something motors. You have to say right. You cant, say engine anymore. Now, electric motors electric motors yeah, then maybe some uh, some a different suspension, and then you have a great track vehicle right and everyone else can join. You know in the back of the car. That would be a lot of fun. Imagine you know a tuned uh id bus. We had this in the past, with, with the t1 a lot yeah a lot of individual vehicles, uh of course tuned with porsche engines and stuff, so thats a big future for that yeah. I hope your colleagues from engineering department are listening, um, so uh. I i see the penalty coming yeah i mean um. There is this gtx brand, which has done the overdrive models for the id family. This is also here, the id family, so im just taking a wild guess here now and look look at your eye movement and saying like there might be a gtx version, also for the id buzz and then maybe like gtx r gtx rs than with uh. I mean you have a lot of space here for additional electric motors right in the rear and maybe for um, you know and with combustion you had like you know the noise injection or something not sure what you can do with electric motors um, a heck, maybe Like a id hacked id bus or so for even more performance yeah, but um thats future.

Definitely what this right now is. Definitely this is like a really convincing ride and it can keep up with any other ev experience. Actually, although its a completely different body type, and if you want to see more of klaus and me talking about design and also about his job in general, we have a separate video on that. You can tune into this one, its also very exciting.