Now its heritage dates back 75 years to the original t1vw van. Obviously, at the moment, weve got the t6 van, which has been around for quite a while now and theres, the t7, which is a hybrid and then this all electric version, which is the id buzz confused or youre just dazzled by the crazy crazy paint scheme. Thats. Actually camouflage because this is a prototype, so theres certain things im not supposed to show you inside this van but ill try to also im going to launch it see how quick it is from naught 60 miles now and im going to do a range test. Have some fun with it? Sorry, because im matt watson, youre watching car wire buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site. Lets start this video by talking about the design of the id buzz, because this is going to be one of the key selling points, because its a cool looking people carrier, slash van the van version is actually called the cargo. And if you want to be taking this thing surfing, there will be a california camper version as well in a few years anyway, look at the design the front its got a face to it: big vw nose. You can get matrix, led headlights as an option, so theyll blank out part that beam, so you dont dazzle on coming drivers, although you might do with this delivery its got on it at the moment.

Its got quite a big front bumper there, like that, gives it a purposeful stance. Moving down the sides, these wheels 20 inch alloys. The cargo version has like plastic wheel, trims and steel wheels underneath they look good, although theyre designed for aero efficiency to maximize your range. More on that, in a bit, so the headlights go down the side of the vehicle, its quite square, in shape traditional fan based mpv. Now i cant show you in there, because the back seats and stuff is still secret prototype. Now you cant really see through it. Either anyway, moving to the back the id lights wrap around. I like the light design at the back. This simple bar big vw logo, again at the rear. Now this because it is the people carrier version, the tailgate opens up like that. The van cargo version the tailgate opens out like that now the interesting thing about this is the size, because you probably noticed the short front and rear overhangs makes it look cool on the road, but it also means that, even though this is the same amount of Space inside as a t6 van, its actually about 20 centimeters shorter on the outside, which should make it easier to park now lets talk about batteries and charging and all that stuff, not sure im supposed to show you in there so ill quickly cover it up. So dont get into too much trouble with vw. Anyway, this thing has a 77 kilowatt hour battery pack and you have dc charging up to 135 kilowatts and you can charge from 10 four to eighty percent fall in just over 30 minutes.

The range on this vehicle is supposed to be around 250 miles, but well find out about that, because im doing a range test in a bit thing you need to know is that its rear wheel drive with a motor at the back 204 horsepower and 310 newton Meters of torque, you will be able to get a four wheel, drive version, which also has a motor at the front. Theyll have around 300 horsepower tons of pricing, its not cheap, yes, thats, always the case with electric vehicles. It starts from around 50 000 pounds now, if youre thinking about buying one of these, you probably need to sell your current vehicle, and you can now do that through car wow. Wed have to do is upload. Some images, brief description and our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a good price for it and theyll come to your house. Take the car away and put the money in your account its simple. If you wan na do that now, click on the pop up button up there for the link in the description below. Alternatively, you can do it after this video by simply googling wow me car wow and we will wow. You now lets talk about the interior, although theres not much that i can say you see, ive got marcus here from volkswagen whos, my minder hes here to make sure that i dont show any of the interior design so not allowed to hes.

Also here to make sure i dont do anything silly with the vehicle but im going to see what i can explain to you. So, oh that looks interesting. Youre gon na, like that, i, like these seats, theyre comfy and you cant see much of them um. I cant really show you the infotainment system, but its very similar to the one that you get in the id4, just a slightly different design for the screen surround. Are you sure i cant show them under there? No, unfortunately, back seats, you just could step aside and okay explain what youre seeing so this is going to be a bit like radio. You cant see it but ill ill. Let you know what im seeing so im going to go in through the back door. Oh its electrically operated. This one is so im in the middle row. This is the five seater. You will be able to get a seven seater version. So what else can we see? Oh, they do recline these seats recline and they move forward and backwards. Oh, actually, you can fold them flat and theres a there seems to be a false flaw in here that right there see if i can move that out of the way, theres a low cover which ive just disconnected and im now getting in a terrible mess with Lets maybe move this out the way marcus? Can you just take that for me there we go so im now just lying down in the back of the id buzz, and you could probably fit a mattress in here and use it as a place to sleep.

Oh and its got two tone color interior, which i quite like so not the usual practicality test that i like to do wonder if mogs are mined. If i eat it, i wont know: i went its all right, yeah, its very spacious back. There seems quite comfortable in terms of the boot capacity looks like its over a thousand liters. Now, if you have the van version, apparently it can carry two euro crates. One last thing: you need to know towing capacity, its one ton, one turns not great. For a van marcus yeah, but its great for an ev right, okay lets drive it right now. Im going to drive the id bird so first thing im going to do is reset the trip computer because well measure the efficiency of it over this course that im about to drive im going to start off driving in an urban environment, the id buzz both the Van and this multi van will be used for driving around town, so if its the vanity were doing delivery, its probably with an amazon driver at its helm and if you are just a person driving their multi van, then obviously youre going to pick up your friends And family to carry them around so lets, try it in town, first of all, going over a speed, hump very good test. This so fans aint great over speed, humps, just the design of them. You know theyre designed to carry a lot of weight and they have very rudimentary rear suspension.

However, this is based on the id4, which is a passenger car which doesnt have rudimentary suspension and you notice it. It feels car like to drive. It really does. Obviously, electric cars theyre quite heavy, so they do have to have stiffer suspension to stop them. Leaning too much when you go around the corner. But despite that, the suspension feels really good im going over rough service here, which, in a van id, be shaking about a bit id feel it in my man, boobs wobbling, not here at all and ive got to say i love the driving position. So youre sat up high thats, always one of the benefits of a van thats. Why they drive right next to your rear, bumper on the motorway, because they can see right over the top of you. So you get that experience of being able to see really far ahead of you, but also theres, just something about the design of this with the big dash which you arent allowed to see and the roof on which extends forward. It has a real character to it. Just feels special, it doesnt feel like a van. It feels like its own thing, in fact, its very reminiscent of the original camper vans, the old bosses from back in the day, its very unique feeling and visibility is really good as well, though, you do have a lot of safety systems to help you out. Just in case, you make a mistake, yeah, nice and easy to drive so maneuvering.

The steering is super light really really light, which is great when youre just pottering about round town brakes. Let me just try them, because sometimes electric car brakes can be a bit grubby. No, the pedal is quite smooth. I can put it into a regen mode im going to do that now. I think ill move that forward going to b mode lets. Try this see if itll come to a complete stop. When i lift off the accelerator, can i one pedal drive this thing? Can i stop stop stop moving? No, i cant its still creeping a little bit now lets check the maneuverability im gon na go around this mini roundabout vans arent that maneuverable, but this has a decent turning circle, apparently, but im not sure if im going to make it round in one go im, Not sure i will right whats happening is the car thats filming. This has got stuck going round there. If i make it round, this van wins a definite thumbs up for me for navigating around town. Oh yes, we did it. So this van super practical, very spacious, inside yet its more maneuverable than that skoda. Octavia there we go sorry, we just did a little test there, so i was reversing up. I didnt check well enough. The car safety system spotted that there was a car behind me and it auto braked. If that system wasnt fitted to this van, i would have crashed into that car first lesson: keep your wits about you.

Second, lesson is: buy a modern car with safety systems because they will save your skin. Sorry about that. No problem right now lets try the id buzz out on some quicker roads, impress me in town whats it going to be like when youre going a little bit faster. So one of the benefits about electric cars, you have a low centre of gravity, and that means that it does prevent the cars from leaning so much in the bends, as if the weight was a bit higher up. Fans do have a tendency to lean quite a lot in the corners. Also we mustnt forget this is rear. Wheel drive like a sports car, okay, so im coming up to another roundabout im going to actually put the car into sports mode makes the throttle response sharper. It also adds a bit of weight to the steering, because the steering is very, very light. Okay lets have a go around here, see what happens come on van. Can we keep up with our skoda? Octavia vrs fine, look at this staying flat and then out of this corner, im gon na give it a bit of a squirt whats it like upon its traction down all 204 horsepowers. Oh yes, okay! So this is a bit odd im, starting to really want a people carrier. This car is going to make people carry us desirable again. You know they went out of fashion. Didnt know everyone was just switching into suvs.

People are going to get one of these. I want one one thing: ive noticed while driving this around is that the door mirrors could do with being a little bit bigger its quite a long slab sided vehicle. So sometimes you cant see things that are just in your blind spot, so you really have to look around. You do have blind spot monitoring on it, though, but it wasnt seeming to pick it up or maybe im just a really crap driver theres. Another thing ive noticed about this and im, not sure if you can see from this angle, so the steering wheel seems to be slightly off center. I dont know if thats, because a journalist, whos driven this before me, has managed to drive it into a curb at speed or its something to do with the fact that this is just a prototype and they havent done the fine tuning that they do and they Send a car out to be sold to a customer, so if i put it straight, it tends to just go to the left. Okay lets see what the id buzz is like to drive on. The motorway. First thing to do is to get up to speed and away from the scary lorries. Another thing thats good is that, because youre sat up high, you dont feel quite so threatened by those big trucks and lorries, its definitely quieter than a normal van. Although i guess its, not a van, you know this is a people carrier.

You dont have any internal combustion engine, creating a noise up front. So your ears pick up on the noise yourself got a little bit of wind noise, but actually its very, very quiet in here its much more relaxing than youd. Imagine a van to be another good thing about. It is like good places to rest your arms. There look at that, so you can just soak up the miles well as far as youre allowed to go on the remaining range and ive got adaptive cruise control here, so ive got to press some buttons. There we go, i think were on. Are we on yeah? Were on there we go now im, not the biggest fan of the touch sensitive buttons. You get on the steering wheel here, theyre the same pretty much as you get in the id3 and id4 and i think its a little bit of a step backwards for volkswagen. They try to be too clever. I prefer the actual more physical pressy buttons that you get in their older vehicles, its my only real complaint and i am enjoying just sitting up high getting a good view forward. Its nice and relaxing ive got the car doing all the hard work. Steering to keep me in lane auto brakes. Keeping a safe distance from the car in front seats are comfy and ive got this bit here as well yeah. I could go a long way in this and then, when you need to overtake, put your foot down and it picks up pretty nicely its the benefit of electric power.

One thing im not noticing, though, which im impressed with is road noise, its just wind noise really, but you expect that from a van, especially something with big door mirrors like i thought it just feels like an suv to drive really rather than a people carrier or A van then its not a van, its based on the id4. Here we go. Oh there we go last test of the suspension there over some gnarly potholes. Believe me, if i was in a traditional van or a traditional mpv, that would have been less comfortable or more uncomfortable, so ive come to the end of the drive now lets check out the energy consumption, so this has done 23.1 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers and That means i cant actually do the math in my head, um, so well flash a number up on the screen. What that means in terms of the real world range, when you take into account that this has a 77 kilowatt hour battery and ive, driven it for 17 miles, so its an extensive test. But i have driven it in town, ive, driven it on some country, roads and ive, driven it on the motorway, so its quite a decent range of environments, and this is the figure Music anyway theres. One last thing for me to do: volkswagen hasnt listed a naught 60 time yet for the id buzz. So its only right that i set one specialist timing gear here.

Im gon na launch it whats it gon na do come on id buzz. Give me a buzz naught to 60 in 9.78 seconds, which is actually pretty good and quicker than i think, youll get from most vans Music. So then whats my final verdict on the id buzz. While this prototype version do you know what sometimes vehicles come along that i actually want to buy? I want to own them myself. Suzuki jimmy was one toyota yaris theres another. I have both of those. I actually want one of these and i think a lot of other people will as well. I think theyll be switching out their suvs to drive round in one of these id buzzes its nice to drive and it looks cool. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like if you didnt, give it a dislike, let me know what you think of the id buzz.